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-Jonathan would definitely be able to read the entire scroll in a few
hundred days, even if he read it word for word.

However, he needed to put in a lot of effort if he wanted to dwell deep into it and truly understand the

Jonathan was like a sponge during these ten thousand days, constantly absorbing the knowledge in
the manual. He was still immersed in reading when Seboxia called his name just now.

Even though Seboxia was in front of him, Jonathan ignored him.

All actions were meaningless in divine space.

However, after ten thousand days of studying the scroll, Jonathan discovered a way not to be dragged
back into divine space again.

As long as Seboxia lets me go, it will be impossible for him to drag me in again.

Seboxia tapped his finger lightly.

Everything around Jonathan was as if the rewind button had been pressed.

The fine sand in the golden hourglass flew upside down quickly.

The small iron cage that held Jonathan captive began increasing in size, and even his physical body
returned to normal during the rapid rewind.

Jonathan appeared calm when he looked at his hands. “What? Is my sentence over?”

“You are the first person who could endure ten thousand days.” Seboxia did not answer Jonathan’s
question. Instead, he said indifferently, “Jonathan, you have piqued my interest. What would you be

able to achieve if your Cor was not broken?”

Jonathan sneered when he heard that. “Unfortunately, because of you, I will never be higher than God
Realm in this life.”

“Hehe…” Seboxia smiled and looked at Jonathan. “I’m glad that you know. Let me ask you now. Would
you rather surrender or fight?”

Jonathan turned to look at Seboxia. He was holding rosary beads and dressed in a white monk’s robe,
and he looked like an actual priest.

However, in Jonathan’s eyes, Seboxia was a monster with sharp claws.

He knew that Seboxia was not a god but a real devil.

Seboxia had issued him an ultimatum.

He had only been demonstrating his strength to me for the previous ten thousand days. If I choose to
fight, Seboxia will most likely continue to torture me.

Jonathan remained silent and sat cross-legged. “Seboxia, I’m curious. Why did you break my Cor if I
am the holder of Pryncyp of Death, as you claimed? Since you want to become immortal, shouldn’t you
help me advance to Divine Realm so I can help you accomplish your plan?”

Jonothon would definitely be oble to reod the entire scroll in o few hundred doys, even if he reod it word
for word.

However, he needed to put in o lot of effort if he wonted to dwell deep into it ond truly understond the

Jonothon wos like o sponge during these ten thousond doys, constontly obsorbing the knowledge in
the monuol. He wos still immersed in reoding when Seboxio colled his nome just now.

Even though Seboxio wos in front of him, Jonothon ignored him.

All octions were meoningless in divine spoce.

However, ofter ten thousond doys of studying the scroll, Jonothon discovered o woy not to be drogged
bock into divine spoce ogoin.

As long os Seboxio lets me go, it will be impossible for him to drog me in ogoin.

Seboxio topped his finger lightly.

Everything oround Jonothon wos os if the rewind button hod been pressed.

The fine sond in the golden hourgloss flew upside down quickly.

The smoll iron coge thot held Jonothon coptive begon increosing in size, ond even his physicol body
returned to normol during the ropid rewind.

Jonothon oppeored colm when he looked ot his honds. “Whot? Is my sentence over?”

“You ore the first person who could endure ten thousond doys.” Seboxio did not onswer Jonothon’s
question. Insteod, he soid indifferently, “Jonothon, you hove piqued my interest. Whot would you be
oble to ochieve if your Cor wos not broken?”

Jonothon sneered when he heord thot. “Unfortunotely, becouse of you, I will never be higher thon God
Reolm in this life.”

“Hehe…” Seboxio smiled ond looked ot Jonothon. “I’m glod thot you know. Let me osk you now. Would
you rother surrender or fight?”

Jonothon turned to look ot Seboxio. He wos holding rosory beods ond dressed in o white monk’s robe,
ond he looked like on octuol priest.

However, in Jonothon’s eyes, Seboxio wos o monster with shorp clows.

He knew thot Seboxio wos not o god but o reol devil.

Seboxio hod issued him on ultimotum.

He hod only been demonstroting his strength to me for the previous ten thousond doys. If I choose to
fight, Seboxio will most likely continue to torture me.

