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The Legendary Man Chapter 1032

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-“Control life and death?”

Kimberly sneered and burst into laughter. She wiggled her fingers, and the golden wheel behind her
expanded in size, transforming into a massive orb that enveloped her.

The sound of countless mournful cries resembling those of ghosts erupted.

The golden orb looked like a scorching sun, and the sea of blood and debris around the area rapidly
dissolved like snow in early winter.

The small island beneath Kimberly’s feet vanished, revealing the mountain ridge once again.

She stared at her feet, a haughty laugh escaping her lips. “Just because you’re a Divine Realm
cultivator doesn’t mean I’m not. While I may not be able to shatter your divine space, understand that
within this Three-Fathom Space, you won’t be able to do anything to me in the slightest. I don’t know
what your connection to Jonathan is, but if you insist on protecting him, we should just go our separate
ways to avoid complicating matters. Release me, and we’ll do our own things. What do you say?”

At this juncture, the Divine Realm cultivator in Kimberly was no longer as agitated as before.

Even though they were Divine Realm cultivators, there were levels of distinction.

Kimberly was clearly outmatched by Seboxia in terms of cultivation level, spiritual sense, and combat

She could only briefly withstand the onslaught of her formidable opponent.

As time passed, Kimberly’s spiritual energy would be depleted, not to mention she was already at a
lower cultivation level compared to Seboxia.

Since defeat was inevitable, it would be wise to negotiate favorable terms while there was still some
fighting spirit left in her.

After all, they had undergone many trials and tribulations to reach that level of cultivation.

When it came to interests, there were no permanent enemies. This saying had long been ingrained in
their thinking.

Despite their ongoing fierce battle, Kimberly became aware of the powerful ally backing her opponent,
leading her to consider that it would be advantageous for them to unite forces and seize power.

Kimberly’s gesture of offering an olive branch did not have any impact on Seboxia.

Seboxia’s goal was to obtain the life force of a Divine Realm cultivator, but with each attempt he made,
he risked being completely wiped out by Great Pryncyp.

All his previous efforts would have been in vain had he let Kimberly off just like that.

“The Three-Fathom Space is a place filled with challenges. People are bound by the karma of seeking
fame and fortune in life. Since fate has brought us together, I’m determined to help you end your

“You stubborn old mule!” Kimberly cussed upon hearing Seboxia’s words.

Without hesitation, she tapped her foot gently on the ground, causing the ten-meter-high mountain
ridge to explode. She then charged toward Seboxia while still enclosed in the golden orb. “I guess we’ll
have to do it the hard way!”

Kimberly lunged forward with a swift motion, conjuring a glimmering golden sword in her hand as she
aimed it directly at Jonathan’s neck.

“Spirit Retreating Move!” Seboxia immediately clasped his hands together, and Jonathan could feel
inexplicable waves of energy creeping into his meridians from the edges of the coffin.

As a result, a radiant white light emerged from his body, forming a protective barrier around him.


The golden sword with seemingly sharp edges snapped in half.

Seboxia took control of Jonathan’s body and directed him to extend his right hand.

“Begone!” Seboxia roared.


Kimberly’s chest was struck with a heavy palm once more.

The golden radiance the orb exuded jolted, and a surge of waves rose up on the sea of blood that was
conjured up by the divine space.

Once again, Seboxia knocked the phantom of the emaciated old man out of Kimberly’s body.

Instead of returning to Kimberly’s body, the old man decided to control the golden halo behind him and
transformed it into a ball of energy the size of an egg. He then hurled it directly at Jonathan’s face.

Jonathan held his breath as he watched the terrifying ball of golden energy hurtling toward him.

In an instant, he felt a forceful grip on his hair, and he was forcefully pulled out of the horrifying black

“Get rid of her!” Seboxia’s hoarse voice echoed in his mind.

Jonathan was momentarily stunned, but soon, he realized he had regained control of his body.

Above his head, a humanoid phantom with beast-like claws was fighting with the emaciated old man.
That’s Seboxia?

Jonathan was at a loss for words when he recalled how Seboxia rescued him on several occasions.

The humanoid phantom towered nearly ten feet tall. Its feet were like talons, and its fingers resembled
steel knives. Its mere appearance was enough to send shivers down one’s spine.

Although Jonathan could not see Seboxia’s face because he was a spirit, he was sure the latter was
not a human.

Meanwhile, Kimberly had regained her senses.

Seeing the scene in front of her, she turned around and ran without hesitation. There’s no way I can
fight Jonathan now that the old monster is trapped and I’m injured.

Jonathan and Kimberly, both God Realm cultivators, had no chance to intervene as the Divine Realm
cultivators were embroiled in combat.

As Kimberly fled across the sea of blood, she found herself hopelessly outmatched by Jonathan’s

The Divine Realm cultivator had possessed Kimberly’s body using the technique of Body Manifestation.

Once the cultivator left her body, all spells, including spiritual energy, would vanish completely.

However, this was different from Jonathan’s case. Seboxia was originally within his body, so the energy
Seboxia had gathered remained condensed within him.

Though the energy would dissipate quickly after Seboxia’s departure, it was still adequate for him to

“Down you go!” Jonathan appeared above Kimberly, lifting his foot to stomp on her head.

With a piercing shriek, Kimberly plunged into the unfathomable sea of blood.

Jonathan clutched the Heaven Sword and descended into the sea of blood, determined to slay

Yet, the sea was awash with not only blood but also innumerable dismembered limbs and hapless
individuals struggling to cross over to the other side.

Once Jonathan entered the sea of blood, he was surrounded by endless mangled corpses.

There were also countless arms reaching out to grab him.

He attempted to break free from the sea of blood, but the viscous liquid clung to him like glue.

The arms around him were still continuously trying to pull him downward.

Jonathan swung his sword and severed the arms around him, but more continued to emerge.

He opened his eyes, and all he could see was a veil of crimson red.

He unleashed his spiritual energy, feeling as if it was flowing into an abyss with no end in sight.

His spiritual sense scattered, sensing the excruciating agony emanating from the people who writhed
like evil spirits.

Countless arms continuously dragged Jonathan into the depths of the sea of blood.

The weight of suffocation bore down on him, and those arms started tearing his body apart.

When Jonathan closed his eyes and was ready to embrace his demise, a resonant toll echoed from his
storage ring.


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