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The Legendary Man Chapter 1025

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-Jonathan immediately rushed to Xavion’s rescue when he heard
about the latter’s situation.

Regrettably, he was a step too late.

When he saw the countless cicada-wing-like blades that were coming at him and Barnaby, who was
following closely behind, he tossed out the Divine Chessboard.

As he injected spiritual energy into the object, it expanded in size beneath his feet.

The chessboard emitted a purple glow when the blades came into contact with his body.

In a flash, he appeared behind Barnaby.

Jonathan could slay Barnaby right then and there using the Divine Chessboard’s ability to teleport, but
he understood the precarious situation Xavion was in. After all, he himself had experienced the same
predicament before in Remdik.

Hence, his primary objective was to keep Xavion safe. Without him, no one will vouch for me even if I
manage to kill the siblings and Everett. By then, Josephine will still die.

“How’s that possible?” Kimberly’s expression changed when she saw Jonathan appearing behind her
brother almost instantaneously.

A yellow talisman between her index fingers burned into ashes as she gestured a technique. Then, a
black hole appeared above her head. “Go! Attack him!”


A giant, flaming bird zoomed out of the black hole and charged toward Jonathan, its sharp talons
aiming at the man’s face.

“Spirit animal pouch?” Jonathan lifted his arms to fend off the attack, allowing the weird bird to grab him
before clasping the creature’s talons to pull it away from him.

Unfortunately, the weird bird was too powerful and immediately lifted him into the air.

Jonathan growled in agony as he endured the pain in his arm before forming a sharp spike with his
spiritual energy and stabbing the flying creature with it.

Be it a demon beast or a spirit animal, any living being that possessed cultivation would need spiritual
energy like humans.

The Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique that Jonathan practiced was developed by an ancient divine
being after he battled against the Sacred Dragon. Hence, the spiritual energy he cultivated possessed
a beastly, regal, and tyrannical aura.

When his spiritual energy entered the bird’s body, it caused the creature’s pupils to constrict and
expand wildly. Then, the animal wailed and dropped to the ground.

“What the heck! You’re a bird, d*mmit! Fly!” shouted Jonathan as he stared down at the ridge he was
falling toward.

As much as he wanted to calm the bird down by immediately dispelling his spiritual energy, it was too
late. Even a Divine Realm cultivator couldn’t survive a two-hundred-meter fall.

An idea popped into his mind while he was falling, and he pulled the bird away, adjusted his posture,
and positioned himself above the creature’s back as they descended rapidly.

“Go!” Jonathan stomped his feet when the bird was only a dozen meters away from hitting the ground.

Following the bird’s wails and the dull thud when it crash-landed on the ground, Jonathan charged
downward into the woods below.

In the past, someone might’ve wondered if a person in a falling elevator could survive if they jumped
right before the elevator hit the ground.

That was clearly impossible because it defied the laws of physics.

Naturally, Jonathan was incapable of canceling his momentum by jumping off the giant bird before

However, with that strenuous jump of his, he changed his landing spot from the rugged rocks to a steep
hill more than thirty meters away.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The continuous sounds of trees breaking were heard as he used the ancient trees as cushions to break
his fall.

Although his internal organs were suffering intense pain from the utilization of the bronze handbell, he
preferred that over being reduced to a pile of minced meat after crashing into a giant rock.

“Kill him!” Kimberly shouted as she got in Jonathan’s way, blocking him from reaching the formation.

Meanwhile, Barnaby darted toward Jonathan.


After Jonathan smashed into the last tree, his momentum finally ceased as he tumbled into a pile of

Before he could stand up, someone lunged at him like a tiger.


Jonathan’s eyes turned bloodshot following the ring of the bell.

His body was no longer able to endure the injuries that worsened following each impact he took, and a
large amount of blood spurted out from his orifices.

He was embedded in the slope after the last blow he received.

Without spiritual energy, the golden barrier surrounding Jonathan flickered as the bell’s glow
diminished, too.

Jonathan withstood the discomfort caused by the spiritual energy surging in his body and used his
spiritual sense to examine his surroundings. I thought I knew what to expect, so I was caught off guard
by Kimberly’s spirit animal pouch. After that, I kept failing to react to the situation in time. Am I going to
die here at the hands of two brats who had only recently become God Realm cultivators?

When he saw Barnaby swinging the black staff toward him again, he used the remaining spiritual
energy still in his control to sink into the ground.

Earthly Escape was his last risky resort.

Sadly, he was still too late.

Before his body wholly submerged into the ground, the staff in Barnaby’s hand shattered the golden
barrier protecting him.

Still, thanks to the barrier produced by the bronze handbell, the trajectory of the slam was slightly
deflected, so the weapon only hit the side of Jonathan’s head.

Gravel and soil flew into the air as Barnaby’s staff formed a deep crater beside Jonathan’s skull.

Consequently, a dent appeared on Jonathan’s skull above his left eyebrow.

The strength that a God Realm cultivator possessed was immense. Even though the staff only briefly
touched Jonathan’s head, its spiritual energy still severely wounded him.

Standing next to Jonathan, Barnaby slowly put away his staff.

At that moment, Jonathan had lost consciousness. He lay motionlessly in that deep crater, looking as
though he was dead. Not even a single trace of spiritual energy was emanating from his body.

“What’s going on, Barnaby? Is Jonathan dead yet?” yelled Kimberly.

Instead of replying, Barnaby carefully lifted his staff and smashed Jonathan’s head again.

Despite the fact Jonathan had fainted, Barnaby didn’t have the nerve to drop his guard. After all, even
though the respectable families regarded Jonathan with contempt, he was still Asura, a man who
earned that title by emerging victorious from countless battles and slaughter.

The whistling of the staff as it zipped through the air would send a chill down anyone’s spine.

That blow would crack Jonathan’s head open like a watermelon.

Even a deity wouldn’t be able to survive that.

However, the moment the staff landed on Jonathan’s head, he suddenly moved.

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