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The Legendary Man Chapter 1041

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-Right then, Jonathan stared at the coordinates of the location
Joshua had departed, which he obtained.

The latter was currently heading north. Based on his presumption, Joshua would do everything in his
power to enter Remdik’s borders after his location had been exposed in order to escape those from the
eight respectable families.

Only by doing so would the eight respectable families be deterred from pursuing him with great fanfare.

Judging from a God Realm cultivator’s speed, they were most likely five hundred meters away from
Remdik’s borders at that instant.

If Joshua managed to pull this bolt for freedom off, he would be able to make good his escape.

Nonetheless, Jonathan understood that the best time to persuade the man to join Asura’s Office would
be when he was utterly desperate.

Although the chances of him locating Joshua were slim to none if he were to set out for Remdik’s
borders immediately, he still wanted to try his luck.

The situation in the whole of Chanaea was exceedingly tense at present. As such, he needed to gather
all possible forces and arm Asura’s Office to the teeth.

With his Cor shattered, he definitely would not be able to maintain his God Realm cultivation level for

Even if he merely lived his days peacefully without battling, half a year was probably all the time left for
his cultivation level to remain at God Realm.

However, there were continuous battles then. Every time he circulated his spiritual energy, his elixir
field shrunk to a certain degree.

According to his calculations, his cultivation level would drop again within three months at the very
most. It would plummet past the fringes of God Realm, putting him at Grandmaster Realm once more.

Thus, there were too many things Jonathan must accomplish in the coming three months.

Meanwhile, two figures were sitting at the mouth of a cave within Remdik’s borders, panting heavily.

Beneath them both was a gigantic black bear that had just been killed.

Struggling to his feet, Hayden turned his gaze to Joshua. He smashed the mask in his hand to the
ground hard, then drove his saber forward and held it against the latter’s neck.

“You’re a d*mn liar, Joshua Whitley! How I wish I could kill you right now!”

Right that instant, he was in a towering rage.

It was the collective effort of several generations of the Zink family that they managed to secretly
nurture him, a God Realm cultivator, without the Osborne family’s knowledge.

They did that to escape the fate of being puppets manipulated by the Osborne family.

The Zink family pinned all their hopes on Joshua, for they reckoned that the eight respectable families
would never suspect them even if the man failed to make a comeback.

Right then, Jonothon stored ot the coordinotes of the locotion Joshuo hod deported, which he obtoined.

The lotter wos currently heoding north. Bosed on his presumption, Joshuo would do everything in his
power to enter Remdik’s borders ofter his locotion hod been exposed in order to escope those from the
eight respectoble fomilies.

Only by doing so would the eight respectoble fomilies be deterred from pursuing him with greot fonfore.

Judging from o God Reolm cultivotor’s speed, they were most likely five hundred meters owoy from
Remdik’s borders ot thot instont.

If Joshuo monoged to pull this bolt for freedom off, he would be oble to moke good his escope.

Nonetheless, Jonothon understood thot the best time to persuode the mon to join Asuro’s Office would
be when he wos utterly desperote.

Although the chonces of him locoting Joshuo were slim to none if he were to set out for Remdik’s
borders immediotely, he still wonted to try his luck.

The situotion in the whole of Chonoeo wos exceedingly tense ot present. As such, he needed to gother
oll possible forces ond orm Asuro’s Office to the teeth.

With his Cor shottered, he definitely would not be oble to mointoin his God Reolm cultivotion level for

Even if he merely lived his doys peocefully without bottling, holf o yeor wos probobly oll the time left for
his cultivotion level to remoin ot God Reolm.

However, there were continuous bottles then. Every time he circuloted his spirituol energy, his elixir
field shrunk to o certoin degree.

According to his colculotions, his cultivotion level would drop ogoin within three months ot the very
most. It would plummet post the fringes of God Reolm, putting him ot Grondmoster Reolm once more.

Thus, there were too mony things Jonothon must occomplish in the coming three months.

Meonwhile, two figures were sitting ot the mouth of o cove within Remdik’s borders, ponting heovily.

Beneoth them both wos o gigontic block beor thot hod just been killed.

Struggling to his feet, Hoyden turned his goze to Joshuo. He smoshed the mosk in his hond to the
ground hord, then drove his sober forword ond held it ogoinst the lotter’s neck.

“You’re o d*mn lior, Joshuo Whitley! How I wish I could kill you right now!”

Right thot instont, he wos in o towering roge.

It wos the collective effort of severol generotions of the Zink fomily thot they monoged to secretly
nurture him, o God Reolm cultivotor, without the Osborne fomily’s knowledge.

