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The Legendary Man Chapter 1030

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-Xavion’s figure transformed into various afterimages, flying and
prancing about on the hill.

Meanwhile, the golden feathers on Kimberly’s wings continued to solidify and shed one after another
while she followed closely behind Jonathan and Xavion.

At present, Jonathan was the one who had it worse.

Enshrouded by spiritual energy, he felt as if he was trapped in an invisible box.

Whenever Xavion switched directions, Jonathan would slam into the walls of spiritual energy no matter
how hard he tried pressing up against the sides to prevent himself from getting hurt.

As Xavion continued changing directions, Jonathan felt as though he was sitting in a tumbling vehicle.
He felt as though the world was spinning around him, and his bones were about to fall apart from the

“Xavion… Osborne… Why don’t you just kill me instead…” Jonathan murmured, his voice intermittent.

Xavion soon noticed something wasn’t right. Seeing how Jonathan was covered in blood, Xavion knew
that if they continued dodging Kimberly’s attacks, Jonathan would be tortured to death.

“Go!” Xavion exclaimed.

A ball of spiritual energy burst forth from Xavion’s hands. He pushed Jonathan to the left and dashed
toward the right at the same time.

Initially, Xavion intended to use himself as bait to draw Kimberly’s attention and provide an opportunity
for Jonathan to flee.

Unfortunately, Xavion had miscalculated Jonathan’s current state.

The fight with Kimberly just now had thoroughly dispersed Jonathan’s spiritual energy. Moreover, even
his meridians were badly injured. It would be impossible for him to channel his spiritual energy within
such a short time.

One push from Xavion caused Jonathan to fly dozens of meters away and crash into the rocks.

Jonathan struggled to get up after vomiting blood.

However, as soon as he propped himself up with his hands, he felt an excruciating pain shooting up
from his back.

He sprawled on the ground. Two semi-translucent feathers had already pierced through his shoulders
and pinned him to the rocks.

“Argh!” Jonathan let out an agonizing howl. He had been in precarious situations several times, but the
pain inflicted on him by the golden feathers was still unbearable.

Although the golden feathers were formed by pure spiritual energy, they were like sulfuric acid,
corroding Jonathan’s blood, flesh, and meridians upon piercing his body.

Even though the spiritual energy formed by Jonathan’s Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique was already
formidable enough, Kimberly’s golden spiritual energy was even more powerful than his.

“Jonathan!” Xavion yelled upon seeing Jonathan suffer. His Judgment Sword was then launched in
Jonathan’s direction, its blade glinting as it streaked past the air.

Any weapon made entirely of spiritual energy consisted of an extremely subtle equilibrium.

As long as an external force could destroy this equilibrium, the weapon’s spiritual energy would
immediately dissipate and turn into pure heaven and earth spiritual energy.

Yet, there was no way Kimberly would let Xavion succeed at that moment.

She flew to his side almost as soon as Xavion swung his sword.

Flicking the sword lightly, she managed to make it shoot upward uncontrollably.

The blade soared past her wings, brushing past them, but didn’t scathe it one bit.

Kimberly waved her hands, and hundreds of flying cicada-wing blades surrounded Xavion and attacked
him ruthlessly.

Bloody mists filled the air. In just a few moments, Xavion was slashed more than a thousand times by
the blades.

Those blades were so fast that even though Xavion could detect their movements, he still failed to
dodge the attacks.

Xavion would’ve already been dead if he wasn’t protected by the internal armor embedded under his

Meanwhile, Kimberly was hovering mid-air and smirking coldly at Xavion’s pitiful state. “No one can get
in my way. The Osborne family is mine!”

While she spoke, she waved her right hand in Jonathan’s direction.

The feathers—which had pierced through Jonathan’s shoulders—flew backward and carried the man
toward Kimberly.

She scoffed upon seeing the wretched state Jonathan was in. “Asura? Who do you think you are? How

As soon as she finished talking, several feathers fell from her back. A high-pitched sound resonated in
the air as the feathers flew toward Jonathan’s primary acupoints.

Jonathan’s death seemed inevitable under such circumstances.

However, when the feathers were only half an inch away from touching Jonathan, they suddenly
slowed down and plummeted as if they were sinking in quicksand.

Kimberly’s expression changed when she realized something was wrong, and she loosened her grip on
the man instantly before dodging backward.

Meanwhile, Jonathan gradually descended and landed on the ground after he was released.

Lifting his head, Jonathan directed his empty and unfocused gaze at Kimberly.

The moment when Kimberly met his gaze, she promptly retreated backward in fear.

“Who are you?” Kimberly shouted loudly at Jonathan.

Even the flying blades that were torturing Xavion were summoned back to Kimberly’s hands. She was
clearly nervous and preparing herself to confront a formidable enemy.

Jonathan’s eyes were devoid of emotion as he stared at Xavion, who collapsed on the ground with his
mutilated body covered in blood.

He was also examining his own palms and body.

Subsequently, he let out a sigh and muttered to himself, “What a shame. Although this body possessed
such impressive Kore, it’s of no use to me.”

“Who are you exactly?” Kimberly shouted from dozens of meters away.

Upon hearing that, Jonathan raised his head and looked in Kimberly’s direction. “You’re just an
embodiment of someone in the God Realm, yet you possessed a junior to bully another cultivator. What
an underhanded tactic!”

Jonathan could tell at one glance what was going on with Kimberly’s current state, and his accurate
description shocked her so much that the colors drained from her face.

Without hesitation, she turned and dashed north.

She was no longer the original Kimberly, but at the same time, Jonathan wasn’t his usual self, too.

Although Kimberly couldn’t tell what kind of monster was hiding in Jonathan’s body, she was certain
that someone capable of exposing her just like that wasn’t someone she could afford to offend.

The role of predator and prey had swapped the moment Jonathan’s gaze turned empty.

It would be too late for Kimberly if she didn’t flee the scene while she still had sufficient spiritual energy
to do so.

Jonathan shrugged his shoulders as he watched Kimberly escape.

The two sturdy golden feathers transformed into golden rays of light before disappearing into the air.

“I’ll save you one more time!” said “Jonathan” with a sigh, his voice sounding annoyed.

In the next second, a tremendous surge of life force filled his body, rapidly healing every injury on his

Sensing the energy coursing through his veins, he leaped into the air.

Unexpectedly, the bottom of his feet exploded into a mist of blood as he rose into the air.

Extreme speed accompanied the terrifying burst of energy.

Just one propulsion was enough to send Jonathan’s figure zooming hundreds of meters ahead.

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