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The Legendary Man Chapter 1047

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-Decision Of Joshua

Hayden was an important part of the plan for the Zink family to separate themselves from the Osborne

Three generations of the Zinks had been secretly training Hayden into a God Realm cultivator.

Even though he was only twenty-six, he had already reached God Realm. Without a doubt, a part of his
success was due to his talent.

However, the Zink family’s efforts were still the major factor in his achievement.

To a certain extent, Hayden was a God Realm cultivator produced through an accelerated process like

Even though people like them were in God Realm and were on par in terms of combat prowess, they
were still slightly weaker than cultivators who had to slowly train their way to God Realm.

One example would be how Joshua sensed the faraway spiritual energy fluctuation earlier than Hayden
despite being right beside him.

Hayden immediately kept the beef stew in the storage ring.

The two of them then crouched and craned their heads to look to the north.

In a few seconds, Hayden started sensing the spiritual energy fluctuation as well.

It’s a Grandmaster Realm cultivator!

The first thought Hayden bore was the thought of escaping.

Every time their tracks were exposed, it was because one of the Grandmaster Realm cultivators from
the eight respectable families was on them.

Those Grandmaster Realm cultivators did not confront them, however. Once they found the duo, they
would follow them a distance away.

They would update the God Realm cultivators of the respective families of the duo’s whereabouts.

Both Hayden and Joshua were troubled by the Grandmaster Realm cultivators’ plan.

Therefore, Hayden’s first reaction to the fluctuation was to flee.

Yet, right as Hayden was about to scurry off, Joshua grabbed his wrist and shook his head, motioning
for Hayden to sense the fluctuation again.

Hayden was confused, but he crouched down and did as he was told.

It was then he had the shock of his life.

As it turned out, the fluctuation did not originate from one Grandmaster Realm cultivator—it was from
dozens of cultivators.

Even if the eight respectable families’ cultivators have all ganged up, there’s no way there are so many
of them.

The duo then carefully moved toward the peak of the hill to look toward the northern river, only to see
many figures rushing toward the south.

“Something’s wrong.”

With that said, Joshua narrowed his eyes to look at the icy surface a hundred meters away.

“These are individuals trained to work in a group. Take a closer look, and you’ll realize that they have
similar methods in running.”

“I’ve never heard of any respectable family having a troop like this,” Hayden stated, nodding in


As he spoke, Hayden took out two items that resembled binoculars.

Hayden was an ordnance fan, and he acted a little like an edge lord sometimes, so Joshua would not
be surprised by strange things coming out from his storage ring.

After taking the night vision goggles, Joshua started using them.

He froze after taking a glance with it.

Even though he could see the running figures earlier, it was nighttime, and he could not actually catch a
glimpse of their looks.

However, with thermal imaging, he could see everything.

Those running cultivators did not possess human features at all.

What stunned him the most were their overdeveloped upper limbs, the elongated face, and the erect

“Are they even human?” Hayden whispered in shock.

“Joshua, why do they look like bipedal dogs instead?”

“They aren’t dogs,” Joshua said as he continued staring at the running figures. “The Zink family is
located in Drieso. There aren’t any wolves there, right?”

“Wolves?” Hayden stiffened before whipping his head to look at Joshua in shock. “Are you saying that
these are werewolves?”

Instead of answering Hayden’s question, Joshua lay down and closed his eyes to begin ruminating.

He was not close to Jonathan, but as they had identical goals, he wanted to get to know Jonathan.
Alas, various reasons had stopped him from actually meeting the man.

Furthermore, Hayden was not part of the eight respectable families, so he would not know many

Hence, the duo knew nothing about the news on Charleigh that Jonathan had brought back from
Remdik, let alone news about werewolves and the modified warriors.

Therefore, they were startled to see these creatures.

“Something’s odd.”

Ultimately, Joshua was a descendant of a respectable family, and he had gained the Whitley family’s
inheritance. Thus, he was more knowledgeable than Hayden.

“One of the ancient books states that there were many kinds of monsters in the past, and anything can
be made into a Pryncyp. However, now that the Heavenly Pryncyp has been damaged, it’s far more
difficult for other kinds of beings to take on a physical form. So, it’s rare to find these monsters
nowadays. There’s no way there will be this many wolven monsters even if they are cultivators. Their
actions are clearly predetermined. I’m afraid something is really strange about this matter. Someone
might be behind this,” Joshua muttered under his breath before turning to face Hayden.

“Hayden, I have a hypothesis, but I’m not sure whether or not it’s right.”

Hayden turned to Joshua. “Who cares if it’s right or wrong? Just spit it out!”

Joshua frowned and mulled about it for a while longer before pointing to the north.

“If my memory serves me right, the river in front should be a stream that will feed into River Onxy
eventually. Tens of miles toward the north will be the land of Remdik. If my guess is right, these people
are from Remdik.”

“How can that be?” Joshua blurted out. “We can’t tell if they’re human or not, but if they are, how did
they turn out this way? Didn’t you see it? These people have wolf-like ears! How can humans have
such features?”

Joshua lost himself in his thoughts after hearing Hayden’s words.

He possessed extensive knowledge, but he had never come across any cultivation method that
allowed humans to transform into beasts.

“I haven’t heard of this before either, but this seems like the only explanation.”

Joshua steeled himself as he looked at Hayden.

“The situation at Doveston is complicated at the moment. If these people are really cultivators from
Remdik, we’ll have to find a way to inform Jonathan and the others about them. There are over a
hundred Grandmaster Realm cultivators here. If we let them loose in Doveston, Chanaea will lose the
battle before it even begins.”

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