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The Legendary Man Chapter 1013

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-Xavion flitted past Jonathan, already feeling a tad numb to
Jonathan’s immense spiritual energy.

If Xavion were to discharge a spiritual energy wave as Jonathan did, he might have to expend most of
his spiritual energy, if not all.

Yet, the other man appeared to have plenty of spiritual energy left to spare.

Jonathan made a gesture with both hands. Due to the binding from the spiritual energy, the spirit
warriors surrounding him seemed to be moving in slow motion.

Sluggishly, their weapons moved closer to Jonathan as he continued to exert his power.


Inside the force field of spiritual energy, all of the spiritual energy that had gushed out of Jonathan’s
body expanded violently in all directions before rapidly contracting again as if they were out of control.

As the energy continued to expand and contract, the spiritual energy equilibrium in the spirit warriors
fell apart. They gradually disintegrated into the spiritual energy of heaven and earth and dispersed.

After retracting his spiritual energy, Jonathan turned around and went to catch up with Joshua.

However, Xavion flew past him in a backward motion before he could even go past the mountain ridge
in front of him.


Xavion landed heavily on the ground just as a sniper rifle gunshot sounded from the area opposite the
mountain ridge.

The jade pendant in Xavion’s hand was completely shattered.

Lying on the ground, he glared at the sky.

Then, he leaped to his feet, threw aside the jade amulet, and took out a satellite phone.

“Hello? Hayden from the Zink family hid his cultivation level. He has already reached God Realm.
Currently, he’s with Joshua. The Zink family betrayed the Osborne family! Destroy every last one of
them!” Xavion said, gripping the satellite phone so hard that the sturdy material had begun to crack.

It did not require a great deal of insight to deduce how furious Xavion must be at that moment.

Ignoring Xavion, Jonathan rushed toward the mountain ridge with the eerie-looking bronze handbell in
his hand.

The shot from the sniper rifle did not come. Instead, Joshua and Hayden escaped down the mountain.

“Hey, don’t run! I’m not trying to capture you—” Jonathan called out to them.

Before he could finish speaking, Xavion’s bellow rang out from behind him. “B*stards! Stay right there!
I’m coming over to kill you right now…”

Jonathan was utterly bewildered by Xavion’s reaction.

After all, the latter had always been the carefree sort. Not only did he seldom behave properly, but he
was also rarely concerned about anything.

Yet, it seemed to Jonathan that Joshua and Hayden had greatly offended the Osborne family for
Xavion to be so irate.

Even if Joshua is holding onto precious treasures at the moment, surely there’s no need to be so

Following that, Jonathan recalled the moment the four of them ran into each other earlier. Xavion didn’t
yell Joshua’s name. Instead, he shouted at the other young man! I think he was called Hayden Zink?

“Do you know that man?” Jonathan asked curiously as he and Xavion sprinted down the mountain.

“Know him? That’s an understatement,” Xavion shouted through gritted teeth. “The Zink family is one of
the Osborne family’s many vassals. For many years, there have been only two God Realm cultivators
from the Zink family, and Hayden has always identified himself as a Grandmaster Realm cultivator.
Considering that Hayden has now shown up here as a God Realm cultivator, this means that the Zink
family intends to betray us. How dare a dog at the mercy of the Osborne family fire a gun at me? That
b*stard even shot at me twice! I’m going to kill him!”

At that moment, Xavion was completely consumed with rage.

The assassination and command of the patriarch of the Osborne family fled his mind at that moment.

As a core member of one of the respectable families and a genius who reached God Realm before he
hit thirty, the first half of Xavion’s life was smooth sailing. No one had ever dared to disobey him, yet
Hayden’s precise shots nearly ended his life.

Such a feeling of betrayal was probably akin to a pet that had always wagged its tail suddenly baring
fangs at its master.

There was no one who could allow their authority as the master to be challenged.

At that moment, Xavion was truly enraged.

However, he was not the only one having a mental breakdown.

Beneath them, Hayden, who carried the sniper rifle as he ran behind Joshua, also felt miserable.

From the moment he met Joshua, he rarely took off his mask. In fact, ever since members of the eight
respectable families entered the mountain range, he took care to keep the mask on even as he

He was afraid that his identity would be exposed, thus resulting in the failure of the Zink family’s plan.

In order to escape from the eight respectable families’ pursuit, Hayden and Joshua had gone far from
their intended destination and kept north the whole time they had been running. As of then, they were
very close to the Remdikian border.

It should have been relatively safe, and since the two of them had been unable to have a proper meal
from being exposed to the elements for many days, Joshua proposed they reward themselves with
some beef stew.

Unexpectedly, Jonathan and Xavion chose to enter Delisgar Ridge through the north, which was near
the Remdikian border, in order to hunt down the two cultivators from the Osborne family.

The Zink family was truly hapless.

If Hayden had not taken off his mask in order to savor the beef stew, or if the person who spotted him
had not been Xavion but the other Osbornes, he would not have been recognized.

Alas, Xavion, who had met Hayden before, was the one that appeared.

The Zink family was done for.

“Dad, commence Plan B. My identity’s exposed. I was with Joshua, and Xavion saw me…” Hayden
spoke into a satellite phone as he ran.

A solemn voice sounded from the other end of the line. “What happened? Why did your identity get

Hayden shot Joshua a resentful look but was at a loss for a response. How can I tell my father that the
Zink family’s plan, which had been in the works for three generations, was exposed because I was
gorging on beef stew? This is utter bullsh*t. Why did it have to happen to me?

At that point, he fervently wished that everything that had happened was a dream.

Unfortunately, it was reality.

“Dad, the situation is complicated, and Xavion is on my tail right now. Make sure you conceal
yourselves properly; don’t let the Osborne family capture you all. I will beg for your forgiveness if I have
the chance to meet you again.” With that, Hayden hung up the satellite phone.

Joshua sighed in resignation as he stared at Hayden’s gloomy expression. “Hayden, be it the timing or
fate, you only have yourself to blame—”

“Isn’t this your fault?” Hayden cut Joshua off and began to curse. “To h*ll with the f*cking beef stew. We
were exposed! What do we do now?”

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