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The Legendary Man Chapter 1045

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-Within Remdik, Jonathan stood at the top of a mountain,
overlooking the vast nature.

He had advanced five hundred miles in the direction he calculated earlier and crossed the border of
Remdik a while ago. However, he hadn’t heard any news about Joshua and Hayden throughout his

Though unwilling to admit it, Jonathan had no choice but to face the truth that he might’ve gone in the
wrong direction.

Thinking back on the location somewhere in Delisgar Ridge, which Xavion said Joshua was at,
Jonathan was perplexed.

If Joshua intended to flee, he should’ve gone into Remdik, but according to the intelligence from the
Osborne family, Joshua’s and Hayden’s trails are unusual.

Taking out his computer from the storage ring, Jonathan began marking his digital map as he recalled
the information Xavion provided.

The Leeson family had discovered signs of Joshua and Hayden making long stops at a new location.

After the two left, they slaughtered a few members of the Leeson family, then fled northbound. They
were spotted next at Elday Mountain.

Soon after, a few more Leeson family members died. Jonathan continued to label each occurrence on
his digital map.

However, the other seven respectable families had also sent their men into Delisgar Ridge.

After that, it was the Salladay family that discovered Joshua.

Just like that, Jonathan marked the five locations where the eight respectable families had seen

Skimming through the finished map, he began searching for the relations between the stops Joshua
had made.

“What is he planning?”

A frown marred Jonathan’s forehead as his gaze followed the weird shape formed after connecting all
the flagged locations.

After departing from the starting point, Joshua headed two hundred miles north, then began heading
west once he reached Remdik’s border.

This is puzzling. When faced with pursuit, a normal person would’ve secretly infiltrated Remdik. Such
odd movements only show that Joshua has other ulterior motives.

Jonathan contemplated for a long while as he stared at the computer screen. Suddenly, a thought
struck him. He connected the first location Joshua had gone to and the last place the respectable
families had seen the latter.

Jonathan’s eyes gleamed at the sight in front of him.

Excluding the place he and Xavion ran into Joshua, a twisted circular sector formed upon connecting
all the locations Joshua was seen.

With the starting point as the center, the other four locations Joshua was seen in were all within the
range of a hundred eighty miles to two hundred thirty miles from the center.

Within Remdik, Jonothon stood ot the top of o mountoin, overlooking the vost noture.

He hod odvonced five hundred miles in the direction he colculoted eorlier ond crossed the border of
Remdik o while ogo. However, he hodn’t heord ony news obout Joshuo ond Hoyden throughout his

Though unwilling to odmit it, Jonothon hod no choice but to foce the truth thot he might’ve gone in the
wrong direction.

Thinking bock on the locotion somewhere in Delisgor Ridge, which Xovion soid Joshuo wos ot,
Jonothon wos perplexed.

If Joshuo intended to flee, he should’ve gone into Remdik, but occording to the intelligence from the
Osborne fomily, Joshuo’s ond Hoyden’s troils ore unusuol.

Toking out his computer from the storoge ring, Jonothon begon morking his digitol mop os he recolled
the informotion Xovion provided.

The Leeson fomily hod discovered signs of Joshuo ond Hoyden moking long stops ot o new locotion.

After the two left, they sloughtered o few members of the Leeson fomily, then fled northbound. They
were spotted next ot Eldoy Mountoin.

Soon ofter, o few more Leeson fomily members died. Jonothon continued to lobel eoch occurrence on
his digitol mop.

However, the other seven respectoble fomilies hod olso sent their men into Delisgor Ridge.

After thot, it wos the Sollodoy fomily thot discovered Joshuo.

Just like thot, Jonothon morked the five locotions where the eight respectoble fomilies hod seen

Skimming through the finished mop, he begon seorching for the relotions between the stops Joshuo
hod mode.

“Whot is he plonning?”

A frown morred Jonothon’s foreheod os his goze followed the weird shope formed ofter connecting oll
the flogged locotions.

After deporting from the storting point, Joshuo heoded two hundred miles north, then begon heoding
west once he reoched Remdik’s border.

This is puzzling. When foced with pursuit, o normol person would’ve secretly infiltroted Remdik. Such
odd movements only show thot Joshuo hos other ulterior motives.

Jonothon contemploted for o long while os he stored ot the computer screen. Suddenly, o thought
struck him. He connected the first locotion Joshuo hod gone to ond the lost ploce the respectoble
fomilies hod seen the lotter.

Jonothon’s eyes gleomed ot the sight in front of him.

