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The Legendary Man Chapter 1022

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-Deep in Delisgar Ridge, Jonathan and Xavion zipped through the
thick forest like phantoms.

“The signal is coming from ahead,” informed Jonathan after glancing at his tracker.

Xavion did the same, too.

Since ten minutes ago, Kimberly and Barnaby’s speed had decreased significantly.

Just a moment ago, their movements on the tracker had ceased.

“They’ve been remaining still for ten minutes. I bet they’ve learned about the incident. Everett’s a
despicable traitor. Not only did he install spies in different teams under the respectable families, he
even colluded with some of them in secret,” spat Xavion.

Affairs concerning the respectable families were often complicated and involved plenty of twists and

Based on Kimberly and Barnaby’s reaction time alone, the experienced Xavion was able to deduce
many things. According to my estimations, it’ll take at least half an hour for the news of our appearance
at Delisgar Ridge to travel through the respectable families, be received by intelligence officers in the
Osborne family, and eventually reach Everett. However, the moving speed of their coordinates had
begun decreasing twenty minutes ago. It doesn’t make sense unless someone in one of the
respectable families directly delivered the news to Everett or Kimberly and Barnaby.

He gritted his teeth as he stared at the markers on his tracker. “D*mn it! Looks like Everett and the
others are really courting death!”

Upon ending his sentence, he increased his speed once again.

Jonathan was slightly shocked when he saw that. Apparently, he has been holding back all this time.

After sprinting for a few more minutes in the forest, they arrived at a valley.

“They’re down there,” stated Jonathan as he put away his phone and unleashed his spiritual sense,
scanning the area below.

Xavion merely gazed at Jonathan wordlessly. After working with him a few times, I know that both his
spiritual energy and spiritual sense are superior to mine. The detection range of his spiritual sense is
much wider than mine, too.

However, a few seconds later, Jonathan frowned. “I’m not sensing any spiritual energy within a
hundred-meter radius. Wait here for me. I’ll head down there to check.”

Before Xavion could reply, Jonathan leaped into the valley without hesitation.

The valley was filled with pine trees and shrubbery. Even though it was winter at that moment, the
vegetation there remained dense and luxuriant.

Closing his eyes, Jonathan leaped from one tree to another, stepping on the thin branches as he
advanced forward as though he was weightless.

In a flash, he scoured through the entire valley for his targets.

Even after enveloping the entire valley with his spiritual sense, he still didn’t find anyone, not even
tracks left by humans.

He even extended his spiritual sense dozens of meters underground in case his targets were hiding

“There’s no one here!” he said into his communication device.

Xavion leaped into the valley and landed next to Jonathan. “Impossible. The signal is definitely coming
from this valley.”

Upon hearing that, Jonathan pointed at a tree ahead.

Under the tree, a deer poked its head out of an underground hole.

“According to the location of the signal, I suspect they attached their tracking device to those two deers
over there. It’d explain why their speed suddenly diminished,” explained Jonathan.

Xavion was evidently exasperated by that point.

When he heard what Jonathan said, he waved his arms and manifested two giant hands, dragging
those two deers toward him.

As the animals levitated in the air, he sliced them in half.

As expected, two phones fell on the snowy ground along with the animals’ warm blood and guts.

With a slight move of his finger, Xavion summoned those two phones toward him.

“It’s theirs!” he exclaimed before quickly tossing the phones away. “It’s a bomb!”



The phones detonated almost simultaneously.

While there was no fire or smoke, Jonathan and Xavion, who were standing on a branch, were sent
flying away by a terrifying pulse of energy.

Jonathan felt his head ringing. Following the explosion and shockwave, he temporarily lost the ability to
think before feeling intense pain coming from his back.

Like a human cannonball, he was blasted backward and crashed through a dozen tree trunks before
landing in a pile of snow.

A sharp buzzing noise filled his ears, almost deafening him.

After standing up from the crater with great effort, Jonathan ignored the stinging pain and produced the
bronze handbell from his storage ring.

No matter what happens, I need to guarantee my safety first. He injected spiritual energy into the
handbell, forming a golden barrier around him.

At the moment, he was still incredibly disoriented. Even his spiritual sense was scattered upon impact,
making it impossible for him to utilize it.

Coupled with the ringing in his ears and the pain that assailed him, his senses were weakened

At that moment, even a Grandmaster Realm cultivator could take advantage of his incapacitated state
and kill him, much less a God Realm cultivator.

As someone who had been plotted against and ambushed dozens of times before, the first thing he did
after getting attacked was manifest a shield to defend himself.

It turned out that his decision was a correct one as he felt an immense impact aimed at him the
moment he activated the power of the bronze handbell.

Immediately afterward, he was knocked over and tumbled back into the snowy crater again.

There’s a sniper! Jonathan promptly lowered his body and stayed close to the ground.

He was at a leeward spot in the valley, where snow blown from other directions would lose momentum
and drop down, thus forming a thick layer of snow that was one meter and fifty centimeters tall.

Therefore, as long as he stayed down, the sniper wouldn’t be able to see him.

“Are you f*cking dead already, Jonathan?” Xavion’s voice rang out in Jonathan’s earpiece.

“Go to h*ll! I’d still be alive even if you die!” cursed Jonathan. “There’s a sniper at two o’clock. They’re
about eight hundred to one thousand and two hundred meters away.”

Subsequently, he used Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique to calm his fluctuating spiritual sense down.
“You Osbornes sure are tough, Xavion. They know we’re here to kill them, yet they refuse to run. If you
can move, sprint toward the west to draw their attention. I’ll flank them from behind and take them out!”

Then, like a phantom, he sank into the ground using his spiritual energy.

Even though he was on a mountain where the earth was only a few meters thick, it was deep enough
for him to dive underneath.

Before this, Jonathan’s only purpose for coming to Doveston was his deal with the Osborne family.

At that moment, however, he was truly itching to kill.

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