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The Legendary Man Chapter 1033

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-Mission Accomplished

Jonathan’s spiritual sense, which was on the verge of slumber, jolted slightly as the bell sounded.

As he became clear-headed, he kept away the Heaven Sword and took out the peculiar bronze
handbell from the storage ring.

Just then, runes started appearing above the bronze handbell.

The floating characters were like branding irons. Upon touching Jonathan’s arm, the characters quickly
retreated and disappeared.

A short while later, a shield composed entirely of runes appeared around Jonathan.

Suddenly, the man felt an endless sensation of falling, and the red scene in front of him faded rapidly.

Jonathan collapsed into the snow, feeling dazed.

As he looked at his surroundings, he felt that everything seemed so unreal.

Hundreds of meters above the sky, bursts of violent spiritual energy continued to erupt.

Although he could not see anything, Jonathan was certain it was due to Seboxia and the other creature

Ten meters away, Kimberly was lying stiffly in the snow, struggling to move.

With a lingering fear in his heart, Jonathan walked up to her and found that her body was tightly bound
by spiritual energy.

And the strangest thing was that the power binding Kimberly extended from her body.

In other words, the woman was binding herself!

Furthermore, a powerful spiritual energy had created a solid mask, obstructing her breathing.

Thinking back to everything he had experienced earlier, Jonathan finally understood the chain of

Because of his cultivator instinct, he unconsciously released his spiritual energy and force field after
falling into the sea of blood.

The arms tearing him apart appeared after he released his spiritual energy.

Jonathan had a sudden realization when he saw Kimberly lying on the ground.

He had previously read a bizarre article.

It talked about a psychological doctor who hypnotized his patient into thinking he was a corpse. After
several days, the patient’s body really showed signs of rigor mortis.

And later, the autopsy results of the deceased showed that the person had died a month ago.

Everyone thought the story was a fantasy, but now Kimberly found herself in a similar situation.

As Seboxia had previously told Jonathan, he could trap a person in the divine space for endless cycles
without the victim’s awareness.

Kimberly was unable to distinguish reality from illusion, so she was killing herself in the illusionary

Jonathan stood in front of Kimberly and lightly swung his Heaven Sword.

While she was helpless and unprepared, the woman’s head was easily cut off by the sword.

Jonathan saw Kimberly’s gaze was filled with relief in her last moments of life.

After swiftly severing Kimberly’s storage ring from her hand and collecting her head, the man identified
the path and fled.

He needed Xavion to witness his transaction with the Osborne family.

Even though there was nothing much he could do to help in the Divine Realm, he had to ensure that
Xavion was alive.

After climbing several mountain peaks, Jonathan finally found Xavion halfway up the mountain; a
several-meter-tall giant black bear paced back and forth beside the man.

The black bear was frightened away as soon as Jonathan casually released some of his energy. He
then pressed his palm against Xavion’s chest.

The strong life force rushed into Xavion’s body, pulling him quickly back from the brink of death.

He was able to recover rapidly with Seboxia’s life force. After a brief moment, he jumped up and looked
around warily.

“It’s all over!”

Jonathan threw Kimberly’s head on the ground. “She’s dead. Take a rest.”

Xavion looked down at the head near his feet with a look of surprise. “Jonathan, how did you…”

Before he could finish his words, Xavion looked toward the mountains dozens of miles away.

Jonathan followed his gaze as thunderous drum sounds were coming from the mountains.

Spiritual energy was turning into waves of air and exploding in all directions. Two mountain summits
had been flattened as a result of the fight between the two Divine Realm cultivators.

Xavion widened his eyes and looked at Jonathan. “What’s happening?” he asked.

Just moments ago, to save Jonathan, he had battled Kimberly. He had no recollection of what occurred
after nearly being slain by a flying sword.

But he suddenly felt uneasy after noticing the ferocious spiritual energy fluctuations in the distance.

“It’s nothing.” Jonathan frowned and continued, “There was a Divine Realm cultivator inside Kimberly’s
body, and it’s currently engaged in a battle.”

“Divine Realm?” Xavion’s eyes widened in disbelief. “How could she possibly have a Divine Realm…”
He stopped abruptly in a trance.

Although he didn’t want to admit it, he knew that Everett and others had rebellious intentions and were
willing to act on them.

Hence, it was likely that they had strong support.

Xavion’s expression darkened as he recalled Kimberly’s sudden outpouring of spiritual energy.

“Only someone from the Osborne family could wield the Golden Wheel. Seems like someone on the
ancestral mountain is unwilling to sit idly by.”

While Jonathan found the man’s words a little confusing, a core member of the Osborne family would
have understood them perfectly.

Even though Everett used shady tactics and took more than ten years to mess with Jay’s orientation, it
was still just a battle within the family.

Even if things were exposed now, Mason could simply use his hidden forces to destroy Everett and his

However, if a Divine Realm cultivator was supporting them, the situation would change.

The struggle between family members was about choosing the most elite member to lead the family
toward a brighter future.

Reaching the Divine Realm stage, however, represented the seizure of power by force.

The respectable families were able to gain a foothold because of the Divine Realm.

Junior cultivators belonging to the God Realm and below could do whatever they wanted, even
assassinating each other, and the Divine Realm cultivators would not interfere.

The respectable families adhered to this law of survival of the fittest. They believed that if one could not
outdo others on their own, even if one were entrusted with leading the family, one would still be
manipulated and suppressed by other families.

But if a Divine Realm cultivator personally intervened, it could only mean one thing.

The foundation of the respectable family had been shattered!

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