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-Of course, Jonathan had no idea what was happening in the
outside world.

He was constantly in pain in the endless divine space. But at the same time, he was persistently
learning everything the ancient cultivators had left behind within Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique.

Xavion continued to walk through the ruins of the place Jonathan was struck by lightning.

He had already dug through all of the collapsed mountain rocks. Meanwhile, the remaining seven
families arrived at the top of that mountain.

The families dispatched their Grandmaster Realm cultivators into the tunnel made by Xavion.

Such a devastating sight could be seen clearly even from hundreds of miles away.

At first, the seven respectable families thought that priceless treasure had appeared there.

But all of them were dumbstruck at the sight of the place.

The mountain collapsed, and the earth crumbled.

As they got closer, the crowd could clearly feel the remaining power of Pryncyp.

That was how powerful the heavenly trial was!

Everyone there was a God Realm cultivator. Even though none of them had gone through a heavenly
trial, no one whose goal was to become a Divine Realm cultivator did not know what it was.

The magnitude of a heavenly trial far exceeded that of a Divine Tribulation.

The crowd speculated that it was not a priceless treasure that had appeared but something so ominous
that it had to be purged by a heavenly trial.

But just as everyone was on full alert and trying to look for clues, a figure who was seriously injured
came running out of the tunnel.

It was a Grandmaster Realm cultivator of the Salladay family.

Numerous God Realm cultivators asked about what he saw in the tunnel below.

But his answer shocked everyone.

“I saw Xavion!” the cultivator said as he pointed at the wounds that crossed his chest. “He wants me to
pass a message to everyone. He’s going to kill anyone who dares to make trouble inside!”

Numerous God Realm cultivators were filled with indignance when they heard what he said.

But some could tell that something wasn’t right.

After all, the God Realm cultivators of the Leeson, Welsh, and Blackwood families had previously come
across Xavion, Jonathan, and the others.

It was a clue seeing that Xavion was the only one remaining and that Jonathan and the two God Realm
cultivators of the Osborne family were missing.

Some even guessed that what Xavion was looking for had something to do with Jonathan.

However, the eight respectable families were never monolithic. Even if someone had made speculation
about something, they would never share it with everybody.

Of course, Jonothon hod no ideo whot wos hoppening in the outside world.

He wos constontly in poin in the endless divine spoce. But ot the some time, he wos persistently
leorning everything the oncient cultivotors hod left behind within Ancient Socred Drogon Technique.

Xovion continued to wolk through the ruins of the ploce Jonothon wos struck by lightning.

He hod olreody dug through oll of the collopsed mountoin rocks. Meonwhile, the remoining seven
fomilies orrived ot the top of thot mountoin.

The fomilies dispotched their Grondmoster Reolm cultivotors into the tunnel mode by Xovion.

Such o devostoting sight could be seen cleorly even from hundreds of miles owoy.

At first, the seven respectoble fomilies thought thot priceless treosure hod oppeored there.

But oll of them were dumbstruck ot the sight of the ploce.

The mountoin collopsed, ond the eorth crumbled.

As they got closer, the crowd could cleorly feel the remoining power of Pryncyp.

Thot wos how powerful the heovenly triol wos!

Everyone there wos o God Reolm cultivotor. Even though none of them hod gone through o heovenly
triol, no one whose gool wos to become o Divine Reolm cultivotor did not know whot it wos.

The mognitude of o heovenly triol for exceeded thot of o Divine Tribulotion.

The crowd speculoted thot it wos not o priceless treosure thot hod oppeored but something so ominous
thot it hod to be purged by o heovenly triol.

But just os everyone wos on full olert ond trying to look for clues, o figure who wos seriously injured
come running out of the tunnel.

It wos o Grondmoster Reolm cultivotor of the Sollodoy fomily.

Numerous God Reolm cultivotors osked obout whot he sow in the tunnel below.

But his onswer shocked everyone.

“I sow Xovion!” the cultivotor soid os he pointed ot the wounds thot crossed his chest. “He wonts me to
poss o messoge to everyone. He’s going to kill onyone who dores to moke trouble inside!”

Numerous God Reolm cultivotors were filled with indignonce when they heord whot he soid.

But some could tell thot something wosn’t right.

After oll, the God Reolm cultivotors of the Leeson, Welsh, ond Blockwood fomilies hod previously come
ocross Xovion, Jonothon, ond the others.

