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The Legendary Man Chapter 1015

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-At this moment, not only Jonathan was dumbfounded, but Xavion,
who was protected by sword energy, was also completely stunned.

The power of these three treasures—Troop Summoner, Formation Crusher, and Hailstorm Fan— was
immense, and this was an indisputable fact.

However, these three high-grade spiritual treasures were all divine weapons that used Pryncyp of
Strength. Even in Joshua’s hands, their abilities were limited if he relied solely on spiritual energy when
using them.

It was completely different from what was happening before their eyes.

As Xavion looked at the swirling snowflakes outside of the sword energy surrounding him, a hint of fear
flashed in his eyes.

He had participated in the battle ten years ago when the Whitley family was besieged.

At that time, a Divine Realm elder of the Whitley family had used this same move with the Hailstorm
Fan, and in just a few moments, more than ten God Realm experts and dozens of Grandmaster Realm
experts from the respectable families had been reduced to mere blood mist.

But Joshua’s current methods were clearly not refined enough, or else he wouldn’t have been unable to
break through Xavion’s sword energy protection.

Amidst the whirling snowstorm, an immense surge of spiritual energy blasted forth, accompanied by a
thick, palpable killing intent that bore down directly on Xavion.

“Conceal the edge!”

As Xavion withdrew his sword intent, Joshua’s white down jacket was immediately marked with slashes
after losing the protection.

A flurry of snowflakes resembling the wings of cicadas started hurtling toward Xavion from every

Fortunately, despite retracting his sword intent, a protective green aura continued to shield the vital
areas on his body.

As a result, numerous tiny cuts spewed a faint mist of blood, creating a visual of red and pink blossoms
amid the snow that were encircling Xavion like a garden of flowers.

Amidst the snowflakes, Joshua suddenly appeared without any warning and struck at Xavion’s face
with Formation Crusher.

“Heavenly Opening!” Xavion shouted coldly, and he thrusted his long sword forward without any fancy

The black and green swords clashed against each other without any sound.

However, in the next moment, endless sword energy suddenly exploded.


The epicenter of the spectacle was Xavion, where snowflakes within a dozen-meter range vanished in
a blink like popped soap bubbles.

Then, a large open space stretching several meters wide and dozens of meters long materialized in
front of him amidst the expansive snow haze.

Joshua somersaulted and was hurled away.

With heavy panting, he cast a glance back at the spot where he once stood.

When facing Xavion’s attack, Joshua might have been defeated then and there if he hadn’t sensed the
terrifying sword intent at the last moment and dodged. In fact, his life and journey might have come to
an end.

The snowflake formation formed by Hailstorm Fan was utterly obliterated due to the spiritual energy
imbalance provoked by the sword, resulting in its complete dissipation.

Jonathan slowly crawled out of the pit and looked at Hayden, who had just emerged from behind the
distant ridge.

Both of them were shocked by the brutality of the methods used by those two.

As Joshua brandished Hailstorm Fan, the mountainside within a hundred-meter radius was
instantaneously transformed into a barren wasteland.

The tiny snowflakes whirled through the air like razor-sharp blades, reducing the entire forest into dust.

The earth was ripped off to a depth of several feet, making the region flatter than a pancake.

As for Xavion who was holding the sword, the method he used wasn’t as ostentatious as Joshua’s.

However, tens of meters in front of him, a mountain range had been pierced through, opening up a
cave that looked dozens of square meters wide.

If this technique was not employed in road construction, it would be a colossal loss for the road and
bridge building industry.

Crack, crack…

The sound of fine cracking came from Xavion’s hand.

The others gazed upon the long sword held by Xavion. It shattered into fragments and reduced to
scrap metal and scattered on the ground.

With a hand, Xavion wiped the blood off his cheek and carelessly flung the remaining hilt aside.

Then, he crushed a jade bottle and chucked the Spirit Rejuvenating Pill it contained straight into his

Meanwhile, Joshua also followed suit. The two had exhausted their spiritual energy in executing those

A myriad of emotions flooded Jonathan’s heart at this moment.

Throughout his journey, he had always been showing incredible skills.

Thanks to Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique, his cultivation level had always been leagues ahead of
those at the same level as him.

Furthermore, upon entering God Realm, he inherited the seed of Pryncyp of Slaughter from Ancient
Sacred Dragon Technique and was also acknowledged by it.

Thus, Jonathan’s progress had been smooth sailing all the way, and even in the West Region, he had
battled against those in Divine Realm.

Although he was on the receiving end of a one-sided defeat, the fact that he could hold his ground and
survive in the face of two such formidable cultivators was a testament to his skill.

Perhaps due to how smooth his journey was so far, Jonathan had never truly regarded God Realm
cultivators as formidable foes.

However, he now realized that he had underestimated the heroes of the world.

Even with Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique at his disposal, Jonathan found it challenging to execute
such a potent technique without the help of Pryncyp of Strength.

As this realization dawned on him, his eyebrows twitched slightly, and he could sense through his
spiritual sense that Hayden, standing several meters away, was tinkering with an unusual object in his

“Be careful!” Jonathan warned.

Although he didn’t know what that object was, he could sense the danger emanating from Hayden’s

Almost simultaneously, fire flashed from Hayden’s hand, which then vanished almost instantly.

In the spiritual senses of all those present, a minuscule silver needle sliced through the air with
incredible speed and materialized right in front of Xavion.

It was very fast!

Despite registering its trajectory with their spiritual senses, they were unable to react before the needle
impaled Xavion’s heart.

Once the circulatory system was compromised, death was imminent!

The others were struck with shock, but this familiar saying echoed in their minds. It was one that they
had learned early on in their journey of cultivation.

However, just as Hayden was about to smile and revel in his victory, a distinct sound from Xavion’s
chest interrupted their thoughts.


The silver needle bounced off Xavion’s chest and landed on a nearby rock, vibrating intensely.

Everyone was baffled as Xavion, who was supposed to be dead, clenched his fist with an icy glare.


Hayden shouted in outrage at Xavion, unable to accept the unexpected turn of events.

This disposable magical item he had used was a rarity, capable of penetrating even the strongest
defenses as long as the target was someone who hadn’t learned Pryncyp of Strength. There is no way
he could dodge my sneak attack!

Xavion, a mere mortal, should have perished on the spot, yet he stood there unscathed and defying all

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