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The Legendary Man Chapter 1021

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-Hades looked at the soldier solemnly.

Hayes Yeager was currently in charge of guarding Doveston. Although he had been appointed as the
Prince of Diyouli, his straightforward nature meant that he was far closer to Hades than Jason and the
others in private.

Moreover, as Hayes just took over Doveston, he still had room for improvement as the guardian of the

Therefore, Hayes would come to Hades first if anything happened.

Yet, at present, Hades received news about Doveston through the Intelligence Unit instead of Hayes

To put it simply, Doveston was in trouble. It was highly likely that the news had reached the Intelligence
Unit before reaching Hayes.

Hades’ eyes widened, and when he took the call, he asked in an icy tone, “This is Hades. What’s going

“I’m a Secret Agent from Asura’s Office’s Intelligence Unit,” whispered the voice on the other end of the
line while panting heavily.

He continued, “I detected a secret transfer of personnel in Remdik. The Remdikian Western Army has
mobilized hundreds of squads of modified warriors and is escorting their hostages to the battlefield at
River Onxy.”

“Hostages? What hostages?” Hades quickly asked upon realizing the key part of the person’s words.

“The Western Army’s— Argh!”

Following a pained cry, the intelligence officer’s voice disappeared.

“Hey!” Hades cried out. “The Western Army’s what? Speak!”

Beep… Beep… Beep…

All that was left was the call-end tone after a crack sounded on the other end of the phone.

The member of the Intelligence Unit beside Hades hastily tried to re-establish a connection with the
other side, but his efforts were fruitless.

Hades figured that the other intelligence officer must have died.

Jason reached out to pat Hades’ shoulder.

“Hades, there will always be casualties. Perhaps the next will be us.”

Hades gave Jason a complicated look before turning to Charleigh.

“I need a large number of Grandmaster Realm cultivators. How long will it take for you to produce

Before Charleigh could say anything, Jason stood between them and questioned, “What are you trying
to do?”

There was only one way to get a large number of Grandmaster Realm cultivators for Hades, and that
was to get Charleigh’s Alpha Warriors.

However, there was one huge flaw to that type of modified warrior, and it was that they were not

They were nothing but unfeeling killing machines.

Jonathan had made it clear to Jason that he would only agree to recruit Charleigh if the modified
warriors retained their consciousness and were willingly participating in the project.

However, Hades, the chief of Asura’s Office himself, was going to break that rule.

Charleigh quietly looked at Hades.

He strongly advocated the usage of Alpha Warriors in battles.

After all, both Alpha Warriors and Beta Warriors were Grandmaster Realm cultivators.

Although Beta Warriors possessed a mind of their own, the cost of creating them was much higher than
that of creating Alpha Warriors.

The high mortality rate was part of its costliness, as well as the complexity of creating the drug.

One thing that Beta Warriors trumped over Alpha Warriors was that they had more variations in their
battling method.

That was because the modification had not harmed their mind, so they could make improvisations on
the battlefield.

On the other hand, Alpha Warriors could only work according to the orders they were given like
mindless machines.

However, this was a flaw that could be offset by increasing their numbers.

Therefore, Alpha Warriors would be the better choice if they were only considering the costs of the
project and success rate.

It was also why Remdik stopped supporting Charleigh’s research once Charleigh came up with Beta

They had gotten everything they needed for their battles with Alpha Warriors, the killing machines.

At that moment, Charleigh was stripped of his cultivation level and was now a mere mortal.

Moreover, he was only a captive researcher in Chanaea. He had no right to interfere with any plans
they made.

Concurrently, Jason was looking at Hades in disbelief.

“Hades, what are you thinking about? Have you forgotten what Mr. Goldstein told us when he left
Charleigh in our hands? Look at the people outside. Are you going to make them all mindless
monsters? Are you f*cking out of your mind?”

“Do you think I want this?” Hades glared at Jason with reddened eyes. “Tell me how I’m supposed to
deal with Doveston’s crisis, then! Did you not hear what the intelligence officer who just died said?
Remdik has mobilized hundreds of squads of modified warriors, and the modified warriors that
Charleigh made are Grandmaster Realm cultivators! Tell me, what am I supposed to do to fend off
hundreds of Grandmaster Realm cultivators?” Hades bellowed in Jason’s face as he gripped the
latter’s collar.

“Half of Asura’s Office’s Grandmaster Realm cultivators were transferred to Merania by the Dark
Special Forces, and they died there. Are you going to fend off the hundreds of Grandmaster Realm
cultivators by yourself? Am I supposed to do that myself? Or should we get Mr. Goldstein to help us
fend off the cultivators?” Hades continued shouting before shoving Jason aside.

“Charleigh, how long will it take you to mass-produce Alpha Warriors?”

Charleigh glanced at Jason before replying, “Alpha Warriors were my first product and my most
developed research. However, it’s also my ultimate failure. The gene-based drugs for Alpha Warriors

were not modified for each cultivator. Instead, I came up with an aggressive gene-based drug. Back
then, I thought I should develop a drug for all. It was only later on I realized that gene-based drugs
should be modified according to the recipient’s genes. That’s why I started researching the drug for
Beta Warriors. If you’re in urgent need of soldiers, then I can create a thousand doses of Alpha
Warrior’s drugs. As long as the mortality rate isn’t something you’re factoring in, I can create a squad of
at least a hundred Grandmaster Realm cultivators in three days’ time.”

While Charleigh was speaking, Jason grabbed hold of a scalpel.

Sensing Jason’s burning gaze on him, Hades gave him a frigid look.

“Jason, I hope you remember that I’m the current chief of Asura’s Office while you’re only the chief of
the special medical team. Saving people is your job. You’ll be committing insubordination if you attack
me. Also, you’re no match for me in a battle.”

As Hades spoke, he clenched his right fist.

A huge force from behind Jason abruptly shoved him closer to Hades.

Lifting his right hand, Hades then tapped Jason’s neck and rendered him unconscious easily.

“Someone bring Jason away for him to get some rest.”

After ordering his subordinates to take Jason away, Hades turned back to Charleigh and said, “Prep
enough drugs to make at least three hundred Alpha Warriors. We’ll start tonight, and I’ll be bringing the
men here to take the doses.”

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