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The Legendary Man Chapter 1011

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-Jonathan and Xavion had been in the forest at Delisgar Ridge in
Horbah for five hours. Yet, they were still roughly a hundred miles away from the two green markers on
the tracking device.

With a flick of his fingers, Jonathan popped a Spirit Rejuvenating Pill into his mouth, chewing it as if he
was enjoying some jellybeans.

“Hey, Xavion, I know this mission is top secret, but must you really keep it all to yourself?” he grumbled
while regarding Xavion with an exasperated expression.

He had assumed that Xavion would have at least arranged for some kind of transportation before they
embarked on their voyage spanning hundreds of miles.

Never in a million years did he expect to end up walking himself off his feet like that.

Had he known better, he would have asked Hayes for a military helicopter to save himself the trouble.

Moreover, Xavion was still dressed in the same clothes. His sleeves and collar were even embroidered
with the Osborne family’s coat of arms.

Those familiar with his family could easily identify him by his outfit alone.

In that case, the white mask he had on served no purpose other than making him seem stylish.

“You should be content,” Xavion said indifferently. “We’re here to murder people, so we naturally need
to keep a low profile as much as possible. Besides, didn’t I offer you more than enough Spirit
Rejuvenating Pills in return?”

Upon hearing that statement, Jonathan raised the bottle in his hand and shook it.

“You mean this? I only have two left.”

“Two?” Xavion staggered from shock, losing the equilibrium of the spiritual energy beneath his feet.
Because of that, he left a clear footprint in the snow. Subsequently, he reformed the foundation made of
spiritual energy and leaped forward.

While eyeing Jonathan’s innocent expression, Xavion grabbed the bottle from him and examined its

Indeed, Jonathan had spoken nothing but the truth. There were only two pills left within.

“Are you a f*cking black hole or something?”

Annoyed, Xavion stuffed the bottle back into Jonathan’s hands and fished out yet another bottle of
Spirit Rejuvenating Pills.

“Catch this!” he shouted.

The second Xavion’s voice rang out, Jonathan channeled his spiritual energy to grab hold of the bottle
and store it within his storage ring.

“Thanks a bunch!” came Jonathan’s cheery response.

It was not difficult to concoct those Spirit Rejuvenating Pills. Still, gathering the required magical plants
was no easy feat.

That was how dysfunctional the development of the cultivation world in Chanaea was—the eight
respectable families practically monopolized the cultivation resources across the country.

In fact, there was a time when some descendants of those respectable families asserted that they
would not even mind disclosing their cultivation methods to all mortals.

There were no longer any resources up for grabs, anyway.

All that was left was the spiritual energy supply in nature. No matter how one was to cultivate, it was
impossible for the person to have any kind of stellar breakthrough.

Judging by the smirk playing on Jonathan’s lips, Xavion realized that he must have been deceived.

Regardless, as precious as those Spirit Rejuvenating Pills might seem, they were not worth much for
people from respectable families like Xavion.

Whatever. Giving him one or two extra bottles doesn’t really matter to me.

Xavion then jumped toward where Jonathan was standing and said placidly, “Jonathan, I’m quite
curious about your cultivation method. Back in Remdik, I witnessed how terrifyingly powerful your
spiritual energy was. Plus, you can effortlessly consume the Spirit Rejuvenating Pills in large quantities.
Other things aside, seeing how rich your spiritual energy is, I’ll even buy it if you say you have more
than one energy field inside you.”

Jonathan shot a glance at Xavion on that note. “Hey, we’re both God Realm cultivators, so don’t tell me
that you don’t know it’s taboo to ask about another person’s cultivation method in the cultivation world.”

A hint of murderous intent flitted across his eyes as he spoke. Catching a glimpse of that, Xavion
hurriedly distanced himself from Jonathan.

“Relax. I’m simply making small talk. Besides, I only wanted to know the name of your cultivation
method. Don’t be so sensitive, will you? It’s not like I’m going to snatch it away from you.”

“You’d still have to be able to do so,” Jonathan sneered in response. “I know very well what the eight
respectable families are up to. You guys must be planning to release me and wait for my cultivation

level to plummet. Once I no longer pose a threat, you’d then recapture me and coerce me into
revealing the contents of my cultivation method, right?”

Instead of retorting, Xavion chortled away.

What Jonathan had just pointed out was indeed one of Mason’s contingencies.

A cultivation method that had enabled a man to reach God Realm within three years was surely the
finest. It would be a shame not to get their hands on that very cultivation method.

Jonathan, in turn, smiled coldly at Xavion’s reaction. “Heed my advice and perish whatever thought you
guys may have. My cultivation method is called ‘Soul Eater,’ which absorbs another person’s cultivation
to better my own cultivation level.”

At first, Xavion listened to Jonathan intently, for he would not want to miss any important information.

Be that as it might, he froze in shock upon hearing the final bits of what Jonathan had shared.

He took a moment to regain his composure before letting out a snicker.

“Jonathan, it’s pointless to say such things when none of us are fools. Consuming another person’s
cultivation is a core characteristic of Dark Art. Those who practice Dark Art themselves, however, could
never build a firm foundation in cultivation. In fact, the mixture of foreign spiritual energy would
ultimately damage their energy field and meridians. Based on my judgment, your energy field is at least
twice as great as that of a typical God Realm cultivator. There’s no way you can have such a solid
foundation with Dark Art.”

“Believe it or not, I’m telling the truth,” uttered Jonathan with a grin. “You can ask your family to find out
the details of the homicide case in Summerbank. While you’re at it, you might as well go through the
records of the battles I’ve gotten myself involved in at Remdik. Rather than slaughtering the Remdikian

cultivators in one fell swoop, I made sure to wound them badly before I gobbled up their cultivation.
Also, since my Cor is broken, I don’t mind sharing one more secret with you.”

Jonathan lowered his voice and added, “Haven’t you always been eager to learn what out-of-the-world
cultivation method has the ability to let an adult with mature meridians attain God Realm in three years
and even be near to achieving Divine Realm that fast? It’s pretty simple, really.”

A pucker formed between Xavion’s brows as he turned to Jonathan. Even though he believed that the
latter would have nothing good to say, he still had to prick up his ears.

He simply could not afford to miss out on such important information.

Jonathan did not keep Xavion in suspense for long, parting his lips calmly to say, “The most important
step is called ‘Possess’!”


Xavion felt as though his head was about to explode.

Standing on the ridge, he watched Jonathan amble ahead as he swallowed his saliva several times to
calm his own nerves.

Possess, he says?

If that were the case, everything about Jonathan would finally make sense.

A mere mortal like him had no whatsoever fundamentals of cultivation, yet he was granted a technique
out of nowhere and started cultivating on his own. In just a short period of time, a carefree, wealthy
scion like him grew to become the high and mighty Asura.

All of that could happen because the man in front of Xavion then was not the original Jonathan!

Xavion suppressed his astonishment and forwarded the audio recording of their conversation to the
Osborne family.

During the interim, Jonathan could sense that Xavion was already convinced by what he had said,
considering that the latter was lagging behind.

The corners of his lips quirked while a hint of contempt crossed his eyes.

People from respectable families are so f*cking easy to deceive…

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