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The Legendary Man Chapter 1017

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With a muffled sound, Xavion’s sword flew backward and he was thrown back, slamming into the
restraining barrier behind him.

The large figure had already flashed over to Xavion’s side and swung his big hammer high, ready to
strike at Xavion.


Jonathan’s spiritual energy surged forth, and he immediately cast a spiritual energy force field to try to
stop the muscular figure in his tracks.

However, the figure was only briefly hindered and quickly resumed his movement.

“Come here!”

Despite being far away, Jonathan managed to pull Xavion toward him with two huge hands he had

The huge hammer pummeled the mountain rocks into the earth and turned them into dust without any
resistance at all.

Jonathan looked at Joshua incredulously. “You’re kidding me, right? Can Thor actually be summoned
by you? Do you think you’re a Summoner?”

Joshua snorted before turning around and leaving.

“I can even summon Odin and Loki if I want. But now, I have more important things to do. You two can
play here for a while.”

Without looking back, Joshua rushed toward the north, probably to chase after Hayden.


“Thor” swung his big hammer toward Jonathan once again, but Jonathan had grown tired of the game.

He pushed Xavion aside, held up his bronze handbell to deflect the hammer, then caught Thor’s wrist
with his own hand.

He twisted his body and the muscles on the back of his hand bulged as a suit of dragon armor made of
gathered spiritual energy suddenly appeared.


With a single strike, the hammer-wielding spirit warrior was knocked down onto the rocks like a rag doll.

Xavion’s eyes widened as he watched Jonathan in disbelief.

He had just been thrown backward by this spirit warrior in their previous confrontation, but now
Jonathan easily defeated the spirit warrior.

What the f*ck! How powerful is Jonathan actually?

But isn’t Jonathan’s Cor destroyed?

Is this really the strength of someone who has no Cor?

But little did he know that if this spirit warrior were a real person, even a God Realm cultivator like
Jonathan who had just achieved the realm would not have succeeded so easily.

However, this spirit warrior was completely constructed by spiritual energy, and sensing this form of
energy happened to be Jonathan’s area of expertise.

Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique was not only powerful, but also had a special method of detection—
sensing the distribution of spiritual energy.

Although almost all spiritual techniques had this function, the detection method of Ancient Sacred
Dragon Technique was even more unique.

For example, if Jonathan had the intention to investigate a cultivator, the cultivator would instantly turn
into a human map in his eyes, and even the crucial nodes of the person’s veins and muscles would be
clearly visible to him.

As for this spirit warrior constructed entirely by spells and spiritual energy, Jonathan could clearly find
the flaws and loopholes in the operation of its energy.

If he used it intentionally, he could destroy the spiritual energy balance of the entire spirit warrior with a
light touch and easily shattered it.

The immense spiritual energy would then fall to the ground and disperse like water, and the invincible
spirit warrior would turn back into spiritual energy once again and dissipate into the air.

“All surface and no substance.” Jonathan shook his head with disappointment.

As a cultivator, who wouldn’t admire the legendary hero Thor? Unfortunately, what Joshua summoned
was just something to frighten others, which did not even come close to a tiny fraction of the real Thor.


A distinct sound came as one side of the restraining barrier was cut by Xavion.

But before the two could leave, two spiritual energy fluctuations had already approached.

Thud! Thud!

With muffled sounds, two figures landed beside Jonathan and Xavion.

One was tall and thin, while the other short and chubby. Their cultivation levels were both in the middle
phase of God Realm.

Judging from their appearances, they were clearly from the Welsh family, which was also one of the
respectable families.

“Xavion Osborne?” asked the short and chubby cultivator, who was holding a hammer, hesitantly.
“What are you doing here?”

While the chubby cultivator spoke, his gaze shifted toward Jonathan, and the tall and thin cultivator
beside him looked at Xavion’s body with a serious expression.

The Welsh family’s Dragon-Tiger Universe Technique was a typical physical training technique that
focuses on the physical body.

Hence, those members of the Welsh family had easily recognized the internal armor on Xavion’s body.

Xavion took out a jacket from his storage ring and put it on.

“What? Since when did Delisgar Ridge become the territory of the Welsh family? Even if someone
wants to police this area, it should be the Leeson family in Doveston. What are you two dumbos doing

“Say that again!” the thin cultivator shouted and was about to charge forward, but was stopped by the
chubby cultivator.

They came here because they sensed the intense spiritual energy fluctuations, but now there were not
only signs of battle, but also Jonathan, who had been in the spotlight recently.

Hmm, Xavion was beaten to the point where he exposed his internal armor, so what kind of battle had
taken place here?

What is the relationship between Jonathan and Xavion?

And why are they here?

Without knowing the definite answers to these questions, acting recklessly would be unwise.

Just as the chubby cultivator was pondering his next move, four more spiritual energy fluctuations
appeared from the southeast and southwest directions.

Jonathan turned his head and saw several figures approaching rapidly from a distance.

Xavion looked at the four people who landed nearby with cold eyes, and a hint of disdain flashed in his

“The Blackwood family and the Leeson family! You’re pretty quick to respond, aren’t you?”

Two people from the Blackwood family were sent this time, one of whom was Severus, who helped to
safely return Charleigh and Ksana to Chanaea from Merania with the help of Cyprus.

Unfortunately, Jonathan was not present at the time, so he didn’t recognize Severus.

As for those from the Leeson family, they were extremely kind-looking people, with their billhooks and
cotton-padded jackets.

The two of them looked like real mountain hunters, exuding an indescribable sense of friendliness and

Remy Leeson held his billhook and looked at everyone, and although he was somewhat surprised to
see Jonathan and Xavion, he didn’t ask too many questions.

“What’s going on here? I thought it was that brat Joshua Whitley. What are you guys doing here?”

After Joshua killed several disciples of the Leeson family, the Leeson family no longer cared about the
three supreme magical items.

They were only focused on killing Joshua and seeking revenge for their family. Otherwise, they would
not have exposed Joshua’s whereabouts to the other seven respectable families.

Remy was somewhat disappointed to see that Joshua wasn’t there.

But when he saw Jonathan, he became slightly wary.

“You’re Jonathan Goldstein, right? What are you doing here? Tell us.”

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