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-Hearing Remy’s words, everyone turned to look at Jonathan.

Recently, Jonathan attained a level of fame in Chanaea that made him the most renowned individual in
the region.

Not only did he defeat Jetroina’s warriors at Doveston and get involved in the battle between the eight
respectable families, but he also caused quite a stir in Remdik and the West Region.

If Chanaea were a vast whirlpool, Jonathan was at the epicenter of the whirlpool for the past six

In fact, his popularity even gave the public an illusion that the entire universe was focused solely on

That illusion deeply upset the eight respectable families, who were at the pinnacle of Chanaea’s social

Previously, the eight respectable families were enmeshed in a fierce rivalry and thus did not have the
opportunity to focus their energy and resources on dealing with Asura’s Office, despite the fact that
they had a strong animosity toward it.

Most importantly, they assumed that Asura’s Office was established by a mere mortal.

Other than Jonathan, the rest of the members were merely Grandmasters at most.

No matter how influential the organization was, the eight respectable families assumed they could get
rid of it easily.

Thus, they refrained from sending their men to the newly founded Asura’s Office, giving it the
opportunity to flourish and gain strength.

In actuality, they had made a conscious decision to overlook the development of Asura’s Office, with
the intention of being able to swoop in and take control of it once it was up and running.

No one anticipated that Asura’s Office would grow and expand so rapidly, or that Jonathan would be
able to unify all the military forces outside of Yaleview under his authoritative control. The name
Jonathan soon became synonymous with dread throughout the entire nation of Chanaea.

By the time they wanted to take action, Jonathan had already convinced Karl to join him.

Utilizing the power of Doveston’s secret special missile, he found himself in confrontation with the eight
respectable families, as each attempted to intimidate the other.

At this moment, Jonathan was once again the focus of everyone’s attention, for he had recently
declared his decision to step away from Asura’s Office, which he had diligently worked to establish and

Prior to this, nobody had seen Jonathan’s true appearance except for Xavion. This sparked their
curiosity, as they were eager to finally uncover what he looked like.

Jonathan was a legend in Chanaea. His ability to successfully manage Asura’s Office, combined with
his rapid cultivation speed, were clear indications of what he was capable of.

Jonathan noticed their gazes and furrowed his brows. “Why do I have to tell you the reason for me
being here?”

“F*ck you!”

A God Realm cultivator from the Leeson family rolled up his sleeves, ready to attack Jonathan for his
rude reply.

Remy, who had been standing in front of the throng of people, raised his arm to stop them from taking

“You can’t hurt him,” he said sternly.

The cultivator from the Leeson family was upset at being stopped.

“Remy, he’s a cripple. How dare he act all arrogant on our territory? I will not stand for it. If you allow
me to take action, I’ll teach him a lesson now!”

“Who do you think you are?” Jonathan sneered. He took one step forward and appeared before Remy
in a flash.

Without any prior indication, the glowing spiritual energy shield on his right hand surged forth toward
the cultivator of the Leeson family.

“Wait!” Remy hollered as he raised his billhook to chop off Jonathan’s palm.

Sparks flew as Jonathan gripped the billhook with his right palm and delivered a punch with his left


The Leeson family’s cultivator flew backward and crashed to the ground with a heavy thud.

Jonathan took one step forward, but Remy hastened over and blocked his path.

“Jonathan!” Remy yelled, holding his billhook horizontally across his chest.

Casting him an icy look, Jonathan asked, “What is it?”

Jonathan might’ve left Asura’s Office, but he wasn’t called Asura for nothing.

He typically showed a pleasant and welcoming demeanor since he made a conscious decision to be
that way.

Moreover, in the military, it was imperative that soldiers eat, sleep, and fight alongside their comrades.

However, being a superior who held a high position, especially a God Realm cultivator who was more
than capable of easily defeating other cultivators of the same power level, he held a certain amount of
pride in himself.

The eight respectable families had decided single-handedly about how to handle the situation with him;
whether they would resist him or form an alliance with him.

Jonathan had never seen the old b*stards of the eight respectable families before, but Xavion, Winston,
and the like were individuals who represented their families.

Remy and the like had no right to behave in an aggressive manner toward Jonathan.

If Jonathan refrained from retaliating when the Leeson family’s cultivator publicly insulted him, he was
demonstrating to the other seven families that he was a pushover.

If everyone joined in to insult him as well, it could quickly devolve into a chaotic situation.

Jonathan took one look at the Leeson cultivators standing behind Remy and let out an icy snort. “What,
do you think that I don’t pose a threat now that I’m no longer part of Asura’s Office? Is that why you
think you can talk to me however you please? You need to be aware of one thing—the only reason you
have been hesitant to harm either me or Asura’s Office is that I have been shielding Asura’s Office from
any potential harm, not the other way around!”

His voice wasn’t loud, but each and every word seemed to boom right by everyone’s ears.

They knew he was right.

All the while, the respectable families only took into account Jonathan and the special missile when
managing the issues regarding Asura’s Office.

They never took the other members of Asura’s Office seriously.

It was ridiculous to assume that Jonathan had been deprived of his backing just because he was no
longer part of Asura’s Office.

Instead, without Asura’s Office, Jonathan was now free from concerns and constraints.

Remy gazed at Jonathan as Winston’s words popped up in his mind.

Jonathan is indeed a crazed man without any reservations!

Slowly, he lowered his billhook and gave Jonathan a curt and respectful nod.

“I offer my sincerest apologies for the uncouth behavior of our clan’s cultivators. It is inexcusable that
they displayed such a lack of discipline and showed you disrespect.”


The Leeson family member who had been defeated was still unwilling to accept the outcome of the
situation, but before he could express his disagreement, Remy’s death stare silenced him.

“Mr. Goldstein’s wife has been abducted by the Osborne family, and he’s no longer part of Asura’s
Office. His Cor has been destroyed. It is not in our best interests to directly confront someone as
unpredictable and volatile as him, so instead, we should endure his antics.”

Remy was addressing his comrades in a cool and calculated tone, but his eyes betrayed an intense
hostility as he directed a piercing glare toward Jonathan.

He didn’t even bother to lower his voice.

Remy was clearly informing Jonathan that the Leeson family had no intention of causing any trouble,
yet they would not back down if Jonathan chose to confront them.

Wielding his billhook, Remy slowly backed off.

Finally, when they had taken at least ten steps, they both sprung up into the air and began to descend
the mountain.

The two cultivators from the Welsh family gave Jonathan one last look before turning to leave.

As for the members of the Blackwood family, they inclined their heads at Jonathan as a greeting before
setting off as well.

The relationship between the Blackwoods and Jonathan was a complicated one.

While they had been of great assistance to Jonathan during Jonathan’s trips to Remdik, it was unclear
whether they were allies or adversaries.

After all, they were merely using each other.

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