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The Legendary Man Chapter 1014

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-“What the…” Joshua stared at Hayden in astonishment. Did he
finally snap? “Well, it’s not a big deal to be hunted. Aren’t we already used to being surrounded by the
eight respectable families?”

“Bullsh*t!” Hayden bellowed through gritted teeth. “My life is worth nothing, but my identity being
exposed puts hundreds of members of the Zink family in danger of being killed!”

A somber look flashed across Joshua’s eyes as he crossed the stream in front of him. “I know. The
Whitley family lost close to twenty thousand members…”

“I…” Suddenly at a loss for words, Hayden felt as if he had something sharp stuck in his throat after
seeing Joshua’s apologetic look.

Joshua chuckled softly. “It’s all right. I will have my revenge!”

The four God Realm cultivators made their way through the mountains quickly, as a single step of
theirs could easily cover dozens of meters.

Hayden turned his head to look at the two men behind them, only to find that Jonathan was rapidly
closing the distance between them.

“Sh*t! What’s with that man called Jonathan? How is he so fast?”

Although Joshua did not turn his head, he could feel Jonathan’s presence keenly. If I can sense
Jonathan, this means he’s within a hundred meters of me right now.

A distance of a hundred meters meant that Jonathan would catch up to them if they came to a stop or
rested for a bit.

As such, Jonathan continued to shrink the distance between them.

That strange stride of his makes him unexpectedly fast.

A glint of murderous intent flashed across Joshua’s eyes as he felt Jonathan continue to draw closer
through his consciousness field.

He had once wedged himself between the Eight Great Families and Yaleview in order to obtain intel on
Chanaea’s military power.

However, before his plan could even proceed to the second stage, Jonathan had taken only three
years to completely take over places apart from Yaleview.

During the early days of Asura’s Office’s establishment, Joshua had sent someone to contact Karl from
the Eastern Army with the intention of inviting Karl to join Yaleview Army’s camp. His plan had been to
form a north-south division to deal with the situation.

If Joshua had access to the special missiles, he would be able to use the opportunity to have a
discussion with the eight respectable families.

Despite the conditions Yaleview had offered, Karl refused to budge.

This, in turn, piqued Joshua’s interest in Jonathan. He was curious about Jonathan’s appeal and
wondered how the other man inspired countless people to pledge their loyalty to him in such a short
period of time.

It could be said that Joshua had already decided that Jonathan was the obstacle he had to conquer in
order to take over Yaleview three years ago.

In the end, he did not expect to be cast out of Yaleview by Wilbur, the man he had personally raised.

In the past three years, Jonathan had always maintained his independence.

Prior to that, Joshua had never met the man known as Asura.

Due to their shared cause of eradicating the eight respectable families, they had taken the route of
unifying the armies, and Joshua had once considered Jonathan his confidant of sorts. Unfortunately,
the current Jonathan was in cahoots with the respectable families.

The dragon slayer had become a dragon himself.

Such an ending was enough to sadden anyone.

“Joshua, we can’t seem to get away!” Hayden shouted.

At that moment, Jonathan was less than sixty meters away from them.

The distance was too dangerous a range to launch a flying sword with spiritual energy.

“We’ll just have to fight him if we can’t escape!” Joshua snorted as he dropped toward an ancient tree
in front of him.


The tree branches made a deafening sound as Joshua thrust his left leg downward.

A large hole appeared on the other side of the tree as the impact of the energy blew through it.


Following the cracking sound, Joshua stepped onto the tree branch with his right leg.

The instant the tree branch was utterly destroyed, Joshua’s body shot backward like a cannonball.

He had utilized the tree branch and his momentum to spring back.

Everything took place in an instant. Even the shattered pieces of wood that had been blown away by
his force had not landed on the ground yet.

As Joshua was still suspended in mid-air, Hayden used his left arm to stabilize the sniper rifle and fired
a shot without hesitation.


Before the sound of the shot could even be heard, the bullet had already traversed a distance of fifty
meters and slammed into Jonathan’s spirit shield.

“Holy sh*t!”

Although the golden shield around Jonathan had blocked the bullet for him, the sheer force of the shot
was still transferred to Jonathan’s body, nearly causing him to pass out.

The bullet also affected Jonathan’s balance. With just a shot, Jonathan was sent plunging into the
forest below.

“Die!” Xavion, who was hot on Jonathan’s heels, screamed. The sword in his hand glinted as he
brought it down upon Hayden’s head.

Hayden was unable to dodge after firing off the shot earlier. Although he had sent Jonathan tumbling,
the recoil had also destroyed his own center of gravity.

As such, it was not possible for Hayden to react to the incoming blow.

The sword cut through the muzzle of the sniper rifle like a hot knife through butter.

Just as the sword was about to meet his face, a black ruler suddenly appeared.


Hayden was engulfed by a huge force and pushed back before he could react.

It was Joshua!

After having his sword blocked, Xavion turned around and barreled toward Joshua like a cannon.

With Formation Crusher in front of him, Joshua was shoved back twenty to thirty meters.

Xavion’s feet flitted across the mountain ridge, sticking closely to the ground as he rushed in Joshua’s
direction again.

“Wind and snow, come forth!” Joshua’s shout came from the middle of the forest.

A snowflake sliced Xavion’s cheek like a sharp knife as it blew past.

Ahead of him, the sky filled with swirling snow.

Xavion bellowed angrily as he held his sword in front of him.

The formation patterns on the sword lit up as the sword intent’s spiritual energy rose, seemingly
piercing the skies.

Amidst the falling snow, Xavion turned toward the trees as the blade-like snowflakes filled the air.

Even the boulders were destroyed by the onslaught of countless snowflakes.

Meanwhile, Jonathan lay in a pit as he stared at the snowflakes overhead with wide eyes. “To think that
the Whitley family owned such a frightening item. No wonder the eight families banded together to
eradicate them.”

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