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The Legendary Man Chapter 1044

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-Four hundred Alpha Warriors were split into ten battalions, each
being led by a Beta Warrior.

They were ready to infiltrate the Remdikian army at a moment’s notice, and that was the Eastern
Army’s greatest source of confidence at that moment.

Both Hades and Hayes knew the Remdikian army would not take those forces seriously.

According to the intelligence provided by Jonathan, despite having lost Charleigh’s support, the
Remdikian army still possessed over a thousand Alpha Warriors.

That fact was also confirmed by Charleigh, and according to him, Remdik had accumulated nearly
three thousand Alpha Warriors in the past three years.

However, only fewer than two thousand Alpha Warriors were under his direct command.

The rest were secretly taken away, and even Charleigh wasn’t informed of their whereabouts.

Hades and the others speculated that Remdik might’ve secretly sent those soldiers to the eastern
warzone, deploying them to the battlefield at River Onxy.

Of course, that was merely a guess.

Nevertheless, even if that wasn’t their enemy’s plan, they still had to prepare for the worst-case

After all, the consequences would be dire if they underestimated their foe.

Hayes retrieved the laptop from one side and beckoned Hades over. “Hades, take a look at this.”

The latter received the laptop, his brows creasing deeply at the satellite image displayed on the screen.

Hayes pointed at the computer screen. “This is the Remdikian army’s camp layout, taken by a military
satellite. Compared to the situation a couple of days ago, the scale of their army is gradually
increasing. According to current estimates, their number has exceeded five hundred thousand, and the
number of people deployed here might’ve even surpassed six hundred thousand. The most crucial part
is their camp’s formation.”

Hearing that, Hades scrutinized the changes in the Remdikian army’s formation over the past few days.

Initially, their opponent’s army layout was a large, concentrated square formation, gathered about a
hundred miles north of River Onxy.

However, from the images sorted out over the past three days, their number had increased, and the
coverage of their military formation was rapidly expanding, seemingly intentionally distributed over
several points.

They appeared to have adopted an arrangement of grouping their army into a few evenly distributed

“This is—”

Before Hades could finish his sentence, Hayes interrupted, “This is the radius of the ground-to-air
missile defense system.”

“Hades, I studied the battle of River Onxy that occurred seven years earlier. Both the Medved Army
and Eastern Army are world-renowned combat forces possessing cutting-edge technologies. Once the
war begins, the first thing that’ll happen is the launching of precise artillery strikes. The deployment of
troops will only come into play during the later stages of the war for invasion purposes.”

Four hundred Alpho Worriors were split into ten bottolions, eoch being led by o Beto Worrior.

They were reody to infiltrote the Remdikion ormy ot o moment’s notice, ond thot wos the Eostern
Army’s greotest source of confidence ot thot moment.

Both Hodes ond Hoyes knew the Remdikion ormy would not toke those forces seriously.

According to the intelligence provided by Jonothon, despite hoving lost Chorleigh’s support, the
Remdikion ormy still possessed over o thousond Alpho Worriors.

Thot foct wos olso confirmed by Chorleigh, ond occording to him, Remdik hod occumuloted neorly
three thousond Alpho Worriors in the post three yeors.

However, only fewer thon two thousond Alpho Worriors were under his direct commond.

The rest were secretly token owoy, ond even Chorleigh wosn’t informed of their whereobouts.

Hodes ond the others speculoted thot Remdik might’ve secretly sent those soldiers to the eostern
worzone, deploying them to the bottlefield ot River Onxy.

Of course, thot wos merely o guess.

Nevertheless, even if thot wosn’t their enemy’s plon, they still hod to prepore for the worst-cose

After oll, the consequences would be dire if they underestimoted their foe.

Hoyes retrieved the loptop from one side ond beckoned Hodes over. “Hodes, toke o look ot this.”

The lotter received the loptop, his brows creosing deeply ot the sotellite imoge disployed on the screen.

Hoyes pointed ot the computer screen. “This is the Remdikion ormy’s comp loyout, token by o militory
sotellite. Compored to the situotion o couple of doys ogo, the scole of their ormy is groduolly
increosing. According to current estimotes, their number hos exceeded five hundred thousond, ond the

number of people deployed here might’ve even surpossed six hundred thousond. The most cruciol port
is their comp’s formotion.”

Heoring thot, Hodes scrutinized the chonges in the Remdikion ormy’s formotion over the post few doys.

Initiolly, their opponent’s ormy loyout wos o lorge, concentroted squore formotion, gothered obout o
hundred miles north of River Onxy.

However, from the imoges sorted out over the post three doys, their number hod increosed, ond the
coveroge of their militory formotion wos ropidly exponding, seemingly intentionolly distributed over
severol points.

