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-“Mind your own business,” Kimberly sneered loudly.

At that moment, Jonathan was also threatened by the massive spiritual energy fluctuation originating
from Kimberly’s body.

Surprisingly, he changed his direction on his own accord and charged directly at Kimberly.

“Barnaby, kill Xavion.”

Kimberly was unfazed, facing Jonathan’s sudden assault.

She formed a hand seal with one hand, and the enormous golden wheel behind her started spinning


Jonathan swung his arm at Kimberly, but a huge hand abruptly materialized and firmly grasped his fist
in midair.

An arm made entirely of golden spiritual energy had replaced Kimberly’s severed right upper limb
before he realized it.

On the back of the newly-grown arm were countless hair-like threads linked to the golden wheel on her

The golden wheel appeared like an inexhaustible power source, supplying Kimberly with an endless
stream of energy.

“Golden Wheel Manifestation!” Xavion uttered through gritted teeth.

The golden wheel was one of the Osborne family’s most potent secret techniques and their valuable
trump card.

Every cultivator who practiced the Golden Wheel Technique had to create a small isolated space
outside their energy and consciousness field on the back of their head.

On ordinary days, the Golden Wheel Technique cultivators would condense and store their spiritual
energy in that small space as a reserve.

During battles, they could then retrieve energy from the space at will.

There were even cases of pure spirit essences condensed from spiritual energy being found at the
back of divine beings’ heads when their skulls were cracked open after they were slaughtered.

The discovery was similar to finding demon crystals within a demon beast.

In fact, a myth was even passed down in the Osborne family that the Golden Wheel Technique was
derived from the cultivation methods of demon beasts.

The cultivation steps of the Golden Wheel Technique were divided into three phases.

The first phase was Spirit Transfer, which involved the simple process of turning the condensed spirit
essences into a spiritual energy reservoir.

The second phase was Golden Wheel Manifestation. This stage consumed a large amount of spiritual
and mental energy. The manifested items were exceptionally robust and durable. Theoretically, as long
as one possessed sufficient spiritual and mental energy, the creation would never be destroyed.

An example would be the arm Kimberly had just created. The new upper limb could perfectly replace
her previous severed arm and perform any functions just as smoothly.

Moreover, because of the limitless spiritual energy supply from the golden wheel, that arm wouldn’t
sustain any injuries as the wound would be mended instantly. Hence, to Kimberly, her replacement arm
was now akin to a razor-sharp divine weapon.

The third and final phase was Sun Samsara.

According to the spell records, once a cultivator attained the Sun Samsara stage, the golden wheel on
their back would entirely materialize, becoming an extension of the cultivator’s body.

Within a hundred-meter distance, a God Realm cultivator could summon the golden wheel to their side
in an instant with just a single thought.

As such, the golden wheel’s agility was even on par with Heaven Sword, making it an incredibly
fearsome existence.

At that moment, Xavion could clearly see that the golden wheel brandished by Kimberly had reached
the second stage’s absolute phase. Even he couldn’t help but find her cultivation talent to be terrifying.
Someone like her can certainly take charge of the Osborne family and lead the clan to greater heights
even without resorting to such despicable means. Nevertheless, it’s too late now.

Ever since Xavion discovered Everett’s lineage had been hypnotizing Jay, their deaths had become

“Prepare to die, Xavion!” Barnaby bellowed and brought the staff in his hand down at Xavion’s head
with all his might.

Seeing that, the other Grandmasters quickly withdrew their formation jades.


With a crisp sound, Barnaby’s staff slammed heavily into Xavion’s shoulder.

His clothes ripped, and black blood gushed continuously from the mangled wound on his left shoulder.

Unexpectedly, a bizarre faint smile spread across Xavion’s face. “Is that all you’ve got? Yet, you dare to
fight me? You’re too weak compared to your sister!”

As he spoke, he effortlessly snatched the staff from Barnaby’s grasp with one hand.

Given a few more minutes, these Grandmasters might have been able to wear Xavion down with the
help of the formation jades.

However, in their haste to do away with him, they made an opening in the formation.

Seizing that opportunity, Xavion wasn’t going to give them any chance to reseal the formation.

Wielding the long staff, he swung it around in a sweeping arc.

The staff extended at an incredible speed in his hand, snapping the necks of two Grandmasters in an
instant and further weakening the formation’s binding force acting on him.

As the radiant white pillars crumbled one by one, Xavion’s movements grew increasingly agile.

He held Judgment Sword in his left hand and summoned every last bit of spiritual energy within him
that he could muster. Then, he launched himself upward, breaking free from the formation, and bolted
in Barnaby’s direction.

“Die!” Xavion roared. His body turned into a blur as he closed in on him.

“I’m going to kill you!”

Barnaby produced a yellow talisman, but Xavion ran his sword through it before he could even activate

Without making a sound, the long sword, engraved with the word “punishment,” pierced Barnaby’s
circulatory system and pinned him to the ancient tree behind.


He flailed his arms, wanting to seize Xavion.

However, Xavion turned and grabbed hold of Barnaby’s hair instead. “Just hold out for a little longer.
I’m going to use you to shatter your sister’s Cor.”

With that, he ran toward Kimberly while dragging Barnaby by his hair as if lugging a bag of trash.

On the hillside, Kimberly and Jonathan were locked in a fierce battle.

By relying on Golden Wheel Manifestation, Kimberly withstood Jonathan’s spiritual energy armor,
fighting him on equal grounds.

When Jonathan entered a frenzied state previously, he was strong enough to simultaneously trample
over five to six God Realm cultivators.

Yet, he was now getting hampered by a young girl, an observation that Xavion found difficult to accept
for a moment.

“Kimberly!” Xavion shouted from atop the ridge. “Look who this is!”

Kimberly, who was caught in the heat of battle, looked up after hearing his voice.

When she glanced over, Xavion slashed at Barnaby with his long sword, cleaving him in half and
ending his life.


Jonathan’s fist crashed into Kimberly’s face, sending her plummeting into the valley below.

Xavion merely let out a cold snort before turning around and leaving.

He wanted to hunt down those Grandmasters who set up the formation earlier.

As the Osborne family’s overseer of external affairs, his status wasn’t much lower than Everett, so he
couldn’t believe those Grandmasters dared to attempt to kill him.

Anyone who betrays the Osborne family will have to face a death sentence. It’s time for me to help the
Osborne family eliminate these sc*ms.

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