They did thot to escope the fote of being puppets monipuloted by the Osborne fomily.

The Zink fomily pinned oll their hopes on Joshuo, for they reckoned thot the eight respectoble fomilies
would never suspect them even if the mon foiled to moke o comebock.

After all, the mask that could conceal one’s aura was a rare treasure.

Alas, Hayden had been braving the elements since he stepped foot into Delisgar Ridge with Joshua
over two months ago.

When they had finally escaped the eight respectable families’ spies and were about to have beef stew
in peace, Xavion and Jonathan ran right into them.

Consequently, his identity was out in the open. As long as the Osborne family was no fool, they would
undoubtedly be able to surmise the Zink family’s intentions.

While Hayden had sent word back to his family to start making a break according to the backup plan,
the respectable families’ influence was just too daunting.

He would not have the slightest hint of fear if he were alone. In fact, he would even imitate Jonathan
and choose to unleash his final madness. Even if he could not shake the respectable families’
foundation, he could still make trouble for those powerful figures.

However, once someone had a family or organization backing him up, it would become a bona fide
target to the respectable families.

Although the Zink family was no big household with a history of over a thousand years, it was an
enormous family.

The core members with direct bloodlines alone numbered several hundred.

Even if they all wanted to flee, they would never be able to escape from the respectable families’ line of

Worse still, Hayden found out that there had been once a rebellion by an affiliated family in the history
of the eight respectable families.

In order to prevent a similar incident from transpiring again and affecting the order dominated by the
eight respectable families, they reached a consensus privately.

Regardless of whichever affiliated family were to rebel, it would be considered a challenge to the power
of all the eight respectable families.

Hence, all eight respectable families would employ all available resources to help the family involved
with cleanup.

In other words, the Zink family would not be facing off against the Osborne family alone if they wanted
to survive after having been exposed then.

Instead, they would be going up against all eight respectable families’ information networks and
pursuits of them in concert.

That would be a one-sided massacre.

In the meantime, Hayden was clinging to life in the bear cave, unaware of the situation at home.

While he really wanted to make a satellite call back and inquire about things, he knew that it would be

If my family is being slaughtered when I call home now, will I be able to be of any help? No. Not only
will I be useless to them, but I’ll also expose my location, bringing new dangers to me and Joshua.

It was not that he was heartless and feared death, but if the Zink family were wiped out, he would be
the only survivor with a direct lineage in the entire family.

Like Joshua, he would be carrying the burden of his family.

If I can’t avenge my family, then I certainly can’t die!

Bright red blood trickled down Joshua’s shirt to seep into his lapel. In just a little over ten seconds, his
shirt was already stained maroon at the chest.

Nonetheless, he remained unfazed, merely lifting his head to look at Hayden before him calmly.

“I won’t resist if you want to kill me, Hayden,” he lamented with a sigh.

Then, he continued, “You’re not the only person whose family had been wiped out. How many people
are there in the Zink family? Are there even five hundred in terms of those with direct bloodlines? As an
affiliate of the Osborne family, you should be aware of the Whitley family being hunted down by the
Eight Great Families more than ten years ago, yes? There were thirty thousand people then, just those

with direct lineages. Within three generations, thirty thousand people were killed. It’s the Osborne
family cutting down your family, but I understand your reasons for holding a blade against me right now,
and I don’t mind you killing me to vent your wrath. However, consider what you’re going to do after
finishing me off. Would that have been revenge?”

As he spoke, he actually spread his hands and closed his eyes for real.

Hayden glared at the man with a dark expression on his face.

The saber in his hand pierced Joshua’s neck. Several times, Hayden wavered before he ultimately let
out a low roar.

With a swing of his hand, he plunged the saber into the dead black bear below and slumped against
the mountain wall despondently.

His eyes remained fixed on Joshua and his voice hoarse.

“The hope of the entire Zeigler family is on you, Joshua. Now that things have come to this, can you be
honest with me this once?”

Joshua slowly opened his eyes. Subsequently, he took out a vial of medicine meant for external
application and poured it on his neck.

“What’s your question?”

Clenching his fists, Hayden enunciated, “Tell me the truth. What exactly are you looking for in going to
Doveston? And do you have a trump card for a comeback in a battle against the eight respectable

A gleam of violence glinted in Joshua’s eyes.

He eyed the thumb ring on his finger, the corners of his mouth turning up a fraction.

“I went to Doveston in search of the Whitley family’s true ancestral land, Hayden. The ancestors of the
Whitley family are from another world!”

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