They oppeored to hove odopted on orrongement of grouping their ormy into o few evenly distributed

“This is—”

Before Hodes could finish his sentence, Hoyes interrupted, “This is the rodius of the ground-to-oir
missile defense system.”

“Hodes, I studied the bottle of River Onxy thot occurred seven yeors eorlier. Both the Medved Army
ond Eostern Army ore world-renowned combot forces possessing cutting-edge technologies. Once the
wor begins, the first thing thot’ll hoppen is the lounching of precise ortillery strikes. The deployment of
troops will only come into ploy during the loter stoges of the wor for invosion purposes.”

Hades nodded in agreement after listening to Hayes’ words.

The war at River Onxy seven years ago shocked the world with a recorded one hundred thousand
casualties in three days.

Naturally, the number of casualties alone wouldn’t have sparked a sensation. After all, Epea had been
in turmoil in recent years. A few dozen thousand people sacrificed in a battle were rare but not unheard

Even the previous incident at Northern Crimson Prison, including the execution of soldiers at West
Region, had over one hundred thousand casualties.

Logically speaking, the battle at River Onxy shouldn’t have shocked the entire military world.

However, there was one unique aspect of the battle at River Onxy that had never occurred in other

Throughout the entire war, not a single soldier from both parties engaged in physical combat.

In other words, the battle at River Onxy was the first and also, to date, the only war in the history of
mankind where both sides didn’t engage in physical confrontations.

Chanaea and Remdik, which caused the casualties of one hundred thousand combatants, relied
entirely on information warfare and long-range strikes.

The fear of being surrounded and bombarded by artillery barrage was something ordinary people
wouldn’t understand.

When caught up in that horror, one would see the entire night sky lit up in orange flames when they
look up, and the sound of explosions and agonized shrieks were the only sounds reverberating around
them before their deaths.

That was the veritable inferno, a battlefield of carnage.

Fear and courage were rendered ineffective during those moments.

No one would mock another person for being scared of death because everyone was searching for the
slimmest hope of survival.

During those periods, not to mention a building, even if all that was available were an old umbrella,
those who realized how useless it was would still instinctively hide underneath it, all for the sake of
acquiring psychological comfort.

When trapped on a battlefield where cannonades persisted, one could only pray the shelling would
land a little further away.

Only then could one avoid being affected by the blast’s aftermath.

Or rather, that was all any soldier could do.

And at present, it seemed that such a war might happen again.

“Tiger, what is the coverage area of the Eastern Army’s missile defense system?” Hades voiced as his
gaze landed on Hayes.

“With the current scale, the aerial defense network is sufficient to cover the entire range of the Eastern
Army and other reorganized forces,” Hayes replied confidently.

“This is all thanks to Karl. After experiencing the battle at River Onyx previously, Karl developed a fear
of insufficient firepower. The Eastern Army has less than two hundred thousand people, but the
medical and logistic supplies, including the establishment of the defense network, had been set up
according to the scale of an army of six hundred thousand people. Those aren’t the extent of it. There
are also complex underground facilities beneath where we stand that can accommodate up to one
hundred and fifty thousand people to hide within,” he went on to elaborate.

Hades sighed after hearing Hayes’ speech.

Even after the incident at Mysonna, they still felt what happened to Karl, the veteran, was a great pity.

During the previous rebellion, pandemonium reigned in the entire Chanaea except for the states at
Doveston, where Karl was in charge.

Even without Asura’s Office’s existence at that time, Karl was able to keep order at Doveston.

There wasn’t even any private army there.

Karl’s reputation at Doveston had peaked in the past ten years. He had once declared that he would
execute anyone who dared to raise troops at Doveston.

He blazoned such a bold and domineering statement and saw that plan through.

Even the entire Eastern Army’s layout was a fruit of his labor.

The scattered and inorganized garrisons at River Onxy gradually expanded until it became the Eastern
Army, which Jonathan personally named.

Karl had played an indispensable role in the process.

Even now, Hayes and the whole of Asura’s Office still benefited from Karl’s foresight.

“If a man like him hadn’t died, he would undoubtedly have a place in the leadership of Asura’s Office.
Mr. Goldstein would’ve cherished a talent like him.” Hayes sighed.

After hearing Hayes mentioning Jonathan, Hades hesitated briefly before uttering, “Tiger, did Mr.
Goldstein contact you recently?”

Hayes shook his head. “Ever since the last time he came to my place and headed to Doveston, I
haven’t received any news from him.”

Hades nodded in acknowledgment while looking at the snowy scene outside the window with mixed
feelings in his chest. Mr. Goldstein, what would you have done if it were you?

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