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The Legendary Man Chapter 1053

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-Wilbur met Jonathan in the Valley of Elites three years ago.

Back then, they were elite warriors sent there by Harfush and Huxville, respectively. Because of how
physically mighty they were, they kept breaking various records during their stay in Valley of Elites.

While they seemed extremely competitive on the surface, in reality, they were pretty good friends.

However, during their later stages of training in Valley of Elites, they had a conflict in opinion when
Yaleview was recruiting.

Because of that, they went on their separate ways.

In the three years since then, Jonathan risked his life tens of times before finally restoring peace to
Chanaea. It was around that time that the initial prototype of Asura’s Office was completely solidified.

Meanwhile, Wilbur used various tactics and Joshua’s trust to become the commander of Yaleview. He
also had the help of the Salladay family to achieve his goal.

Both of them attained success in different ways.

Back when they were still nameless goons, they were already comparing themselves against each

Even after they were each in control of the two largest military organizations in all of Chanaea, they
never stopped competing and defending themselves against each other.

As Wilbur remained in his rocking chair, he sighed and stared at the night sky. I’ve never lost to
Jonathan in just about anything except for when it comes to our subordinate’s loyalty. That’s the only
thing I can’t be compared to him. Asura’s Office has Eight Kings of War. After he abdicated, Hades
could’ve taken over his position at any moment to ensure Asura’s Office’s continued operation. Karl

from Doveston was executed because of the Mysonna incident. Who could’ve thought the leader of a
military base in Lumonburg would become Prince of Diyouli and the commander of hundreds of
thousands of soldiers? It’s like Jonathan has an endless number of subordinates he can use to replace
his old ones. Not only that, he has proven his choice is correct. It doesn’t matter where he stations his
subordinates. All of them are capable of handling the responsibilities delegated to them. The entire
Asura’s Office’s office is like a well-oiled, sophisticated machine, and the Kings of War are its most
important components. Even if some of them are broken, they’ll be replaced by a new part, and the
machine will continue chugging along. Meanwhile, my adjutant, whom I’d promoted over the two years
he had spent following me, still doesn’t have the guts to suggest anything in front of me! I must say, it’s
a very tragic thing to happen to a commander.

He slowly closed his eyes as he recalled the difficult path he trudged through to arrive at his current
position. “I’ve prepared seven hundred thousand men for you, Jonathan. That’s how much Yaleview
Army has grown. If you don’t want to lose Doveston, it’s time for you to show your sincerity.”

At that moment, Eshistan was ready to join the war.

It had been two hours since the first cannonball crossed Chanaea’s and Remdik’s national borders.
Yet, both armies continued their bombardment.

The cost of each cannonball fired from either side ranged from tens of thousands to millions. They were
practically burning through their military budget.

However, neither Chanaea nor Remdik cared about that anymore.

It was a war they had been waiting for too long.

Seven years ago, the battle between Medved Army and Eastern Army claimed more than seventy
thousand lives.

Due to the intervention of both sides’ information departments, their air-defense networks were
paralyzed immediately.

It was hell on earth. Without the protection of the air-defense networks, both armies were locked into a
battle of attrition.

Each cannonball that landed on the battlefield would kill an unknown number of soldiers.

Both sides waited until their enemies couldn’t bear it any longer and stopped firing their cannons on
their own accord.

That brutal conflict lasted for three days. By the end, even after Karl had successfully contacted Aidan
to stop that pointless war, the cannonballs were still falling from the sky.

After that experience, both sides learned to isolate the information department responsible for their air-
defense network from the outside world.

Even the best hackers on the planet wouldn’t be able to locate a breach in a short period.

The explosions never stopped for two hours.

Scattered below the air-defense network towers were empty, heated shells.

An adjutant swiftly arrived before Hayes and reported, “Sir, a third of the air-defense towers’
ammunition has been depleted.”

“Open the first ten supply warehouses and replenish the ammunition as fast as possible!” uttered
Hayes calmly, as though he was saying what he wanted to eat for his next meal.

“Roger!” Without delay, the adjutant left to relay the order. On the battlefield, each second passed might
spell the death of a soldier.

Right after that, an intelligence officer sprinted toward Hayes with a laptop in his hand. “Commander!”


Before the soldier could reach Hayes, a bright light was spotted around twenty meters behind him.

A wave of scorching air mixed with shrapnel extended outward from that point. The intelligence officer
screamed as he was launched toward Hayes by the shockwave.

“Block!” Hades stepped forward and held his hand up. An invisible spirit shield promptly appeared
before them.

Without delay, the shockwave was split in half by the spirit shield while Hayes held the intelligence
officer in his arms tightly.

“I have an emergency report, Commander!” The intelligence officer struggled to stand up after he
handed the laptop to Hayes. “We’ve detected a large group of humanoid beings rapidly approaching
River Onxy from the north!”

Hayes had already secretly installed surveillance cameras with thermal imaging in the airspace north of
River Onxy.

It was done to track the Remdikian army movement in real time.

The image that the laptop received from the cameras and displayed on the screen depicted burly
werewolves charging toward the south of River Onxy.

“Contact the Intelligence Unit. Tell them to activate all surveillance cameras south of River Onxy. I want
to know these werewolves’ movements at any given moment,” requested Hayes.

“Roger!” The intelligence officer performed a military salute before sprinting toward the Intelligence
Unit. However, a few steps later, he staggered and dropped onto a collapsed tent.

In a flash, Hayes grabbed the intelligence officer’s waist and pulled him up.

At that moment, he noticed the intelligence officer’s back had already been painted in dark red.

There was a palm-sized wooden spike half-lodged into his body.

It was possible the intelligence officer failed to notice the pain due to the explosion earlier.

Hades approached the officer and held the latter’s wrist. A second later, he turned to Hayes and shook
his head. His circulatory system and lungs had been damaged beyond repair. In short, he’s as good as

“Commander…” The intelligence officer was only twenty-something years old. He was barely standing
as spiritual energy enveloped him. “I feel so dizzy… My back… it hurts…”

With a grimace, the young soldier stared at Hayes. As he coughed, blood gushed out from his mouth
and nose.

Holding the soldier’s hand, Hayes asked in a trembling voice, “What’s your name?”

The soldier grabbed Hayes’ arms tightly, his eyes filled with despair. “I… I want to… go… home…”

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