It wos o clue seeing thot Xovion wos the only one remoining ond thot Jonothon ond the two God Reolm
cultivotors of the Osborne fomily were missing.

Some even guessed thot whot Xovion wos looking for hod something to do with Jonothon.

However, the eight respectoble fomilies were never monolithic. Even if someone hod mode speculotion
obout something, they would never shore it with everybody.

It was especially so for the Leeson family from Doveston.

They had only released news about Joshua this time to get revenge for their family’s cultivators.

Since it was almost like they owned the place, they had dispatched countless spies across Delisgar

Just then, the Leeson family’s subordinates reported that they had caught a fleeing cultivator, who was
none other than the Osborne family’s Grandmaster Realm cultivator.

At that, Remy said nothing and led his men away from the ruins.

Everyone there was cunning old foxes, and the causes and consequences were all connected. Even
though Remy had no idea of the specifics, he understood one thing.

The Osborne family had encountered an unexpected incident.

As for the rest of the families, Remy merely scoffed at the thought of them.

I’ll just let them waste their time here. They’re just a bunch of profit-seeking flies anyway. The longer
the time they spend here, the better.

Twenty-four hours soon passed.

A figure leaped out of the tunnel. It was Xavion.

He had been looking for Jonathan for more than twenty hours and dug up multiple tunnels beneath the
collapsed mountain.

Xavion had even unintentionally dug toward the center where the lightning had struck.

Nonetheless, Jonathan was nowhere to be found.

Xavion had already given up at that moment.

The lightning strike was so powerful, and Jonathan was hit head-on. His body could have been turned
into dust in that instant.

If that were true, he would never find anything, no matter how hard he looked.

Xavion had no choice but to give up.

He glanced at the people from the seven respectable families as he put on clothes he found in the
storage ring.

More than twenty hours had passed since Kimberly and Barnaby’s deaths.

According to his speculation, the Osborne family must be exterminating Everett’s lineage at that

Perhaps a fight had even broken out on Divine Mountain.

Having a Divine Realm cultivator was a change that could falter a family’s foundation.

As a God Realm cultivator, he should have rushed back home right away, but he wasted so much time.

Moreover, Josephine and her child would lose their values if Jonathan were actually dead.

As someone from one of the respectable families, he knew too well how they approached things.

One who had lost their value might not even be as important as an adorable cat in the eyes of
respectable families.

Those in his family could kill Josephine and her child just because they found them troublesome.

I have to head back and protect them. I owe it to Jonathan!

“What could have happened here, Xavion? For you to put in so much effort—”

“Get lost!”

A God Realm cultivator from the Henderson family tried to find out what had happened.

But he was interrupted and told to get lost before he could even finish his sentence.

“Don’t f*cking bother me!” Xavion warned coldly before leaving for Xemrich.

The cultivators of the remaining respectable families exchanged glances with each other.

They could have sworn they had witnessed a miraculous phenomenon from hundreds of miles away
earlier. But all that greeted them when they arrived was this horrific scene.

The crowd felt bewildered that they still hadn’t made any discovery.

Nevertheless, they could only continue searching. They had no one to ask their questions since Xavion
had already left.

But their search only lasted a few hours.

Besides the lightning strike from earlier, the place was neither a spiritual ley line nor a magical plant.

They wouldn’t have discovered anything even if they continued.

Just as the six respectable families fell into a dilemma about what Xavion was looking for, a piece of
charred tree-trunk-like object floated down the river about two hundred miles away.

It was Jonathan!

At that moment, the last grain of sand in the hourglass within the divine space finally fell.

Seboxia appeared beside Jonathan once again.

“Looks like I’ve underestimated you. You managed to withstand the torment for ten thousand days and
not lose your mind.”

His praise snapped Jonathan back to his senses after being so focused on cultivating Ancient Sacred
Dragon Technique.

Truthfully, the pain from the torture had completely slipped Jonathan’s mind for some time now.

Or it could be that he had gotten used to it.

It was just like standing on a balcony and watching the constant flow of cars and people coming and
going on the streets below.

One might find the sounds noisy, but if someone were to talk to them, they would automatically ignore
the commotion.

That was the same for Jonathan as he immersed himself in the various cultivation methods of Ancient
Sacred Dragon Technique.

Jonathan only realized at that moment what a great treasure Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique was.

Even if he had double the time of ten thousand days, there was no way he could learn everything
written in it.

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