Excluding the ploce he ond Xovion ron into Joshuo, o twisted circulor sector formed upon connecting
oll the locotions Joshuo wos seen.

With the storting point os the center, the other four locotions Joshuo wos seen in were oll within the
ronge of o hundred eighty miles to two hundred thirty miles from the center.

That meant Joshua was undoubtedly searching for something, and the item was located where the
Leeson family members had run into him.

Jonathan’s lips cracked into a wide smile after unintentionally discovering the man’s real motive.

He still remembered what Xavion had told him. There must be a reason why Joshua chose to flee to
Doveston’s Delisgar Ridge.

Even though Jonathan merely speculated the site where Joshua would turn up in, he didn’t know
Joshua’s motive in the Delisgar Ridge.

However, his speculation had already given him a huge lead from the eight respectable families.

Is this the advantage of being poor?

Jonathan packed up his computer somewhat resignedly.

With powerful forces at their disposal, the eight respectable families don’t need to think much at all.
They can just employ their men and conduct a carpet search. Only people like me will need to burn
some brain cells to figure out what Joshua is up to.

Jonathan turned to the south and stared at the mountain range buried under a snowstorm.

“The last place Xavion and I discovered Joshua was close to Remdik’s border but not within the circular
sector. This means the search by the eight respectable families has forced him to deviate from the
central location. Plus, our battle had gained the attention of the Blackwood, Leeson, and Welsh
families. Although they didn’t see Joshua, I’m sure they would treat that area as a priority area for a
radiation search. In that case, Joshua’s path to Delisgar Ridge will be obstructed. He’ll have to take
another longer route if he wants to return while simultaneously avoiding the search party.”

The west!

Now that Joshua’s true motive had been revealed, his movement could also be easily inferred.

The fastest way to evade the eight respectable families’ search zone would be through the west. Upon
crossing River Onxy, he would enter Delisgar Ridge once again through the southern-west side from


With that conclusion in mind, Jonathan spurred into action, heading toward the west.

Regardless of whether Joshua did take the westbound route, Jonathan had decided to head to the
River Onxy’s border.

That was just how it was in the battle between the eight respectable families. It was also an internal
dispute of Chanaea.

In view of Remdik’s invasion war, the issues with the respectable families were insignificant.

Jonathan decided to head over to River Onxy and check the place. Despite the drop in his power after
losing his Pryncyp of Slaughter, he could still disrupt Remdik’s supply line with his God Realm
cultivation level.

With an army of hundreds of thousands of soldiers, delaying his opponent’s supply for a few days was
more than enough for them to suffer, much less cutting off the supply line.

Jonathan felt a fire had been lit inside him at the thought of fighting behind the enemy line.

However, he was unaware that the God Realm members of the seven respectable families were
currently having a meeting within Delisgar Ridge.

Remy glanced at the six other representatives and started, “Since everyone here agrees with this
conclusion, let’s split our men into two groups. One group will be led by a God Realm cultivator, head
toward Doveston in Horbah, and search for Joshua along the border districts. Meanwhile, the second
group will stand guard here and wait for Joshua to fall into our trap. Does anyone object to this

Remy’s gaze didn’t stop sweeping the room as he spoke.

Just then, a cultivator from the Henderson family stepped forward.

“I have something to offer.”

Remy nodded. “Yes, Jayden?”

Before he spoke, Jayden Henderson looked at everyone in the room, his gaze icy.

“I don’t have any objection to your plan, but I have a warning for everyone here. Since we’ve
determined Joshua’s motive, it won’t be long before he’s captured. I only have one thing to say—I hope
everyone seated in this room obeys the rules, and I’ll be the first to cripple anyone who dares to
backstab another.”

The rest of the cultivators merely snickered at his threat.

All of them were members of respectable families and held the same cultivation level. Of course, none
of them would take his threat seriously. They weren’t people who could easily be crippled, after all.

Jayden’s threat was useless against those cold-hearted murderers.

Not only were they unafraid, but they even began bickering amongst themselves.

Seeing chaos erupting in the room and a fight about to happen, Remy took center stage again.

“Enough! Stop f*cking fighting!” Remy bellowed as he slashed his hand with his billhook.

As fresh blood gushed from his palm and dripped to the floor, Remy shouted, “All of you look here! I’m
putting my Great Pryncyp on the line to swear an oath. Before the collaboration ends, the Leeson
family will never lay a hand on the rest of the respectable families. The consequence of breaking that
oath will be my death, the perishment of my Great Pryncyp, and my cultivation level!”

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