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The Legendary Man Chapter 1035

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-The wandering lightning among the clouds struck at the mountain
range beneath them as if they had a vengeance against the area.

Without a doubt, the target of the lightning was none other than the area where Seboxia and the Divine
Realm cultivator were.

The sight of the battle scene was akin to an apocalyptic scene as countless bolts of lightning
descended from the sky.

The nearby peaks were even concealed by the unending flashes of lightning.

No rocks nor trees could survive the assault as they turned into powder and ashes, vanishing into
blueish thunderbolts.

Jonathan was towing Xavion by the latter’s collar, fleeing as quickly as his feet could carry him.

He remembered Seboxia telling him that he should have died in the battle a thousand and six hundred
years ago.

However, as the recipient of Pryncyp of Life, he had found a way to avoid his fate.

Light. Darkness. Life. Death.

Only when the recipients of these four major Pryncyps were together then would they have a chance to
continue with their journey in apotheosis.

Although Seboxia had found a way to avoid his fate, he also realized that no one during his time period
could figure out the last Pryncyp—the Pryncyp of Death.

To escape the ever-flowing time, he sealed himself into a special coffin, which was the ancient coffin
within Jonathan.

That lasted for a thousand and six hundred years.

When Jonathan traveled to West Region, Seboxia sensed the aura of death on Jonathan, so he went
into Jonathan’s body.

Seboxia had been lying low for close to two thousand years. Yet, despite his enlightenment of Pryncyp
of Life, he could not stop time from rotting his body.

If Seboxia’s soul were to leave the coffin after losing his body, he would be exposed to the Heavenly

If the Heavenly Pryncyp were to find out someone like him, who should have been long dead, was still
alive, it would kill him.

Therefore, Seboxia had to make sure that every one of his appearances in the mortal realm was a brief

Even when Seboxia briefly appeared to save Jonathan the other time in Remdik, everyone, including
Jonathan, had been scrutinized by the Heavenly Pryncyp.

Yet, this time, Seboxia had left Jonathan’s body to fight for close to five minutes.

That was more than enough time for the Heavenly Pryncyp to do anything it wanted to Seboxia.

The sea of thunderbolts in front of them was the result of that.

Jonathan was sprinting through the mountain with all his might. In addition to utilizing the running
technique taught to him by Hossom, he was also resorting to the self-destructive running technique he

had just learned from Seboxia.

Of course, Jonathan would not dare to completely mimic Seboxia’s way of shattering his own legs with
every step he took.

Even though he had traces of Seboxia’s life force in him, those were not Jonathan’s own energy. Even
if he did use them, he would not be able to utilize them as swiftly and steadily as Seboxia.

If he could not regenerate his legs in time, what he did would be akin to killing himself.

Nevertheless, despite Jonathan’s reservations about going to such extremes in his escape, the support
from the life force was more than enough to let Jonathan ignore the strains of running on his body.

Jonathan never once stopped in his sprint.

Every time he leaped into the air, the muscles in his legs would tear while the bones cracked.

However, the sensation of peril persisted to trail Jonathan.

“What’s going on!” Jonathan gritted out.

Behind him, Xavion was no longer getting towed along by his collar. Instead, he had used his spiritual
energy to form two ribbons to tie himself to Jonathan.

Even though Xavion had recovered from his injuries, he still had little spiritual energy in him.

If he were to lose Jonathan, he would definitely have a much harder time escaping.

That would spell certain death for him.

“Jonathan, don’t you dare leave me behind! I risked my life to save you just now!”

“Cut the crap and tell me what’s going on behind you!” Jonathan snapped.

He had reached the upper limit of his sprinting. Turning his head would significantly slow him down.

Thus, even if he could sense the approaching danger, he could not spare a second to turn his head to
get a good look at it.

In other words, Xavion was now Jonathan’s eyes.

“I don’t know what’s going on too, but something tells me that there’s a bolt of lightning coming after
us… No, wait. It really is coming after us! What the h*ll? It’s so fast! Move aside!” Xavion bellowed.

Jonathan, too, sensed the danger right as Xavion shouted the last two words.

His feet then slammed onto the rocks.

With a cry, the rocks beneath his feet cracked, and Jonathan leaped off the cliff.

“Holy sh*t! Holy sh*t! Holy sh*t!” Xavion screamed in terror as he watched the bolt of lightning close in
on them.

He knew that Jonathan was one to resort to extreme tactics, but he was not expecting Jonathan to
actually leap off the cliff with him.

While Xavion was screaming, Jonathan took out Heaven Sword and cut off the spiritual energy ribbon
tying the two of them together.

“Off you go!”

Jonathan grabbed Xavion’s collar and manifested a large hand with his spiritual energy to continue
grabbing onto Xavion before tossing the latter to the opposite cliff.


Xavion turned midair to look at Jonathan behind him.

The snake-like lightning bolt had already crushed the peak of the cliff they had been on earlier, and it
was still continuing downward.

Everything happened in seconds.

Before Xavion could even reach the other cliff, the lightning bolt slammed into Jonathan and brought
him down the cliff.

The second Xavion’s feet touched the ground, he began running toward the edge of the cliff.

Right as he was about to summon a shield to rush down the mountain, a radiant beam of white light
rose to the sky.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The mountain shook. The ground Xavion was standing on began cracking and falling apart.


Xavion cursed and gritted his teeth before scampering back.

He wanted to rescue Jonathan, but rushing down the mountain in the face of this tremendous power
would be suicidal.

The ground continued to tremble as the peak of the mountain broke off.

Boulders rolled down the mountain…


Those could no longer be called boulders; they were more like chunks of the mountain.

Each chunk weighed tons and left nothing but destruction in its wake.

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