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The Legendary Man Chapter 1027

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-“Kimberly!” hollered Barnaby as he attempted to pull his sister

However, he failed when his palm was flung away by strong spiritual energy.

“Get away!” Kimberly bellowed as she shoved Barnaby down the mountain with spiritual energy.

Barnaby waved his weapon to disperse her spiritual energy and sprinted back to the top of the
mountain. “Kimberly!”

On the ridge, Jonathan had thoroughly transformed into a man-beast.

Even though Kimberly had lost her right arm, her saber was a trusty weapon she had trained with for a
long time. As such, the weapon was connected to her mind.

With a single thought, she ordered her flying blades to swarm toward Jonathan and attack his
vulnerable spots.

While his spirit armor was powerful, it couldn’t withstand the attack from a high-grade spiritual weapon.

Usually, he would’ve dodged the assault to protect himself.

At that moment, though, he wasn’t conscious of his actions.

The only thing driving his body was the desire for murder.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

When the blades clashed against his armor, they produced crisp and pleasant sounds that resembled
pearl beads falling on a plate.

Even though it sounded like a light-hearted piece of music, it indicated boundless murderous intent.

In an instant, Jonathan passed through the sword array.

His shattered armor swiftly realigned as he swung his claws at Kimberly.

Without warning, a staff flew toward Jonathan.

“Duck!” barked Barnaby.

Kimberly did as told without hesitation.

His staff brushed past her scalp at an uncomfortably close distance and aimed straight at Jonathan’s


Her long hair fluttered in the gust generated by that attack.

As for Jonathan, he was launched into the air before crashing into a giant rock dozens of meters away.

Expeditiously, Barnaby pulled out a special bandage and wrapped what remained of his sister’s
severed arm to prevent further blood loss. “Jonathan’s crazy, Kimberly! We’re no match for him! We
need to run now!”

At that moment, however, her eyes had reddened. “No!”

She gathered all the tiny blades in her left palm before reforming them into her saber. “He isn’t crazy.
He’s just in a frenzied state. While he’s far more powerful, his judgment of danger has been completely
diminished. Even if we set up traps in front of us, he’ll still charge toward us without hesitation. Our best
shot at killing him is right now, when he’s acting exactly like a beast.”

Upon listening to her sister’s words, Barnaby almost cursed at her in exasperation. “Why are you still
thinking about that at this point? Our objective is to capture Joshua and snatch the spiritual treasure in
his possession! That way, even if our plan is exposed and we leave the Osborne family with Father, we
can still lead a good life! There’s no need for us to fight with this maniac here!”

Kimberly slapped him in the face the moment he ended his sentence.

Dumbfounded, he muttered, “Kimberly…”

Tears welled in her eyes. “I know you’ve never been ambitious, but I never expected you to say such a
thing! Do you think Father spent more than a decade setting up his plan just so we can live a
comfortable life? Why do you think we’re opposing Mason? We’re born into the Osborne family and are
talented at cultivation. No one can threaten our family branch in a hundred years, especially when
we’re a part of the family’s core. So, why do you suppose we’re rebelling? I can’t help but wonder why
a useless wastrel like you was born into our family branch.”

Widening his eyes, Barnaby was at a loss after his sister slapped him and reprimanded him for being a

Meanwhile, a wail of agony was heard coming from the direction of the trap formation.

After Jonathan was sent flying away, he landed nearby the formation.

Xavion, who was on the verge of death, took advantage of the opportunity and utilized a secret spiritual
sense technique. He transformed his spiritual sense into an arrow and pierced it into Jonathan’s
consciousness field.

It was a plan Xavion devised after much thought.

As spiritual sense affected the soul, not the flesh, he wanted to use that technique to snap Jonathan
out of the latter’s frenzied state.

However, to his dismay, Jonathan turned to Xavion and targeted him instead after enduring the spiritual
sense attack.

“F*ck! You’ve gotta be kidding me!” Xavion cursed as he watched Jonathan rapidly approach him like a
hungry monster.

After leaping twice, Jonathan traversed dozens of meters and dove straight toward Xavion.


Fortunately, the trap formation’s white pillars blocked Jonathan from reaching Xavion.

“Thank goodness these pillars are double-edged swords.” Xavion suddenly thought perhaps it was
safer to be trapped inside the formation.

Before he could finish his sentence, he heard a sudden shriek.

Turning to look at the source of the noise, he saw Jonathan tearing a Grandmaster’s head off.

Without delay, Jonathan shifted his attention to his next target, another nearby cultivator.

“Don’t come any closer!” That cultivator immediately tossed his formation jade away and fled.

“Do not abandon the formation!” commanded Kimberly before she sliced the cultivator’s neck with her
flying blade.

Everything happened so fast that the cultivator didn’t even notice he was injured. He continued running,
but after taking a few steps forward, blood spurted out from his neck. Pressing his bleeding neck, he

squirmed on the ground in agony.

When the remaining cultivators turned to look at Kimberly, they saw a vague golden figure manifesting
behind her.

One of the cultivators who recognized what it was shouted, “It’s the Golden Wheel Technique!”

The Golden Wheel Technique was the Osborne family’s top-secret technique.

Only cultivators in the family who had achieved God Realm or higher and had passed a test of loyalty
could learn that technique.

However, Kimberly’s family branch clearly didn’t meet the requirements, so there was no way they
could’ve obtained the method to cultivate that technique legitimately.

Hence, they must’ve stolen it by mastering it without permission.

Xavion stared wide-eyed at her. “So, that’s why your family had the gall to do all this. Looks like some
old geezer in the core branch of the family supports your takeover. You deserve to die for practicing
Golden Wheel Technique in secret without Mason’s permission!”

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