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The Legendary Man Chapter 1023

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-Ever since Jonathan made a deal with Jay, he already chose to side
with Mason.

Since he had shown himself, Everett and the others would no doubt target Josephine, who was still in
the Osborne residence.

While Everett wouldn’t openly go after Josephine because of the presence of Mason, a Divine Realm
cultivator, he’d still find a way to eliminate her to sever Jonathan’s partnership with Mason’s faction.

Jonathan speculated that if he actually endangered Kimberly and Barnaby’s lives, they might use
Josephine’s life to threaten him.

Even though Josephine was in the Osborne residence, her life was currently in the hands of two

Since Mason could use her to make Jonathan work for him, Everett could also threaten Jonathan with
her life.

At that moment, however, Jonathan could only place his trust in one faction, and if he made the wrong
choice, Josephine’s life would be in danger.

As a cultivator, he was inclined to believe in the faction with a Divine Realm cultivator.

Upon reaching the back of the slope, he reemerged from the ground.

Meanwhile, Xavion’s spiritual sense detected Jonathan from dozens of meters away.

Xavion was shocked by Jonathan’s ability to travel underground because he thought that technique
had long been lost in time. I’ve only seen it in ancient texts before! With that technique, it’ll be difficult
for his adversary to trap him unless his adversary is a God Realm cultivator or is prepared in advance.

Unbeknownst to him, Jonathan was skilled at Elemental Extrication Technique, not just Earthly Escape.

“What are you doing spacing out?” Jonathan spoke into his earpiece. “Anyway, I’m currently in their
blind spot. Even their spiritual sense can’t detect me. I bet they still think I’m in my previous position.
While you sprint to the west to draw their attention, I’ll head northeast to circle around them. I may not
be able to kill them quickly, but I can at least subdue them.”

Upon receiving Jonathan’s instructions, Xavion emerged from behind a giant rock and dashed
westward without hesitation.

Bang! Bang!

Following two gunshots, Jonathan bolted northeast like a starving beast.

Using the bronze handbell, he isolated his spiritual energy fluctuation from the outside world as he
streaked past the woods.

After he lost the Pryncyp of Slaughter, Heaven Sword no longer obeyed his summons.

However, it was still far superior to any other spiritual weapon in terms of sharpness.

Wielding Heaven Sword, he landed on a ridge and saw two figures sitting on the ridge across from him
upon circling to the back of the gathering spot.

“Someone’s over there!” one of the two people shouted before they both aimed their sniper rifles at
Jonathan in unison.

Jonathan concealed himself behind an ancient tree following a few gunshots.

The snipers aimed their rifles at both sides of the tree before opening fire alternately.

After more than a dozen powerful bullets penetrated the tree, it made a crunching sound before
toppling. However, Jonathan was nowhere to be seen behind the tree.

“Where is he?” one of the snipers asked as he peered through his scope.

At that moment, behind a tree dozens of meters away from them, a hand protruded from beneath the

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Two daggers shot toward the snipers, emitting sharp noises.

The duo unleashed their spiritual energy and sidestepped the ambush.

In response, Jonathan’s expression shifted. These are Grandmaster Realm snipers! They aren’t
Kimberly or Barnaby!

“It’s just two Grandmaster Realm cultivators! We’ve been tricked!” he said into his earpiece, his tone
frosty and grim.

“Wait for me! I’ll be right there!” replied Xavion.

Divine Chessboard! Snapping his fingers, Jonathan sent the palm-sized chessboard flying toward his

While the snipers were fast, they were a little slower than the activation of Divine Chessboard.

The Divine Chessboard hovered above the snipers like a square-shaped dome. Amidst its intermittent
flashes of purple light, Jonathan instantly teleported next to one of the cultivators.

Swinging Heaven Sword, he sliced one of the cultivator’s necks cleanly.

Then, he appeared behind the other cultivator and swiftly stabbed them through the heart before
extracting the sword. Everything happened in an instant.

While both cultivators collapsed to the ground, Jonathan retrieved the Divine Chessboard and looked in
the southeast direction, waiting for Xavion’s arrival.

The severed head of one of the cultivators flew in the air as blood gushed out of its stump.

Meanwhile, a bloody mist spurted out from the other cultivator’s back, making it seem as though they
had gained a pair of scarlet wings.

At that moment, Jonathan stood at the highest and most eye-catching point in the vicinity.

Therefore, Jonathan should still be able to see Xavion even from a great distance away.

After all, the fastest and most effortless method to travel in the mountains was to traverse on the tough

However, there was still no sign of Xavion even after a minute had passed.

Feeling that something was off, Jonathan asked, “Where are you, Xavion?”

“I’m being held up,” replied Xavion.

Promptly, Jonathan pulled out his phone to check Xavion’s location. Five kilometers southwest of here.

“You’re wearing armor, so you shouldn’t have a problem holding on. Wait for me.” Upon ending his
sentence, he rushed southwest.

Meanwhile, Kimberly and Barnaby, who were flanking Xavion, showed no intention of letting him go.

Xavion glanced at the siblings before shifting his line of sight to the dozens of Grandmasters
surrounding him. “Looks like you two were prepared for this operation. I can tell these cultivators are
from your family branch. Although, I don’t recognize some of the cultivators standing behind there. Are
they cultivators secretly groomed by you, or do they come from other respectable families?”

Kimberly donned a white down jacket and was wearing a cute bunny ear hat.

However, in her hand was a meter-long crescent-moon-shaped saber, which didn’t go well with her
adorable outfit at all.

She uttered, “We’re family, Xavion. There’s no need for you to do this. I know you’re not part of Jay’s
faction. You’re merely someone who takes care of the family’s external matters and isn’t drunk on
power. Once we’ve become the head of the family, we’ll still value you. Do you really have to get
yourself involved in this mess?”

Barnaby, wearing thin sports attire and holding a long staff, smiled at Xavion. “My sister likes beating
around the bush, but I prefer to be straightforward. Submit to us, and we’ll spare you!”

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