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The Legendary Man Chapter 1029

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Kimberly had just witnessed the tragic death of her younger brother, Barnaby, after the latter was
slashed in one fell swoop.

She couldn’t recover from such a traumatic event so quickly. Therefore, the chances of her trouncing
Jonathan in the duel were close to zero.

All Xavion wanted to do at that moment was to get rid of those Grandmasters and flee as far away as
he could.

After all, this wasn’t the first time Jonathan had entered a frenzied estate. It would be too late for
Xavion to escape once Jonathan was done with Kimberly and targeted Xavion next.

It would be a piece of cake for Xavion, a cultivator of the God Realm, to dispatch those who were at the
level of Grandmaster Realm.

More than thirty of those Grandmasters might still stand a chance if they were to combine their powers
and fight Xavion together.

However, they’d been cowed into fleeing with their tails between their legs after witnessing how Xavion
ruthlessly finished off Barnaby.

They prayed that Xavion would pursue someone else as they seized the chance to retreat into the
surrounding mountains.

However, they’d overlooked a crucial detail.

They’d traveled to Doveston to carry out their mission of apprehending Joshua.

As such, they were required to wear tracking devices to ease communication during times of

Since Xavion was in charge of the family’s external affairs, he had the authority to access their

This marked the beginning of a bloody massacre.

Xavion had done away with eight Grandmasters in about ten minutes.

Those remaining were scattered in different directions, while the fastest one had already run further
than twenty miles, which was out of range to be detected by the system despite wearing a tracking

“Jay, capture all the blood relatives of the Grandmasters who participated in this mission. Yes. Ensure
none of them make it out alive.”

Xavion sentenced the death of close to two hundred people with a simple command.

Even those Grandmasters who’d managed to escape were not spared from such a cruel fate unless
they never stepped on Chanaea soil again.

Xavion wielded his blood-stained sword and gazed toward the north, the direction where he’d been
ambushed and where the battle between Jonathan and Kimberly was happening.

“It’s been a while. Jonathan must have finished off Kimberly by now.” Xavion contemplated checking
out the progress of the battle.

His mission was to eliminate the Osborne siblings. Since only one of their deaths was confirmed, he
couldn’t just report back when it was unknown whether Kimberly was dead or alive.

Just then, rays of golden light rose from the mountain peak several miles away.

It was still daytime.

Xavion’s eyes widened as he stared at the massive pillar of blazing light and was overwhelmed by the
scene before him.

Any kind of light would have been able to create such an effect if it were night.

However, one could only imagine how majestic the light source would be up-close, as it was already
visible from several miles away in bright daylight.

Darkness had begun spreading from the center of the pillar of golden light and swallowed the
whiteness that initially covered the mountain.

This was the effect of snow being shaken off the tree branches, exposing the bark beneath them. Such
a phenomenon signified an unnaturally high flux of spiritual energy emanating from the center of the
golden light.

“Goodness, has Kimberly’s golden wheel reached the third stage already?”

Xavion didn’t tarry any further as he dashed toward the direction of the spiritual energy.

Meanwhile, Jonathan was utterly defenseless and had completely lost his ability to fight in the center of
the spiritual energy.

Kimberly, on the other hand, was bathed in blood. A tiny flap of the translucent golden wings on her
back could easily allow her to travel tens of meters.

Jonathan’s scaled armor was tattered at that point, yet he still mindlessly charged at Kimberly.

He was like a mad beast who couldn’t stand a chance against her agility.

The Spirit Armor on Jonathan’s face shattered upon coming into contact with the golden fist.

He was thrown off the ledge of the mountain, spurting out blood.

Before he could reach the ground, however, Kimberly materialized before him with a faint beat of her
golden wings. She firmly grabbed his head and bashed it against the rock behind him.

A deafening boom rang out in the valley.

A pit several meters deep was formed on the mountain’s steep ridge.

Jonathan lay in the center of the pit, unmoving. His spiritual energy had dissipated completely.

Moving her fingers subtly, Kimberly sent a single feather falling from her wings.

“Go!” she commanded, and the feather immediately shot toward Jonathan.

“Shield!” A low growl sounded from the bottom of the mountain, and a shield the size of one’s palm
appeared before Jonathan and began expanding.

Despite the sheer force of the feather when it was launched, it still missed its mark after being blocked
by the sturdy shield.

Xavion landed next to Jonathan with his long sword in hand and engulfed the latter with spiritual energy
before turning to leave.

Alas, Kimberly would never let them off the hook so easily.



Following Kimberly’s yell, an assemblage of golden feathers pierced through the air and sailed toward

Xavion wore a solemn look as he looked at the stray feathers that had penetrated the ground.

He had no clue what had happened to Kimberly for her to become such a terror.

The one thing he knew was that she was now powerful enough to eliminate him.

Any one of those feathers was as formidable as his full-blown attack.

Yet, Kimberly had not managed to land a single strike.

This meant that she was toying with him to avenge the death of her younger brother.

Xavion switched forms constantly, desperately trying to shake Kimberly off, but his efforts were futile as
Kimberly managed to catch up to him each time. She would appear before him in the blink of an eye,
blocking their escape route.

“Remember what you promised me…”

Jonathan, who was enshrouded in spiritual energy and lashed onto Xavion, slowly regained
consciousness during their attempts to escape.

Jonathan had entered a frenzied state as his Anima was blinded, but his spiritual energy surged
without control. As such, his self-defense mechanism was activated, causing him to attack

After taking a few hits from Kimberly, his spiritual energy had dispersed.

Therefore, he had withdrawn from his frenzied state.

Sensing the severity of his injuries, Jonathan began uttering his last words.

Xavion eyed him. “Stop being so pessimistic. You won’t necessarily die. Kimberly’s cultivation level is
far from stable. Although I have no idea how she acquired such power, I’m certain she won’t be able to
hold on much longer. I’ll play along with her if that’s what she wants, and we’ll see how long she can

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