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The Legendary Man Chapter 1019

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-Xavion gritted his teeth silently as he watched the rest leave.

“This is bad.”

They had chosen to take the longer route by traveling along the border so the seven other families
wouldn’t learn of their arrival.

It was a widely-known fact that the most reputable and esteemed families in the area were often
embroiled in power struggles amongst each other, yet they had to be discreet in their dealings in order
to prevent any salacious rumors from spreading.

Knowing the truth and seeing the truth would produce different results.

Right now, the Leeson family, the Blackwood family, and the Welsh family had discovered their arrival.

Thus, it was inconvenient for them to take action now.

Most importantly, he was afraid Kimberly and Barnaby would also find out that he was at Delisgar
Ridge as there were plenty of witnesses who had laid eyes on him.

Being part of the Osborne family, they would need to tell Kimberly and Barnaby about their arrival at
Delisgar Ridge if they wanted to increase their chances of finding Joshua.

However, Xavion and Jonathan decided to come here without informing Everett beforehand.

They were obviously here for Kimberly and Barnaby.

Xavion’s gaze landed on Jonathan, who was standing not far away from him. He finally made up his

“Jonathan, I’ll need your help.”

“What do you mean?” Jonathan asked with his brows furrowed.

Xavion briefly explained the situation to him. “Our initial plan was to assassinate our target secretly, but
you’ll have to do it openly now.”

Upon hearing Xavion’s words, Jonathan gave a brief nod.

He was indifferent to whether the task had to be done discreetly or in an overt manner.

No matter the outcome, he was destined to bear the brunt of the blame for the killing of Kimberly and
Barnaby as that was part of their plan.

Jonathan contemplated for a short moment as he glanced at his phone.

“According to your guess, the Leesons, Welshes, and Blackwoods will be able to effectively spread the
word that we are currently in Delisgar Ridge within the next thirty minutes. Upon receiving this news,
the Osborne family’s intelligence network will intercept it and quickly relay it to Everett, alerting
Kimberly and Barnaby about our presence. At this point, they will be on their guard and have likely
moved from their current location. We are currently around two hundred miles away from them, so
there won’t be enough time. However, they will still need some time to react to the news, so if we head
there now, even if they have already left, they won’t be far away. We can still make it.”

As soon as he finished his sentence, Jonathan sprinted straight toward Doveston without hesitation.

Behind him, Xavion swiped a hand across his head.

His long hair was chopped off, and he now sported a crew cut.

Xavion glanced at the hair on his palm. He shook his hand slightly, and his hair started burning.

He then retrieved a black mask that was an exact replica of the one worn by the Dark Special Forces of
Asura’s Office and slowly put it on.

They were now going to take action in the open, so he wouldn’t have to hold back anymore.

As long as he kept the mask on, his enemies were powerless against him, unable to exact revenge or
retribution even if they realized his true identity.

Kimberly and Barnaby, I cannot bring myself to show you the kindness I would to other relatives,
knowing that your father was cruel enough to harm his own family. It pains me to say this, but I must
make sure to eliminate your family branch.

Back at Redlington’s temporary military base, Aidan, Alexander, Avery, and Vicador, had gathered in a
tent. Aidan was the commander of the Medved Army, and Alexander was his Chief of Staff. Avery was
the commander of the Arctic Army, while Vicador was his consultant. All four of them were gazing
intently at the elderly man sitting in the main seat before them.

The elderly man was none other than Ivanov.

In the middle was a large table with a big display screen showing the map of Horbah, which was
situated to the south of Redlington.

“You all understood what I said, right?” Ivanov asked calmly.

“Yes!” Aidan and the rest replied loudly.

Ivanov swept his gaze over the four of them.

Met with the man’s piercing gaze, they felt as though a strong, invisible hand had clasped their throats,
almost suffocating them.

Ivanov didn’t bother hiding his killing intent, especially toward Aidan and Avery.

Clearly, he still held a grudge over Antoine’s death.

However, Aidan and Avery reacted differently.

Aidan was a key person in Ivanov’s faction, and his very life was in the hands of the powerful man. He
was filled with fear, knowing that Ivanov could kill him anytime he wanted.

On the other hand, Avery might be one of the commanders of the four armies in the eastern warzone,
but he was an ally of the tsar.

Avery was stationed at Beshya, a locale situated adjacent to Aizkovos, one of the few places that were
unlikely to be embroiled in a conflict of any kind.

It seemed that he was given an official post with very little to do, but in actuality, he could monitor
everything happening on the eastern battlefield.

Thanks to the tsar’s powerful protection, even if Avery were to commit a crime with the death penalty
as the consequence, Ivanov wouldn’t dare to cross the line and punish him.

If Ivanov were to do something that could be interpreted as a sign of rebellion, the tsar would have an
opportunity to eliminate him as a potential threat to their rule.

Ivanov shot Avery a frosty glare, but he was surprised to find that Avery was smiling at him.

Knowing he wasn’t able to intimidate Avery into submitting to him, Ivanov let out a cold snort and
turned to look at Aidan and the rest.

“We have three hundred and fifty thousand soldiers currently stationed just north of the River Onxy
border. When the war breaks out, I want you to make sure you and your forces are able to make it

across the River Onxy border. I will provide you with whatever resources you need, including one
hundred Beta Warriors werewolves in the Grandmaster Realm and seven hundred Alpha Warriors
werewolves. Let us not forget our ultimate goal—to make it across River Onxy and ultimately conquer
Horbah. Are you all clear on the instructions given?”

“Yes!” they answered and got to their feet.

Slowly, Ivanov rose to his feet.

“You don’t have a lot of chances left. If you lose this war, you’ll also lose your lives.”

With that said, Ivanov disappeared within the tent.

Aidan’s hands were clenched tightly into fists as he looked at the entrance of the tent. His forehead
was covered with clammy sweat.

Ivanov’s final words were unmistakably intended for him alone. He was the only one who realized that
Ivanov wasn’t referring to the attack on Chanaea when he spoke of losing the war earlier.

Instead, Ivanov’s faction was fully prepared to take advantage of the war against Chanaea to launch
Operation Blood Remdik.

In short, they were planning a coup.

Ivanov’s family was prepared to take action against the tsar!

Aidan’s mission was to make haste in eliminating Avery when news of Kremalos Palace’s coup
reached his ears.

Ivanov’s faction was determined to eliminate the tsar’s faction completely.

Aidan had no idea what happened back at Kremalos Palace, but he knew the dynamics of Remdik
would be drastically altered soon.

It was too late for him to back out.

Aidan fervently wished for Ivanov’s family to achieve victory, as his own fate was inextricably linked
with theirs.

He would only be able to ensure his own survival by assisting Ivanov in ascending to the throne and
becoming the next tsar.

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