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The Legendary Man Chapter 1024

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-Meanwhile, Kimberly was also looking at Xavion with a smirk. “You
are a rare genius in the Osborne family, Xavion. Unlike us, you don’t have a massive amount of
magical herbs at your disposal. Your family branch should’ve been driven away from our ancestral land
after your father died. However, because of your talents, the family granted you a decade’s time,
waiting for you to achieve a breakthrough and become a God Realm cultivator. It’ll be a shame if you
die like this. As Barnaby said, you don’t belong to any factions. So, you should join us since Mason’s
suffering from internal injuries and is not long for this world.”

The siblings presented a united front while trying to persuade Xavion. They beamed at him, waiting for
his reply.

Concurrently, the dozens of Grandmasters around them flashed their emerald badges.

Xavion frowned as he felt powerful spiritual energy emanating from his enemies. They’re activating a
combined formation. It seems like it’ll be difficult for me to leave unscathed if they don’t get the answer
they want.

He then pulled out a sword and flexed his muscles, getting ready for battle. “Since you know about my
father’s death, you should know about his occupation when he was still alive.”

Kimberly was stunned for a moment. “He’s the Osborne family’s disciplinary—”

The moment she saw the word “punishment” on the hilt of Xavion’s sword, she cut herself off.

“Judgment Sword! So, it seems you’ve made your choice, Xavion,” spat Barnaby.

Xavion pointed his blade at the siblings and stated, “My grandfather passed down this blade to my
father. According to our ancestor’s words, the Judgment Sword represents justice in the Osborne

family. Though my father is dead and the disciplinary hall has been disbanded, the rules shall not be

As he spoke indifferently, the spiritual energy exuding from his body grew increasingly intense.

Kimberly moved her fingers, and in response, the emerald badges in the hands of the thirty-plus
Grandmasters who stood at the rear of the group lit up, forming white pillars of light that wove into a
giant formation akin to a bird cage in mid-air.

When Xavion sensed his connection with the spiritual energy of heaven and earth being severed, he
smiled. “This isn’t going to work against me.”

Pointing his sword at Kimberly, he continued, “It is always my family branch’s duty to deliver reward
and punishment to members of the family. Internal conflicts between different factions in the family
have always been allowed, so I don’t care if you want to start an internal fight. However, you shouldn’t
have used such underhanded tactics to put an end to the Osborne family’s lineage. I’ll slay anyone who
does something as despicable as that!”


The mountain rock beneath Xavion exploded, and he leveraged the impact to spring forward, closing in
on the siblings.

“Trap him!” Kimberly deftly swung her blade and fended off Xavion’s attack.

It pushed her back as she dragged Barnaby out of the spirit-severing formation.

Naturally, as the Osborne family’s representative, Xavion was exceptionally skilled.

While he wasn’t as terrifying as Jonathan and the others, only a few in the same cultivation level as him
could be his opponent.

Kimberly and Barnaby were truly God Realm cultivators, but they only managed to get to where they
were today with the help of magical herbs.

Additionally, as the pampered children of Everett, they were inexperienced despite the fact that they
were somewhat talented.

They had also never engaged in life-and-death battles with their peers of the same level as them.

Thus, even if they joined forces, their victory wasn’t guaranteed against someone as experienced as
Xavion. Hence, they planned to eliminate him using the trap formation, which was the most
straightforward method.

“Shrink!” shouted Kimberly.

The Grandmasters flanking them started shifting their positions upon receiving her order.

Following that, the trap formation around Xavion suddenly shrunk by more than half.

The light pillars were closely interlaced, and everything they touched was neatly sliced.

“Break!” Xavion yelled as he jabbed his sword continuously into the void before him, creating
afterimages and ripples in the air that spread outward like waves.

Following his actions, a few Grandmasters that surrounded him began swaying unsteadily.

Since they were the ones who formed the trap formation, they acted as the formation’s foundation. As
such, they would inevitably be directly affected by Xavion’s attack.

However, despite the backlashes inflicted on the Grandmasters, the formation remained intact because
too many people were working together to maintain its integrity.

“Kill him!” ordered Kimberly.

Xavion had always been the most neutral member of the family, which was why he was appointed as
the family’s representative. No one would suspect him of seeking personal gain as he handled the
family’s external matters.

Someone like him would be loved by anyone who took charge of the family, but it was a pity that he
cared too much about morality.

He was trapped in a game where the victors would become kings and the losers the antagonists.

However, as someone who stood on the side of justice, Xavion never had the right to participate.

In just a few moments, the formation quickly shrunk to the size of a few meters square.

Knowing he couldn’t break free with brute force, he put away his sword and raised two shields in both
hands to block the pillars of light.

“Josephine will die with me if you don’t get here right now, Jonathan!” roared Xavion.

His voice reverberated in the mountains like thunder.

Suddenly, a figure appeared and slashed one of the Grandmasters’ necks before stabbing another one
in the chest with a sword.


Two light pillars exploded into sparkles that scattered everywhere.

“Stop him!” Kimberly bellowed, raising her saber. The saber promptly transformed into a rain of cicada-
wing-like blades the size of fingernails before flying toward Jonathan.

Meanwhile, Barnaby dashed toward the same target with his black staff.

The trap formation was specifically sought by Everett, who then selected Grandmaster Realm elites to
train in accordance with the formation in order to deal with Mason’s God Realm cultivators when it was
time to rebel.

Even though Xavion was still holding on for now, he could only last a few more minutes.

He might get crushed by the formation in an instant once his spiritual energy was depleted, and not
even consuming Spirit Rejuvenating Pills to replenish his energy would work because he couldn’t afford
to be distracted. Just one second of faltering might cost him his life.

Though the siblings were no match for Jonathan, they could still at least stall him for a bit.

Unfortunately, they severely underestimated him.

Not even Everett himself was capable of defeating Jonathan easily, not to mention Kimberly and

Defeating two rookies who had just reached the God Realm was like a walk in the park for someone
like Jonathan.

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