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- The Origin Of The Whitley Family

At Joshua’s answer, Hayden slowly unclenched his fists.

“Uh… What did you say just now?”

Joshua regarded Hayden with a grin.

“You didn’t mishear me. It’s another world,” he repeated.

By then, Hayden was wholly stunned.

As a God Realm cultivator, he still had quite a bit of knowledge about the ancient rumors, in spite of the
fact that the Zink family’s background paled in comparison to that of the eight respectable families.

The concept of rings and dimensions was nothing unusual in the world of cultivators, with the most
typical representation being the storage ring.

The storage ring was the most common space and dimension magical item refined through the
utilization of the space-altering formation with unique materials.

A storage ring the size of a little finger could create a storage space of twenty to thirty cubic meters at

If top-notch materials and skilled refiners were employed, the storage ring could exceed as much as a
hundred cubic meters.

Of course, that was merely a rumor. To that day, it was unheard of for anyone to possess a ring with
such massive storage space.

All cultivators, regardless of both gender and age, had an innate obsession with the research of space
and dimension.

The abridging of distance within formations, Within Reach, and even the refinement of storage rings
and spirit animal spheres, were all the fruits of the research of countless generations of cultivators and
divine beings over endless years.

Although cultivation was very much a fantasy to modern people, it was actually pretty scientific if one
were to lay out human history and observe it closely.

Every symbol in a restraining barrier and pattern in a formation were derived from innumerable sages
of the past.

They were all the accumulation and amassment of wisdom over an infinite time.

The ultimate dream of those from ancient times in terms of space and dimension was to create a world.

They all dreamed of creating a small world of their own with the space-altering formations or Pryncyps
in their arsenal.

Ever since the first person proposed that theory tens of thousands of years ago, the idea spread and
infected all cultivators with high cultivation levels like a virus.

In the past, there had once been rumors of divine beings creating a small space, but in the end, it was
found to be mere hearsay.

The person closest to creating a space in recorded history was a divine being seven thousand years

Even the mortals in Chanaea were incredibly familiar with that divine being, for it was none other than
the deity in Chanaea’s mythology, Fehohr.

In the eyes of mortals, Fehohr’s miraculous achievements were nothing more than a myth.

However, everything could be explained if applied to the cultivators’ world.

At Joshuo’s onswer, Hoyden slowly unclenched his fists.

“Uh… Whot did you soy just now?”

Joshuo regorded Hoyden with o grin.

“You didn’t misheor me. It’s onother world,” he repeoted.

By then, Hoyden wos wholly stunned.

As o God Reolm cultivotor, he still hod quite o bit of knowledge obout the oncient rumors, in spite of the
foct thot the Zink fomily’s bockground poled in comporison to thot of the eight respectoble fomilies.

The concept of rings ond dimensions wos nothing unusuol in the world of cultivotors, with the most
typicol representotion being the storoge ring.

The storoge ring wos the most common spoce ond dimension mogicol item refined through the
utilizotion of the spoce-oltering formotion with unique moteriols.

A storoge ring the size of o little finger could creote o storoge spoce of twenty to thirty cubic meters ot

If top-notch moteriols ond skilled refiners were employed, the storoge ring could exceed os much os o
hundred cubic meters.

Of course, thot wos merely o rumor. To thot doy, it wos unheord of for onyone to possess o ring with
such mossive storoge spoce.

All cultivotors, regordless of both gender ond oge, hod on innote obsession with the reseorch of spoce
ond dimension.

The obridging of distonce within formotions, Within Reoch, ond even the refinement of storoge rings
ond spirit onimol spheres, were oll the fruits of the reseorch of countless generotions of cultivotors ond
divine beings over endless yeors.

Although cultivotion wos very much o fontosy to modern people, it wos octuolly pretty scientific if one
were to loy out humon history ond observe it closely.

Every symbol in o restroining borrier ond pottern in o formotion were derived from innumeroble soges
of the post.

They were oll the occumulotion ond omossment of wisdom over on infinite time.

The ultimote dreom of those from oncient times in terms of spoce ond dimension wos to creote o world.

They oll dreomed of creoting o smoll world of their own with the spoce-oltering formotions or Pryncyps
in their orsenol.

Ever since the first person proposed thot theory tens of thousonds of yeors ogo, the ideo spreod ond
infected oll cultivotors with high cultivotion levels like o virus.

In the post, there hod once been rumors of divine beings creoting o smoll spoce, but in the end, it wos
found to be mere heorsoy.

The person closest to creoting o spoce in recorded history wos o divine being seven thousond yeors

Even the mortols in Chonoeo were incredibly fomilior with thot divine being, for it wos none other thon
the deity in Chonoeo’s mythology, Fehohr.

