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The Legendary Man Chapter 1026

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-The heavy staff, just an inch away from hitting Jonathan’s face, was
blocked by a tremendous force. No matter how hard Barnaby tried thrusting the staff down, he couldn’t
get it to budge.

As Barnaby widened his eyes in shock, he noticed that Jonathan was clutching the staff with one hand.

“Why aren’t you dead yet?” He felt goosebumps all over his body as he stared at Jonathan’s pale
countenance and tightly shut eyes.

In response, he changed his approach and pounded the end of his staff so as to stab Jonathan’s face
with it.


Even though Jonathan’s eyes remained closed, he blocked the staff with his right hand.

Am I facing a monster right now? I can’t feel any spiritual energy fluctuation or spiritual sense from him,
so how is he blocking my attack? When Barnaby’s train of thought ended there, he attempted to snatch
his staff back.

Sadly, his efforts were in vain. It was as though the staff was glued to Jonathan’s palms.

“What’s going on, Barnaby?” Kimberly’s voice echoed from behind him.

“Something’s wrong with Jonathan—” Before Barnaby could even end his sentence, he screamed in
fear and abandoned his high-quality magical staff. He then fled the scene and returned to Kimberly’s

Kimberly moved her hands, controlling her flying cicada-wing blades to hover before her.

Through the gaps between the blades, she saw Jonathan standing up with his back arched like an ape.
Strangely enough, the surrounding spiritual energy surged crazily toward him as though he was
standing in the eye of a storm.

“Look at Jonathan’s hand, Kimberly!” Barnaby gasped.

Her pupils constricted when she saw pieces of distorted scale forming on Jonathan’s hands.

As a colossal amount of spiritual energy continued flooding into Jonathan’s body, the Spirit Armor
crawled up his arms as though it were alive.

In just a few seconds, Jonathan’s body was fully enveloped by the armor.

From a distance, his translucent scale armor seemed to be breathing as it continuously and
rhythmically quivered.

Jonathan, on the other hand, kept his head lowered as he clutched the staff and stood still, appearing
like a zombie.

In the meantime, only a one-meter square of free space was left in the trap formation that confined

When he saw the state Jonathan was in, fear flashed past his eyes. Among the times I’ve met him
before, our encounter in Remdik left the most profound impression on me. After he entered a frenzied
state back then, he assailed everyone in Redlington’s military base. He murdered Morris, incapacitated
Antoine, and repelled Aidan as well as the God Realm cultivators before chasing after us. He’s like a
mindless beast when he’s in that state. While he’ll gain incredible strength, in exchange, he loses the
ability to discern enemies from allies. Jonathan, Aidan, and the others expended a gargantuan amount
of spiritual energy during the battle before finally succeeding in subduing Jonathan. Even then, Sirius,
Karl, and I had to combine our strengths and cast a trap formation on him to restrict him completely. All

three of us are among the best in comparison to other God Realm cultivators in terms of battle
prowess. While Kimberly and Barnaby are also God Realm cultivators, they’re still too immature
compared to their peers. Most importantly, that terrifyingly tough scale armor didn’t manifest during
Jonathan’s previous frenzied state. I have a feeling he’s far more dangerous compared to last time,
based on how addled he seems.

“If you two don’t leave now, you won’t have the chance to do so again,” he sneered at the siblings as
he continued to protect himself from the deadly formation.

Kimberly turned to Xavion. “What do you mean by that?”

Calmly, Xavion replied, “The last time Jonathan entered a frenzied state, he possessed less spiritual
energy than he does now, yet he was capable of pursuing and killing seven or eight God Realm
cultivators. You two screwed up big time.”

“What nonsense!” she scoffed before stretching her hand, summoning a thin blade that was hovering in
the air to land on her fingertip.

“Go!” The blade promptly shot itself toward Jonathan’s eyes.


Alas, the blade bounced off as soon as it touched Jonathan’s scale armor.

In response, the lifeless-looking Jonathan lifted his head and peered at Kimberly and Barnaby, who
were standing on the ridge, as though he were responding to a call.


Without warning, Jonathan catapulted the black staff toward Kimberly’s face.

Kimberly gestured a technique, instructing the blades floating in the air to form a translucent shield
before her and her sibling.

“Block the attack!” She then angled her bladed shield with her mind to launch the staff into the sky.

Barnaby leaped into the air to grab his weapon. However, before he could land back on the ground, a
blurry figure appeared out of nowhere.

“Be careful!” exclaimed Kimberly.

Regrettably, her warning came too late. Jonathan had already swiped his claw across Barnaby’s face.

“Ah!” After getting slapped by Jonathan in mid-air, Barnaby lost his balance and plunged down onto the

Meanwhile, Kimberly shot her sable toward Jonathan.

He countered the assault by thrusting his left leg downward.

The spirit armor beneath his feet instantly cracked as the saber flew back to where it came from.

“Go!” Kimberly gestured another technique, sending the fingernail-sized blades flying toward
Jonathan’s feet like a whirlwind. She intended to tear the man into shreds by sending the blades
through the hole in his Spirit Armor that was just created by her saber.

However, unexpectedly, he turned around in mid-air and dived downward at Kimberly, smashing
through the blades.

“Kill Xavion now!” she shrieked at Barnaby, grabbing his arm.

However, they were too slow.

The moment Jonathan landed on the ground, he pounced toward the siblings like a deranged four-
legged beast.

Hastily, Kimberly pulled out a jade pendant and held it in her palm to unleash its arcane array.

Before the array could be activated, however, Jonathan’s fist had already landed on the pendant.

Kimberly’s right arm exploded into a cloud of bloody mist as the pendant turned into dust.

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