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The Legendary Man Chapter 1049

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-With a loud cry, Joshua ascended the platform formed by the
gathered spiritual energy.

Thereafter, the spiritual energy within a few kilometers radius began to concentrate massively in the air,
heralding the appearance of a group of green-colored spirit warriors.

Unlike in the past when the spirit warriors’ faces were a blur, they looked extremely clear this time and
didn’t need to be controlled by Joshua this time.

The moment their formation was complete, they would charge in the direction of the werewolves’
spiritual energy waves.

In fact, one could see the faint faces covering the spirit warriors’ bodies.

As he stared at the spirit warriors who seemed to be brimming with hostility, Joshua knew that these
weren’t just ordinary spirit warriors. Instead, they were the vilest ones of them all due to the extreme
animosity they harbored.

They were spirit warriors formed from recently dead soldiers whose spirits had yet to fully dissipate.

As the spiritual energy platform beneath his feet faded into rays of light, Joshua staggered forward and
dropped to one knee.

Upon touching his nose and mouth to check, he could see that his hand was covered in blood.

It was an indication of the damage his body suffered for forcefully summoning the dead spirits of
soldiers into the bodies of spirit warriors.

After all, these spirits were supposed to return to the heavens and the earth.

Nonetheless, he didn’t regret it one bit.

Clenching his fists, Joshua yelled at the top of his lungs.

“Warriors, now is the time for vengeance!”

In response to his roar, the spirit warriors unleashed a ghoulish howl before charging into battle against
the werewolves.

In the meantime, Joshua—Formation Crusher in hand—looked toward a soldier who had his lower
body crushed.


Blood gurgled out the soldier’s mouth when he spoke.


“I’m here.”

After helming Yaleview for almost ten years, Joshua couldn’t be more familiar with the soldier’s

Upon being recognized, Joshua didn’t see the need to hide his identity anymore. Thus, he kneeled
down and asked with a smile, “Those werewolves are probably from Remdik. Is there anything else you
want to know?”

The soldier mustered the last of his strength to grab the hem of Joshua’s pants.

“Doveston… is short of men… Yaleview… military—”

Before he could finish, the soldier breathed his last.

As for Joshua, he held the soldier’s hand until the very end.

His position was usurped by the secret efforts of Wilbur and the Salladay family.

Even though Wilbur managed to seize power and no one could stop him, he was incapable of getting
the men to obey him due to his lack of legitimacy.

As a result, Joshua was still the commander-in-chief of Chanaea in the eyes of the people.

Therefore, the nameless soldier requested reinforcements for the soldiers stationed at River Onxy even
though he was on the brink of death.

To Joshua, such a conversation made him feel as if his heart had been stabbed by a sharp knife.

As his vitality began to flow in reverse, a sweet sensation could be tasted in his throat. Consequently,
he quickly suppressed the reversal with his spiritual energy.

After Joshua got up to his feet, Formation Crusher turned into an afterimage that flew through the
military camp.

It would pierce the head of every single soldier who was struggling in pain but had no hopes of

Thereafter, he leaped into the air and charged in the direction of the werewolves.

At that moment, the spirit warriors and Hayden had killed four of the nine werewolves.

As for the remaining five, they were put on the defensive. However, upon letting out a thunderous howl,
four of them began to counterattack as if they had gone berserk.

Even though the werewolves didn’t have a mind of their own, they were still not impervious to pain.
Whenever they were wounded or their lives were threatened, they would dodge accordingly.

Yet, after the menacing roar, they attacked the spirit warriors and Hayden hysterically with no regard for
their lives.

Intrigued by the turn of events, Joshua unleashed his spiritual sense and detected a figure within it for a
split second.

He then leaped onto the roof and looked out afar. There, he quickly spotted a werewolf who was fleeing
to the north.

“It’s their leader!”

Without a moment’s hesitation, Joshua stopped fighting the werewolf before him and disappeared in a
flash to pursue the escaping enemy.

Meanwhile, Hayden quickly understood what Joshua’s intention was. After thrusting his saber into the
neck of his opponent, he turned around and sped up the watchtower beside him.

With a gentle tap of his foot, he used the tower as a platform to launch himself tens of meters into the

He then brought out his gun, raised it to eye level, and took aim.

Completing three movements in a single breath, Hayden adjusted his aim to where the werewolf was
heading and pulled the trigger decisively.

Amidst the ring of a gunshot, the werewolf ran toward where Hayden had targeted his bullet. It felt as if
Hayden had done it countless times in training.

The subsequent howl was evidence that the massive force of the specially-made bullet had pierced
through the werewolf’s spirit shield and shattered its right leg along with its knee.

Upon losing his balance, the werewolf rolled forward tens of meters before crashing onto the ground.
Yet it struggled desperately to get back on its feet. Unfortunately, Joshua arrived by its side before it
could do so.

Without another word, he unleashed Formation Crusher.

As if all the werewolf’s limbs were shackled, its flow of spiritual energy was immediately severed.

The absence of spiritual energy resulted in the werewolf’s fur falling off and being carried away by the
wind. Its face could gradually be seen as the handsome features of a Remdikian were revealed.

“Please don’t kill—,” the man pleaded in Remdikian.

Before he could finish, Formation Crusher had pierced his elixir and energy field, erasing whatever
cultivation he possessed.

Thereafter, Joshua knelt down beside the Remdikian cultivator and placed Formation Crusher on top of
his body.

“Tell me what your mission is and what Remdik is planning. I’ll give you a quick death for it. Otherwise,
you’ll be begging to be killed once I start torturing you,” Joshua threatened in fluent Remdikian.

When the Remdikian felt the movement of Joshua’s spiritual energy, he knew that there was no escape
for him. It was then that terror and conviction flashed across his eyes.

However, with a wave of his hand, Joshua used his spiritual energy to grab the Remdikian’s cheeks.

“Hiding poison in your teeth is a technique invented by Chanaean Secret Agents. Since you refuse to
talk, there’s no point in me holding back.

Prying the Remdikian cultivator’s mouth open with spiritual energy, Joshua clenched his left hand into a
fist. By the time he released his grip, two large teeth gradually floated out of the Remdikian’s mouth.

Contained within them were two transparent pills.

Such pills were invented five hundred years ago by die-hard soldiers of Chanaea.

As long as one didn’t bite down hard, the pills posed no danger at all. In the event one fell into dire
circumstances, one can forcefully crack one’s teeth to give oneself a quick death.

After putting the two teeth away, Joshua broke into a smirk.

“Let’s see how long you can hold out, you assh*le!”

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