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The Legendary Man Chapter 1050

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-It was obvious what Joshua did to climb up to his position in
Zedfield under the eight respectable families’ noses.

If an Alpha Warrior were captured, they couldn’t be questioned. After all, they were affected by the
drugs they received and lost their original personality as well as the ability to think.

However, Beta Warrior possessed independent thoughts and consciousness.

If their elixir field were removed, they would be no different from ordinary people.

Before Joshua barely used any of his techniques, the werewolf had already spilled all the plans he

So, Remdik is already preparing to make their move. While this werewolf has no clue what plan
Remdik will follow up with the attack, now I know at least three hundred werewolves had infiltrated
Doveston in Horbah. Even Terrandya and Baridoki have been compromised. It seems like their only
mission is to destroy Eshistan’s docks, airplanes, power stations, communication towers, bus stations,
and other infrastructures. Since one team is composed of twenty members, it means there are at least
fifteen teams. A chill ran down Joshua’s spine after he listened to the werewolf’s statement. Remdik’s
assault may be simple and brutish, but it’s highly effective. If they destroy those infrastructures, then
reinforcement from Eastern Army can only be transported via plane from River Onxy. It’s a terribly
inefficient method as the battle will require a massive number of soldiers. Remdik’s definitely planning
for an invasion!


While Joshua was deep in thought, Hayden, who was standing next to him, had already swung his

The Remdikian cultivator on the ground had already turned into a puddle of meat paste. Even Hayden,
who was used to seeing people die, couldn’t bear to look at it directly.

“What’s going on, Joshua?” Frowning, Hayden stared at Joshua.

Joshua turned in the direction of the barracks.

Upon noticing that, Hayden quickly explained, “Don’t worry, those werewolves are dead.”

Joshua’s worries were eased when he heard that.

Then, he spoke in a deep voice. “Hayden, Doveston is about to be done for.”

Without delay, he relayed the intel he extracted from the Remdikian cultivator to Hayden without
sparing any details.

Hayden was similarly dumbfounded after listening to it. I knew these werewolves might’ve been a
signal of Remdik’s impending assault, but I didn’t expect things to have become this serious already.
”Joshua, do you mean…”

Even though the answer was already in his mind, he still wanted to ask Joshua about it.

Using spiritual energy, Joshua brushed over Formation Crusher and removed the blood on it.

“I don’t mean anything by that. I’m not the commander-in-chief anymore, but I’m still a resident of
Chanaea. I don’t have the power to repel all of Remdik’s forces, but now that I’ve encountered this, I
can’t just stand by and watch anymore. Inform Eastern Army of this matter. They need to prepare in
advance.” As Joshua spoke, he bolted toward the barracks. While the werewolves were aggressive, I
saw that not all the soldiers in the barracks were massacred. There were still plenty of people there
when I arrived.

Inside the barracks, the surviving soldiers were treating their injured comrades.

Joshua and Hayden leaped across the tall wall. When they landed on the ground, the people there
aimed their guns at the duo in a panic.

Without delay, Hayden held up two shields, one behind and one in front, to protect him and Joshua.

Meanwhile, a Superior Realm cultivator stood from the barracks. “Everyone, lower your guns. Don’t fire
without my permission.”

It was the duty of a soldier to follow orders. Thus, even under that sort of environment, the crowd still
immediately lowered their weapons upon hearing the order from their commander-in-chief.

Meanwhile, Joshua pushed away the shield protecting him in the front and approached that officer.
“Hello. My name is Joshua Whitley.”

“I know who you are,” the soldier replied with teary eyes.

Even though news of what happened in Yaleview was locked down, he was still a cultivator with his
own circle. Hence, he had his own way of receiving intel.

“Thank you for your hard work, Commander.” As he spoke, he saluted Joshua and Hayden.

Joshua nodded. Instead of wasting time on pleasantries, he went straight to the point. “I need to
contact Prince of Diyouli. I have an important piece of intel that’ll affect Doveston’s situation.”

“It’s already done.” The commanding officer turned around and waved his hand.

Moments later, a signalman approached the two with a satellite phone. “I’ve established a connection
to the headquarters, sir.”

The commanding officer then nodded at Joshua.

Joshua didn’t hesitate to accept the phone the signalman handed to him. “I’m the former commander-
in-chief, and I need to speak directly with Prince of Diyouli.”

Meanwhile, Hayes and Hades were feeling restless in the Eastern Army camp at River Onxy.

At that moment, Doveston’s entire Intelligence Unit was mobilized.

In just a short half an hour, it was as though the entire Doveston had descended into chaos.

Horbah’s airport and bus stations were blown to pieces. Additionally, all the aircraft in the airport were
destroyed. Therefore, no one would be flying in this period of time.

The train station was in an even worse state. All train tracks that passed through the train station in
Kransbay had an explosion every ten kilometers.

That damage stretched for hundreds of kilometers for every track mentioned above in all directions. It
completely annihilated any hope of using the train as transport.

Similar devastation was spotted at Baridoki’s and Terrandya’s main railroads, bus stations, docks, and

It was a strategic, full-frontal assault to cut off all Eastern Army’s supply routes.

Everyone who received the news instantly understood that River Onxy, the powder keg that had been
staying silent for six months, was on the verge of exploding.

Hades and Hayes continuously sent out orders with every news the Intelligence Unit received.

Furthermore, Hades commanded Southern Army to initiate large-scale transportation of soldiers to
River Onxy through aircraft by any means necessary.

It was then an officer rushed into the large tent.

“Commander, someone’s requesting to speak with you!” As the officer spoke, he handed a satellite
phone to Hayes.

Hayes glanced at the officer coldly. “Just tell me what’s the news. Can’t you see how busy I am?”

“Sir, it’s from the former commander-in-chief, Joshua. He demands to speak only with you.”

Upon hearing Joshua’s name, Hayes and Hades were stunned. Ever since Wilbur took the stage,
Joshua has gone missing. Why is he showing up now?

Hayes glanced at Hades before grabbing the phone. “This is Hayes Yeager speaking.”

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