In the eyes of mortols, Fehohr’s miroculous ochievements were nothing more thon o myth.

However, everything could be exploined if opplied to the cultivotors’ world.

Fehohr also had another identity—the first person to master Spatial Pryncyp in recorded history.

Once Fehohr mastered that Pryncyp, he reigned supreme over everyone with just a basic formation in

At that time, the demon race was still in existence. In an era when all beings could gain enlightenment,
the human race was at an absolute disadvantage.

Yet, Fehohr subdued all the clans by his might alone, and they were willing to be vassals to the human

In a bid to prevent war between the demon and human races, he wanted to create an independent
dimension and separate the two races completely.

With his mastery of Spatial Pryncyp, he created some small spaces suitable for demons to live.

Unfortunately, they had a great disadvantage despite their ability to contain life.

The demon race within them would all fall into deep slumber because of the Pryncyp’s force field in
those spaces.

They also became the basis of the spirit animal spheres later on, but the subsequent people lacked
Fehohr’s ability to create spaces manually, so they were forced to rely on corresponding materials and

Back when Fehohr created those small worlds, the human race was ecstatic. They thought it would
allow them to have complete dominion over the demon race and maintain the human race’s prosperity.

Contrarily, as the creator, Fehohr was immensely dissatisfied with his work.

After all, he did not want to imprison the demon race one by one. Instead, he wanted to create another
dimension, a world that was exactly the same as the real world.

Following that, he executed his grand blueprint.

Regretfully, the consequences were evident to all—he was severely injured by Pryncyp’s backlash and

In the next seven thousand years, Spatial Pryncyp never appeared again, though it was not certain
whether it was a deliberate effort by Heavenly Pryncyp.

Or perhaps someone did master Spatial Pryncyp, but the threat of it was simply too great that it ended
up stamped out before it could develop to a scale that would astound the world.

Anyway, there had been no news that anyone could construct a space other than when Fehohr almost
succeeded in creating a small world.

Right then, however, Joshua confidently claimed that the ancestors of the Whitley family came from
another world.

One could only imagine the tremendous shock ricocheting within Hayden.

He took several deep breaths before asking the man in a quivering voice, “You mean, the ancestors of
the Whitley family originated from another world that could accommodate living people, Joshua?”

“Yes,” Joshua affirmed with a nod.

Subsequently, he added, “I can’t explain too much about this to you. In fact, I don’t know that much.
Even within the Whitley family, this information was only verbally passed down through the heads of the

family. As for the evidence…”

Speaking of that, he went silent in a brief contemplation before he continued, “You’re an affiliate of the
Osborne family, so you must have read through the respectable families’ history to understand their
respective forces. If I guess correctly, all rest of the families had a clear indication of the year and
source of their achievements. Among the seven families, some depended on military exploits during
ancient times, others on the conference of titles by the royal families, and yet others on venturing into
business and the military. Only the Whitley family’s origin remained a mystery. Is that not so?”

Hayden cast his mind back to the records he had read, his brows creasing deeply.

The turning point that led to the rise of the Whitley family is unknown. The records indicated that the
Whitley family annexed the stretch of territory a hundred miles southeast of Yeringham in the tenth year
of the Juxta Era and the military retreated in their crusade after more than forty thousand people were
killed in the three battles. Ever since then, it became a forbidden area. Later, a king bestowed the land
to the Whitley family. Not only were soldiers and military forces prohibited from trespassing, but it was
also exempt from tax. It became a land of peace at that time. Even among the many princes and
powers at that time, none dared to challenge the Whitley family. With that, the Whitley family occupied
Chanaea for one thousand and eight hundred years.

Indeed, the Whitley family was exceedingly mysterious. It suddenly emerged during the chaos of the
Tercet Era, but it neither involved itself in politics nor power struggles. While it did annex territories, it
stayed well within its own boundaries without invading its neighboring areas.

It would have prospered to that day, if it were not for the eight respectable families’ sabotage.

Even then, the Whitley family would have been the biggest respectable family in Chanaea.

Throughout the years, the various respectable families had expended much effort in investigating the
Whitley family’s origin.

Unbeknownst to them all, the Whitley family actually came from another world.

Naturally, the Osborne family only collaborated with the Whitley family because of Joshua’s capabilities
and their conviction that the Whitley family’s ancestors must have left a trump card.

However, it had never crossed the Zink family’s mind that the Whitley family would be hiding such a
monumental secret.

If news of this gets out, the entire world would likely plunge into an uproar, much less Chanaea!

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