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The Legendary Man Chapter 1012

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-Truth be told, it was not that Xavion was being too gullible.

Rather, it was Jonathan’s past that made him seem like someone who was possessed.

In just three years, Jonathan had risen to power, going from being the scion of a wealthy family to a
merciless commander.

His cultivation had been significantly boosted since he returned from the battle in West Region, thanks
to the existence of Seboxia in his elixir field.

Every time Jonathan defeated other high-level cultivators, the latter would almost always have their life
forces drained by Seboxia, turning their corpses into withered husks. Their final appearance looked
highly similar to the effects of Dark Art’s blood essence absorption.

With those things put together, in addition to Jonathan’s embellishment, Xavion and anyone else who
heard it would think that it was the act of a possessed person.

Knitting his brows, Xavion felt a surge of unease as he stared at Jonathan, who was walking ahead of

In his opinion, if what he heard was true, then perhaps Jonathan would no longer be of use to the
Osborne family.

Mason, that sly old fox, despite finding out that Jonathan’s Cor had been broken, still set the latter as
the linchpin of his plans. Apart from eradicating Everett’s lineage, he also wanted to bind Jonathan and
the Osborne family together.

It was because he was after Jonathan’s cultivation method.

However, the method that defied the natural laws turned into a form of Dark Art that fed on humans.
That discovery made Xavion feel somewhat dejected.

As a prominent family boasting a lineage of nearly two thousand years, of course, the Osborne family
owned cultivation methods that could rapidly raise a person’s cultivation level.

The only downside of such a cultivation method was that it harmed the natural balance.

Only a few could advance into Grandmaster Realm through that type of method, much less God

Obviously, one did not have to bring up Divine Realm, a cultivation level that could only be obtained
after killing countless people and absorbing their spiritual energy.

Once the person who cultivated with such a method began to go through Divine Tribulation, they would
be devoured, with no chance to get past the first stage.

Besides, evil cultivators nurtured that way usually harbored great resentment and a strong malevolent

For a respectable family that needed a long and stable legacy, evil cultivators were an extremely
dangerous existence.

Thus, although each family had their own evil cultivation techniques, it was sealed up and forbidden to
be used.

If Jonathan had risen to power with such a cultivation method, it would be utterly useless to the
respectable families.

Instead, it only added to the number of threats they had to deal with.

When Xavion saw that Jonathan had stopped in his tracks, waiting for him at the peak, he delayed no
further and went to stand next to the other man with a few light leaps.

“Why did you stop?” Xavion asked with a smile. However, he was stunned as soon as those words fell
from his lips.

On the other side of the mountain in front of them was a leeward boulder, and sitting behind it were two
crossed-legged figures. They were holding onto whisky bottles while staring at Xavion and Jonathan.

Between them was a portable stove with a bubbling pot of stew.

Jonathan and Xavion stood downwind. Although they were thirty to forty meters away from the other
two people, their enhanced sense of smell as cultivators allowed them to smell the faint scent of meat
stew that permeated the air.

The four of them maintained eye contact amidst the cold wind. The atmosphere was extremely


A fork dropped and rolled down the side of the mountain.

Instantly, everything began to move again.

“Joshua Whitley!” Jonathan yelled.

“Xavion Osborne!” Joshua blurted.

“Hayden Zink!” Xavion shouted.

“What the f*ck?” Hayden exclaimed.

The two people who were enjoying their beef stew behind the boulder were Joshua and Hayden,
currently on the run from the eight respectable families’ pursuit.

The four of them shouted each other’s names almost at the same time.


A sound whistled through the air as Hayden fired a shot from the sniper rifle in his hand without the
slightest hesitation.


The scarlet spirit shield in front of Xavion shattered, and he was sent flying to the other side of the
mountain by the massive impact.

Holding Troop Summoner in his hands, Joshua yelled, “Go!”

In an instant, the surrounding spiritual energy began to coalesce, and dozens of glowing green figures
materialized before him. They were all Grandmaster Realm spirit warriors!


The spirit warriors bellowed angrily.

At that moment, Jonathan felt like he was standing on an ancient battlefield. A thrill of excitement ran
through him.


A spirit arrow flew in the direction of Jonathan’s face and exploded in a flash of golden light.

Following that, a dozen spirit warriors showered him with their attacks.


Even though Jonathan had the bronze handbell as a spirit shield, there was no way he could fend off
so many attacks.

With that single encounter, he was swept off his feet and fell off the mountain, experiencing the same
fate as Xavion.

It was then Jonathan finally understood why the eight respectable families showed no signs of giving
up on the search for the surviving son of the Whitley family after destroying that family over a decade

The items Joshua had in his possession were utterly terrifying.

With just one spiritual treasure, Joshua was able to summon dozens of Grandmaster Realm spirit
warriors, and he had done so hastily.

If Jonathan had the spiritual treasure in his hands, he might bring it to River Onxy and summon
hundreds of Grandmaster Realm cultivators to kill all of the Remdik soldiers.

Jonathan’s eyes were filled with conviction as he stared at the malevolent-looking spirit warriors before
him. I must get Joshua to join Asura’s Office!

Just then, a yell sounded behind Jonathan. “Return to whence you came!”

Expanding his spiritual sense, Jonathan detected Xavion crushing a huge boulder under his feet as he
rushed over.

The latter then lifted his leg and kicked at the golden spirit shield behind Jonathan.


Jonathan, who had been flying backward, turned himself into an afterimage from Xavion’s kick and
charged toward the group of spirit warriors.

With a swing of the sword in his hands, he instantly felled a swath of them.

Although the spirit warriors had the spiritual energy of Grandmaster Realm cultivators, they were
merely spiritual bodies. Perhaps an ordinary Grandmaster Realm cultivator would have trouble with
them, but they were no match for a God Realm cultivator like Jonathan.


Taking down the spirit warrior before him, Jonathan formed a hand seal with one hand and pointed at
the void.

With him as the heart, an immense wave of spiritual energy rolled out in all directions.


Following the command, the spiritual energy instantly congealed, seemingly turning into an invincible
jelly that surrounded the spirit warriors and trapped them inside.

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