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The Legendary Man Chapter 1016

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-“It’s not impossible,” Xavion sneered at Hayden while looking at him

“This Core Needle was actually a treasure given to the Zink family by the Osborne family. Our intention
was to prevent other respectable families from suppressing the development of the Osborne family by
targeting the Zink family, so we passed it to your father. But now, you, a dog, dared to use such
despicable means against your master. Hayden Zink, you’re courting death!”

Xavion gritted his teeth and stepped forward, causing an invisible ripple to explode.

Under the impact of the force, Xavion’s down jacket which was already tainted with a mist of blood
ripped open along with his shirt, revealing his chiseled upper body to the cold wind.

However, what caught one’s eye were the prominent, dark purple marks that traced the contours of his
muscles. They formed what looked like a thug’s tattoo, yet they were hidden under his skin. It was as if
there were a lot of hidden things buried deep within his flesh.

“Dark Armor!”

“It’s Dark Armor!”

Jonathan and Joshua exclaimed almost simultaneously.

Although Hayden, who was in the distance, did not know what Jonathan and Joshua were shouting
about, he could also feel the danger emanating from Xavion.

Jonathan looked at Xavion’s harmless-looking face and recalled that this guy had always had a vicious
streak and could crush people to death with his words.

Nevertheless, he never thought that Xavion was such a ruthless person.

This Dark Armor was a type of Spirit Armor that was hidden under the flesh of a cultivator.

In order to plant this Spirit Armor, a cultivator needed to complete Superior Realm and completely
refine their body before cutting open their flesh piece by piece and planting this Spirit Armor inside.

Besides, there was also other requirement to complete the process of planting this armor—one had to
open the scalps of numerous demon beasts and carve multiple formations such as the energy-
gathering formation, the energy-fixing formation, and the unity formation onto the skulls.

Then, when the demon beasts were still alive and not yet brain dead, the skulls with the formations
carved on them would be removed and embedded into the cultivator’s body.

Afterward, the cultivator needed to treat these bone armors as part of his body and cultivate them with
his blood, flesh, and spiritual energy.

After years of integration with the cultivator, the bone armors would thoroughly become an internal
armor and could then be used by the cultivator. This was how Xavion’s internal armor was formed.

However, this process could take several years, even decades, as finding suitable skull of a demon
beast was not an easy task.

But Xavion had successfully planted at least his entire upper body with internal armor, which likely
required him to slay hundreds of specific demon beasts and took at least ten years of cultivation to
obtain such a luster.

With this internal armor, Xavion was almost immortal unless faced with an extremely powerful attack.

This was the heritage of the Osborne family and Xavion’s greatest asset.

“Let’s go, Hayden!” Joshua shouted while looking at Xavion.

Joshua finally understood why Xavion dared to withdraw the spirit shield provided by his sword energy
and swung his sword at him, even after being surrounded by the snowflakes.

With Xavion’s current strength, he would not be severely injured even with Hailstorm Fan at its
maximum output.

After all, superficial injuries meant little to God Realm cultivators.

Hayden held a dagger in his hand. As a direct descendant of the Zink family, which was affiliated with
the Osborne family, his greatest dream was to help the Zink family escape the control of the Osborne
family and achieve true freedom for his family.

If they want to achieve this, they needed the courage to resist the Osborne family.

However, facing the powerful Xavion, Hayden could not muster any fighting spirit even though he was
also a God Realm cultivator like Xavion.

When Joshua’s reminder echoed in his ear, Hayden’s only thought was to run!

Without any hesitation, he turned around and ran toward the north.

That was Remdik’s territory, so if he could get to Remdik, there might be a chance for him to survive.

At that moment, the most basic instinct driving him was the will to survive.

However, Xavion was already angered by Hayden’s repeated ambushes, and he was now completely

“Are you running away? Do you think you can escape?”

Xavion leaped to his feet and chased after Hayden while still exposing his upper body.

But just as Xavion was about to take off, Joshua waved his hand and activated Formation Crusher.

Suddenly, a spirit shield appeared in front of Xavion, forming a restraining barrier.

“Joshua, my target isn’t you this time. You’d better get out of my way,” Xavion said coldly as he
summoned a long sword from his storage ring.

Joshua sneered at Xavion’s words. “Your target isn’t me? That’s rare.”

“Is there anything in this vast Delisgar Ridge that could pique the interest of all the respectable

He paused for a moment after he said that.

“Wait a minute! If I remember correctly, before my grandfather died, he left me a list of all the cultivators
who participated in the siege of the Whitley Family. Xavion, you happen to be on that list. Even if your
target isn’t me, my target is definitely you. The respectable families can’t avoid the debt of taking over
ten thousand lives of the Whitley Family. So why not you start paying it off with your life?”

As Joshua spoke, he waved his Formation Crusher twice, creating two more spirit shields on either
side of Jonathan and Xavion, forming a closed triangle that trapped them in completely.

Jonathan reached out and touched the restraining barrier around him. “Joshua, your restraining barrier
is too basic and won’t hold us for long. Besides, I didn’t come here to fight you, but—”

“Stopping you guys for a moment is enough,” Joshua interrupted Jonathan with a smile.

As he spoke, Troop Summoner appeared in his hand once again, and both Jonathan and Xavion’s
gazes turned serious when they saw it.

After all, the three magical items that had been revealed were all precious treasures that could make
anyone yearn for them.

“You’re asking for it!” Xavion took a step forward and leaped dozens of meters across while swinging
his sword at Joshua.

“By the power of the heavens and the earth, let the spirit rise and be transformed. Let the divine
weapon be summoned and gathered, and be imbued with the magic of the gods!”


A peculiar yet familiar waves of energy emerged in the sky.

Spiritual energy fell from Heaven Sword which seemingly coming from the heavens, while a sword
suddenly emerged from the pages of the blank Troop Summoner and collided with Xavion’s blade.


Joshua’s face was very pale at the moment, but his eyes were full of killing intent.

Behind the big sword, a two-meter-tall well-built figure stepped forward from the void.

When Jonathan saw the red-bearded figure, his eyes almost popped out.

“Is this even possible? This must be fake, right?”

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