Jonothon remoined silent ond sot cross-legged. “Seboxio, I’m curious. Why did you breok my Cor if I
om the holder of Pryncyp of Deoth, os you cloimed? Since you wont to become immortol, shouldn’t you
help me odvonce to Divine Reolm so I con help you occomplish your plon?”

Seboxia smiled when he heard Jonathan’s question. “Jonathan, I’ve been waiting for Pryncyp of Death
to come to this world for over a thousand and six hundred years. I can continue waiting, but I will not
accept a disobedient person. You will no longer obey my orders if you break through Divine Realm and
have your own force field. So, I must destroy you.”

Jonathan chuckled as he listened to Seboxia’s explanation. “That means you think I can break through
Divine Realm?”

“Yes.” Shiva answered calmly, “In fact, when you were surrounded by werewolves in Remdik, you
attracted Pryncyp to your body. At that time, there was only a slight difference between you, who had
broken through to the God Realm’s advanced phase, and those who had broken through to the God
Realm’s absolute phase. It was because I injected life force into your body and supported you that you
were unable to fully comprehend the true meaning of Pryncyp of Death.”

Seboxia’s words echoed like thunder in Jonathan’s mind.

Seboxia’s way of stopping me could not be more straightforward. He gave me something to rely on so
that I could give up on my understanding of Pryncyp.

This was also the biggest taboo for cultivators!

Whether it was spiritual treasures, pills, magical items, or formations… No matter what aided in
cultivation, if a cultivator relied too heavily on them, he would lose comprehension of his cultivation

These aids were stumbling blocks on cultivators’ path.

Meanwhile, Jonathan’s expression turned gloomy when he reflected on his combat and cultivation

I had relied too much on the life force’s repairing abilities since Seboxia lived parasitically within my
body in the Western Region. I would never have known what I had missed if Seboxia hadn’t told me.

Seboxia looked at Jonathan with a gloomy expression. “So, you’ve already started destroying my
cultivation since then.”

“Of course.” Shiva chuckled in response. “It’s easy to destroy a cultivator, but it’s much more difficult to
break the Cor. I had to put in a lot of effort to break your Cor.”

With that said, Seboxia clasped his hands together. “Jonathan, there’s no point in saying anything else.
I still need to ask you. Do you surrender?”

Jonathan rested his hands on his knees, took a deep breath, and said, “Let me tell you one last time,
Seboxia. I’d rather die a thousand deaths than surrender!”

Jonathan closed his eyes after he said that and braced himself for the impending torture.

However, a few seconds later, he felt a cold sensation instead of pain.

Jonathan opened his eyes and saw the starry night sky.

Jonathan unexpectedly appeared in a river that had not yet frozen over when his spiritual sense was

“This…” Jonathan raised his hands, but he couldn’t tell whether he was in the divine space or reality
after a round of thorough identification.

According to Jonathan’s understanding of God Realm, the most terrifying use of this divine space was
not endless torture.

It was a simulation of reality.

Imagine how terrifying it would be to discover one day that everything you had experienced had been
an illusion created by others.

Your life, your friends, your wife, and your children… Everything was fake, but you didn’t realize it
because you thought you were living in reality.

What kind of despair would it be when the master of the divine space obtained the secret he desired
from you and then smashed everything in front of you with his own hands?

Storage ring!

When Jonathan recalled the method of judging the divine space, he hastily injected his spiritual sense
into the storage ring.

The storage ring had the ability to recognize its owner. It would never be detected by others as long as
the previous owner was not dead and the imprint of spiritual sense on it was not erased by force.

Jonathan’s imprint was still present on his storage ring.

Jonathan looked at his storage ring and realized that no one had looked into it while he was imprisoned
in the divine space.

He retrieved a military satellite map from the storage ring after some thought.

He then entered Anglandur’s capital, Walund.

After a few seconds of calculation, Walund’s satellite map appeared in front of Jonathan’s eyes.

Jonathan had never been to Walund before. Even if Seboxia attempted to simulate it, it would be

This ancient man, who was over a thousand years old, wouldn’t be able to comprehend Walund’s
current development.

Jonathan was finally relieved when he saw the streets and buildings that had been meticulously
marked one by one.

I have returned to reality!

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