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The Legendary Man Chapter 1031

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-Trapped within an endless pit of darkness, Jonathan felt like
countless tentacles were ripping him apart.

There was a gap in front of him that was narrower than the size of a finger. Through the gap, he saw a
vortex of air rotating rapidly outside, looking somewhat like a galaxy.

Jonathan, who had been on the brink of death, was brought to this dark dimension by an unknown
energy source.

At first, he did not know where he was. However, after releasing his spiritual sense to examine his
surroundings, he was shocked to find out where he was.

This is the inside of the Coffin! To be more exact, this is the inside of Seboxia’s Coffin in my energy

At that moment, his body was controlled by Seboxia.

Jonathan was horrified.

Although he had never experienced being possessed, he had read historical records written by many
divine beings. Because of that, he knew his current situation was similar to being possessed.

Jonathan felt as if he was being locked inside a tiny cage. He could release his spiritual sense to see
himself and everything around him, but he no longer had control over his body and speech.

It was as if he was watching an immersive holographic movie. The only thing he could do was sit back
and watch in silence.

The being that possessed his body was none other than Seboxia, who had been lying in the Coffin for
more than a thousand years.

At that moment, Seboxia was naturally elated, for he could finally see and feel the outside world
through a human’s senses after hundreds and thousands of years.

However, he wasn’t in the mood to admire the icy landscape around him. Instead, he kept his gaze
locked on Kimberly and pursued her.

“Seboxia, don’t go after her! Be careful of traps!” Jonathan yelled as he lay in the Coffin.

Although his tone sounded calm and peaceful while laced with concern, he was, in reality, terrified out
of his wits.

Seboxia had possessed him and taken control of his body to save him, but if Seboxia enjoyed the
sensation of being in control and refused to let Jonathan regain control over his own body, then
Jonathan would have no choice but to lay trapped inside the Coffin and wait for his spiritual sense to
exhaust itself someday.

“Jonathan, I know what you’re worried about.” Seboxia chuckled. “Don’t worry. I won’t be out for long.
The Heavenly Pryncyp won’t allow me to do so. However, I must get my hands on this person’s life
force. After all, it’s the life force of a Divine Realm cultivator. Even a small trace of it is worth more than
a dozen God Realm cultivators.”

Divine Realm?

Jonathan was shocked when he heard what Seboxia said.

He recalled Seboxia’s words and finally realized the reason behind the sudden skyrocketing of
Kimberly’s cultivation level. Surprisingly, it was because she gained the support of a Divine Realm

Seboxia picked up speed while assuring Jonathan.

Jonathan felt a chill run down his spine as he watched his body move at a terrifying pace.

He could not believe that his body was capable of moving at such a rapid speed.

In reality, he indeed wasn’t able to achieve such speed.

That was because every time Seboxia propelled his body to move forward, his legs would explode into
smithereens before regenerating by the powerful life force. However, his legs would once again
explode upon landing on the ground.

In fact, apart from his legs, other parts of his body would also suffer lacerations due to the rapid speed.

Seboxia’s life force was unimaginably formidable. It could regenerate destroyed flesh and bone within

Moments later, Jonathan finally caught up to Kimberly and touched her wings.

“Down you go!”

With a simple command from Seboxia, a strange surge of spiritual energy condensed in the air.

Kimberly was smacked into the forest below by a huge invisible hand as though she were a giant fly.


As Jonathan descended to the ground, a flash of gold light shot toward him from the depths of the

The gold light penetrated his face, but as soon as it did so, his destroyed face had recovered.

Though Jonathan could not participate in the battle, he could still see how the battle progressed in the

Seboxia’s life force was claimed to be the Pryncyp of Immortality. At that very moment, its strength was
showcased through the battle.

As long as one had sufficient life force, one could recover quickly and even avoid one’s fate. With that,
the heavens wouldn’t be able to detect one’s death.

“Miss, why are you so mad? I’m only here to grant you salvation.”

Jonathan cursed inwardly when he heard Seboxia’s words.

That’s exactly what Aetomoye said back in the West Region. Back then, I thought he had gone mad,
but now it seems the Seboxiasm worshippers’ habit of granting others salvation originated from
Seboxia himself.

As the founder of the religion, Seboxia would keep his words. He stepped forward and crashed through
a few ancient trees before appearing right in front of Kimberly.

“Retreat!” Seboxia roared, smacking the rune on Kimberly’s chest without any hesitation.


Kimberly immediately spat out a mouthful of blood as a translucent afterimage flew out of her.

Jonathan stared at the afterimage, surprised to see that it was a frail old man.

The old man’s expression was filled with hostility when he noticed he had been knocked out of
Kimberly’s body. He crossed his fingers and turned the gold wings on his back into a golden wheel
before hurtling it toward Kimberly’s back.

Golden light exploded on Kimberly’s back as countless runes turned into chains that seemed to be
alive. The chains bound themselves around the old man’s body and pulled him toward Kimberly.

Seboxia scoffed before he held out his palm to strike Kimberly’s neck.

However, he did not succeed this time. As soon as he reached out his hand, a golden wheel
materialized in front of Kimberly.


Jonathan watched as the gold wheel shred his arm before his arm regenerated again.

While his arm was still regenerating, the golden wheel aimed straight at his chest.

“Enter!” Seboxia commanded calmly. The scene around them shattered into pieces, and the forest
turned into an endless sea of blood.

The sea of blood widened the distance between Jonathan and Kimberly, causing them to separate far

The golden wheel tried approaching Jonathan again, but he was too far away. It had barely flown
halfway to Jonathan before it lost its shine and turned into tiny dots of gold that scattered everywhere.

Kimberly looked warily around the small island she was on.

Amidst the endless sea of blood, a giant shadow slowly emerged.

“There is no end to the sea of blood. You should repent and turn over a new leaf. Your time is up.”

Kimberly stared at Jonathan’s enormous figure. The gold light around her shimmered and turned into a
pair of wings again as she flew toward Jonathan.

“What is all this? You think I’d be scared just because you show me this huge sea of blood? These are
all merely illusions. Do you think I’m a weakling? Do you think my cultivation level is fake?”

Jonathan’s figure grinned when he saw the frenzied look on Kimberly’s face.

“I’m the one that controls life and death in this divine space!”

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