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The Legendary Man Chapter 1020

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-The unnamed mountain at Harfush had been excavated, and a
natural fortress was built within.

Thirty thousand people among Keeper Army’s a hundred and fifty thousand people lived there year-
round. These individuals were cultivation-eligible soldiers whom Jonathan and Hades had been
searching since a year ago.

Furthermore, Jonathan had conducted research on the mountain and found that it possessed a slightly
higher concentration of spiritual energy than other areas in the mortal world.

Powerful forces like the eight respectable families wouldn’t be interested in a place with a limited supply
of spiritual energy like this mountain. However, for Jonathan, who was a cultivator without any powerful
backing, the mountain provided an excellent cultivation environment.

In the middle of the mountain was a huge cave, and Jonathan had led his people to further excavate
the area so that it could become an area for cultivation.

At present, they had built temporary housing in the corner of the cave.

Despite the crude appearance of those buildings, it was a restricted area.

In other words, there were only a handful of people who were allowed to enter the housing area at the
cultivation base.

A nosy soldier once tried to find out what was in those houses, but as soon as he approached the area,
a Grandmaster Realm cultivator crushed him mercilessly.

That soldier had been one of the individuals with the highest combat power in the cultivation base.

Once he left the base, he would have become a regimental leader. Moreover, Hades recognized his
potential, so he was also among the selected few who were receiving additional training.

The soldier, knowing his status at the base, was merely curious about the restricted area—he did not
intend to go against the rules and barge into the area—but he was still crushed there and then.

No one dared to ask too many questions about the soldier’s death, but as a precautionary measure,
signs were put up around the houses, warning people to keep their distance.

Those warning signs were proof that the death of the soldier was not a rumor.

However, that also caused the soldiers to be even more curious about the houses.

Once in a while, some would be brought into that restricted area, but they would never be seen exiting
those houses.

The missing individuals seemed to have disappeared without a trace, leaving everyone to speculate
about what had happened to them.

Meanwhile, a few people in hazmat were staring at the centrifuge in front of them in one of the houses
within the restricted area.

“By utilizing the high-speed rotation, we can extract pure tissue culture fluid efficiently. With genetic
engineering, we can manipulate the genes that determine a person’s height, appearance, and
meridians. This can aid cultivators in swiftly improving their cultivation levels. Moreover, we can use this
technique to transform ordinary people without any cultivation qualifications into people with cultivation

Meanwhile, Jason was nervously holding his breath.

At that moment, he was nothing like his usual crazy doctor demeanor. Instead, he looked like a humble
student who was eager to learn, hoping to note down everything Charleigh said.

The centrifuge’s light finally turned from red to green, and Charleigh opened it to extract several long

The liquid in those tubes had already separated into two layers. The first layer, occupying three-fifth of
the entire liquid, was as clear as water.

That was what Charleigh wanted.

After opening one of the tubes, he dripped a droplet of the liquid onto the glass slide before observing it
with the microscope.

There was also a screen that showed what Charleigh was looking at for the others to see.

Then, Charleigh took an item that resembled flour from the side and used his spiritual energy to
retrieve one particle to put it on the slide.

The second the white particle touched the slide, the extract started bubbling as if it had been boiled.
Even the glass slide cracked.

“It’s done,” Charleigh said to Jason and Hades.

“These four tubes are the nineteenth subject’s gene-based drug. You can inject it into his neck to help
him break through Superior Realm to become a Grandmaster Realm cultivator with his consciousness

After taking the drug from Charleigh, Hades handed it to his subordinates.

Meanwhile, a soldier clad in a camouflage uniform sat on a couch in a separate room.

A few people were looking into the room through a one-way mirror. Hades’ subordinate entered the
room and briefly talked to the soldier before taking out a syringe.

Right as the subordinate was about to insert the syringe, the soldier stopped him.

“What’s the matter with him?”

At that, Jason made to channel his spiritual energy, but before he could actually do anything, Hades
stopped him.

“I trust my soldier,” Hades said to Jason as he put a hand on Jason’s shoulder.

As Jason looked at Hades, the surging spiritual energy in him slowly calmed down.

Back in the room, the soldier snatched the syringe from the subordinate before looking at the mirror in
front of him, contemplating.

A second ago, he had sensed faint spiritual energy fluctuation coming from the back of the mirror.

The soldier realized it happened when he snatched the syringe, and a smile appeared on his face.

Then, he saluted at the mirror before forcefully stabbing the syringe into his neck.


In a few seconds, the soldier’s face turned bright red as the veins on his temples popped. He collapsed
onto the ground and started convulsing in an agonized manner.

Hades and the other two stood on the other side of the mirror and watched as the soldier struggled.

It was not the first time they had seen a sight like this.

Charleigh once told Hades that he had tried one of those doses on himself and that it felt like hell.

Frankly, no one could really tell what hell felt like for a lunatic who was willing to make himself a test
subject in his research for a drug.

Nevertheless, the suffering period was something the soldier had to endure alone.

Dozens of minutes later, the bold and unyielding soldier finally calmed down.

A nurse then entered the room to check his pulse. Then, the nurse nodded at the mirror, signaling to
Hades and the others that the soldier was still alive.

It was then Jason and the others let out sighs of relief.

They hadn’t been getting much rest over the past few days, but out of the nineteen soldiers who had
been injected with the gene-based drug, only six, including the latest one, had survived.

The mortality rate was frightening.

Hades once discussed this matter with Charleigh before, but Charleigh’s response had been a curt

“We’re creating a god.”

Indeed, using science and drugs to make cultivators surpass their limits was not something ordinary
people could achieve.

The high mortality rate was the price for something almost unthinkable like this.

“I’m going to get some rest before we commence the following transformations,” Charleigh wearily said.

However, before he could finish speaking, a soldier in a protective suit rushed into the room.

“We have an urgent call from Doveston!”

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