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The Legendary Man Chapter 1034

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-Xavion hurriedly sorted out the information gathered and forwarded
them to the Osborne family.

With Kimberly and Barnaby gone, the very backbone of the Osbornes was destroyed.

Adding on top of the fact that the identity of the Divine Realm cultivator at Divine Mountain had been
exposed, even if Mason were to attack Everett, the other members of the Osborne family wouldn’t

Jonathan passed Kimberly’s ring over to Xavion.

“Xavion, don’t forget about our deal. You have to release Josephine and my son now,” Jonathan

Xavion kept the ring and chuckled.

“Don’t worry. I’m more trustworthy than I look. Since we’ve made a deal, rest assured I will surely honor
my promise.”

“I’m not worried about you,” Jonathan stated flatly. “Instead, it’s the other Osbornes that I’m worried

Jonathan knew Xavion was a man of his word when the latter didn’t even hesitate to save him

However, the eight respectable families weren’t exactly known for playing by the rules. Instead, they
preferred setting their own rules.

They had wanted Jonathan, an outsider, to help get rid of Kimberly and Barnaby. Now that he had done
the deed, Jonathan wouldn’t be surprised that the Osborne family would come up with more conditions

for the release of his wife and son.

Xavion eyed Jonathan. As a member of one of the respectable families, he knew what Jonathan was
concerned about.

He let out a chortle and pointed right at his chest.

“Perhaps before, if my family had asked other requests of you, I would have gone back on my word
and refused to let Josephine go in order to protect my family’s interests. However, because you have
saved my life, I swear that I will die to atone for my mistakes if I can’t save Josephine.”

Jonathan shook his head and said, “Whether you’re alive or dead does not concern me. I just want my
wife and child to stay alive.”

“Understood,” Xavion said.

Seeing as he had made his point across, Jonathan did not press further.

After a few bouts of exchange with the man, Jonathan already knew about Xavion’s personality. Xavion
was a man of his word, and Jonathan knew better than to worry about him going against his own word.

By then, the battle taking place some distance away had reached its peak.

Xavion, who was planning to leave, finally snapped out of his daze.

“Jonathan, of the two parties fighting over there, one is a Divine Realm cultivator who was in Kimberly’s
body. Who do you think is the other party that is holding the cultivator down?”

Jonathan uttered, “My teacher.”

Xavion was stumped.

Jonathan’s cultivation journey had always been a mystery.

The eight respectable families’ intelligence network was known to be extensive, and they paid extra
attention to a legendary figure like Jonathan.

Despite that, not a single respectable family had managed to figure out from whom Jonathan had
learned his cultivation.

And now, Jonathan revealed that it was his teacher who was fighting the Divine Realm cultivator.

Hence, it went without question that his teacher was a formidable cultivator.

I must let my family know about this.

Xavion smiled and excused himself to a side. With shaky hands, he typed the text and sent the
valuable piece of information back to his family.

Previously, he had decided to protect Josephine’s safety in order to stay true to his principles, but now
he knew that he just couldn’t afford to offend someone like Jonathan.

Even a God Realm cultivator was able to threaten a respectable family’s safety.

Hence, if a Divine Realm cultivator targeted any respectable family, it could result in the dire
consequence of the annihilation of the family altogether.

Josephine and her son must not be harmed!

Xavion’s nervous demeanor had not escaped Jonathan’s eyes. It was the very effect that he was
looking forward to seeing from Xavion.

Since his Cor was broken, his cultivation level would deteriorate with time, and he would eventually
become a mortal.

Jonathan need not worry about providing for his family.

However, he had offended many people over the years leading Asura’s Office.

He could foresee that his cultivation method would be coveted by many in the future.

Hence, Jonathan decided to make a mountain out of a molehill now that Seboxia was making a move.

He hoped that Xavion had not only spread the word to the Osborne family but also broadcast the news
to everyone so that they could be intimidated by the fake piece of information.

Jonathan knew that not all would be unnerved by the news, but it was enough to frighten some timid

Parties like the respectable families might even leave him alone altogether, since they were bogged
down by their many worldly possessions and complicated network of interests.

Hence, Jonathan and Xavion stood and waited on the ridge for Seboxia to finish the battle.

Right then, a cluster of dark clouds began to gather.

Amidst the dark clouds, lightning flashed and flickered continuously.

Thunder boomed and reverberated in the skies.

“Jonathan, why do I have a feeling that something’s not quite right?” Xavion queried.

He was shocked by the sight before him.

“It’s winter right now. Why are there dark clouds in the sky? Besides, I also felt a peculiar feeling
coursing through my body a while ago. It felt very much like spiritual sense, but it was much more

terrifying. Even though it was only for a fleeting moment, I felt like I was fully exposed. Did you feel…”
Xavion trailed off mid-sentence when he noticed Jonathan was eyeing him silently.

“What’s the matter with you?” Xavion asked as he was getting goosebumps from Jonathan’s
penetrating gaze.

Jonathan was gauging the man from head to toe.

“Hold on to that feeling. It’s a sense of Heavenly Pryncyp. If you manage to capture the essence, you’ll
be able to master Pryncyp sooner and prepare to advance to Divine Realm,” Jonathan replied.

“Pryncyp?” Xavion asked.

He was slightly stumped at first. However, he soon turned ecstatic.

The beginner phase and advanced phase of God Realm didn’t differ much, except for the intensity of
spiritual energy.

Hence, even though Xavion and Barnaby had the same cultivation level, a middle-phase God Realm
cultivator like Xavion would have to expend a lot of energy to beat Barnaby, a beginner-phase cultivator
of the same realm.

In essence, middle-phase cultivators were definitely stronger than beginner-phase cultivators.
However, the gap was not significant since they were still in the same realm.

Hence, it was best to conserve their energy at this stage.

Nonetheless, some gifted cultivators were able to completely crush other cultivators within the same

Jonathan used to be one of them, thanks to his comprehension of Pryncyp, albeit incompletely.

Pryncyp was the manifestation of Heavenly Pryncyp and reigned over spiritual energy, forming the
basis of cultivation.

Even if one did not fully comprehend Pryncyp, as in the case of Jonathan previously, one would still be
able to outmaneuver those who were only able to channel spiritual energy.

A God Realm cultivator was not supposed to feel Pryncyp at all.

The fact that Xavion had felt the peculiar feeling coursing through him was evident that Heavenly
Pryncyp had inspected him, and it was without a doubt the result of his cultivation practice being in
harmony with some type of Pryncyp.

Right then, Xavion was already seated on the floor, crossing his legs over each other as he silently
sought after the fleeting feeling.

Xavion had just managed to quiet himself down when Jonathan clutched his collar and frantically
dashed off into the distance.

“Jonathan, what the heck do you—”

The interrupted Xavion was about to curse aloud when he opened his eyes and noticed that the
battlefield where the two Divine Realm cultivators were fighting had turned into a chaos of lightning

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