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-That was all Joshua said before hiding his aura and dashing off.

Hayden wanted to stop him, but it was too late.

Hence, he smacked the boulder by his side and swore.

“D*rn you, Joshua. Who cares about the country at a time like this? We don’t even know if we’re going
to survive this!”

All Hayden could think about was the safety of the hundreds of lives in his family.

He was desperate to find the Whitley family’s ancestral land with Joshua right away before leading men
back to Drieso to get rid of the Osborne family.

However, Joshua seemed to be distracted. He was worried about Doveston, and that infuriated

As he watched Joshua disappear into the night, Hayden sighed helplessly before darting after him.

If he wanted to revive the Zink family, he would have to follow Joshua. He had no other choice.

The two dashed in the dark. With the help of Hayden’s night vision goggles, they were about three
hundred meters behind the werewolves.

It was a safe distance that would allow them to keep the werewolves in sight but avoid being detected.

The duo followed the werewolves to the north. A hundred miles later, the werewolves finally came to a
stop right outside Jussipi.

What are they trying to do? Joshua wondered as he stared at them.

Then, the werewolves separated into two groups, and each group went their separate ways.

“One each?” Joshua asked Hayden.

Hayden shook his head. “Joshua, my task is to follow you. I’m not as benevolent as you are the only
thing I care about is the Zink family’s vengeance.”

Hearing that, Joshua chuckled. It seemed like he had expected that answer from Hayden.

“All right. We’ll go together then.”

Without hesitation, Joshua picked the group of werewolves heading west.

There were about twenty werewolves in that group, and they had a clear destination—a garrison
barracks on in the west of Jussipi.

“I’m certain that these werewolves are from Remdik,” Joshua said upon seeing them sneak into the
garrison barracks.

In the next second, he activated his spiritual energy.

“We’re charging now!” Joshua yelled, the earth shattering beneath his feet. He then launched himself
like a missile toward the barracks.

With Formation Crusher in his hand, Joshua swung it toward the ground.

An invisible restraining barrier landed on the werewolves. Even though the werewolves were quick to
react, they were not as apt as a God Realm cultivator. Some managed to avoid the barrier due to their
positions, but half were blocked by the barrier.


After one howl, the other werewolves began howling.

In no time, the werewolves split into two groups.

Those who had not been blocked rushed toward the barracks while those that had been blocked began
charging toward Joshua and Hayden.

Bang! came the loud gunshot sound.

The first werewolf flew backward, half of his head gone.

Right as gunfire sounded out, the alarms in the barracks a distance away began ringing.

The searchlights around the barracks switched on, and the men started surveying their surroundings.

“It’s an enemy attack!” the guard on shift shouted as he sounded the sirens.

Immediately, all artillery was trained on the invading werewolves.

However, even though the artillery was useful against cultivators who had yet to reach Grandmaster
Realm, it was useless against werewolves.

The manmade killing machines summoned shields as they continued dashing toward the barracks.

The bullets that the soldiers fired ended up bouncing off the shields as if they were merely droplets on
an umbrella—it was harmless on them.

Nine werewolves then leaped into the air and crashed into the barracks.

Everything happened in less than twenty seconds.

Still, Doveston was in a tense situation, so all soldiers stationed in Doveston kept their guards up at all

If not for the fact that the soldiers had gone to sleep with their guns in their hands, the werewolves
would have invaded their base before they could even scramble for their guns.

Unfortunately, they still stood no chance against a large number of Grandmaster Realm cultivators.

Gunshot sounds echoed continuously in the area, and screams filled the air.

In dozens of seconds, the barracks had turned into a living hell.

Meanwhile, Joshua and Hayden were in a frenzy killing mode.

Hayden would not consider himself a patriotic man, but when he heard the gunfire in the barracks, he
felt a burst of anger in his chest.

He stabbed his saber into one of the werewolves’ chests as he yelled, “F*ck! Just die, all of you!”

Right then, a large werewolf’s paw swung toward his head.

Before the werewolf could get his way, a green figure charged over and grabbed the werewolf’s arm
before swinging it to the ground.

Then, Joshua summoned a spirit warrior with Troop Summoner.

When Hayden turned to glance at Joshua, he noticed beads of sweat gathering on the latter’s

Although the Grandmaster Realm werewolves were not his match, nine of the werewolves had

He had to quickly wrap up their fight to save the barracks.

A black ruler pierced one of the werewolves’ chests and flew back to Joshua’s hand.

“We’re leaving!”

Joshua yelled as he turned to run toward the barracks before the body of the werewolf could even fall
to the ground.

Hayden immediately extracted his saber and dashed toward the barracks with Joshua. They were a
thousand meters away from their destination, but they were God Realm cultivators, so that was only a
few seconds away for them.

Despite their speed, they were still stunned by the sight that greeted them when they arrived.

The nine Grandmaster Realm werewolves had already wreaked havoc on half of the barracks.

The soldiers did not have the heavy firepower to deal with these beastly creatures, so they were lambs
waiting to be slaughtered.

They could not even buy any time for themselves.

“F*ck you!”

Hayden bellowed before launching himself toward the closest werewolf.

Joshua was furious, too.

“Release of Seized Vita! Kill them all!”

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