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-While speaking, Xavion tossed Jonathan a phone.

“Even if it’s Old Mr. Osborne who wants to kill Everett, it’ll still cause a huge uproar in the family. That’s
why we need you to do it. Once this is settled, we’ll hold you responsible for their deaths and hunt you
down within Chanaea for formalities’ sake. This is the condition for you to get Josephine back.”

Jonathan finally understood what Xavion meant.

Back then, he was surprised by the changes in Jay and his schemes.

As of then, it seemed that the actual mastermind behind the scheme was the patriarch of the Osborne

“You should’ve said that earlier. Basically, you guys can’t take action, so you need someone reasonable
to do it to be accountable to your family. I was chased out of my family by my uncle, too, so I’m familiar
with this kind of situation,” Jonathan voiced.

Smiling, he gazed at the phone screen. It displayed two green dots and one red dot.

Xavion explained plainly, “The two green dots are Kimberly and Barnaby, while the red one’s me. The
arrow in the middle of the screen is you. Make sure you avoid other families’ cultivators when you make
a move. This must be done discreetly to prevent rumors from spreading.”

As he was speaking, he took out a white mask and put it on.

Just as he had said earlier, the Osborne family’s identity could not be exposed.

However, Jonathan’s must be disclosed.

That was the only way Xavion could give the Osborne family an explanation.

The duo stepped out of the tent one after another. Hayes, who was standing far away, hurried over.

“Mr. Goldstein…” he called out apologetically.

Although Hayes did not use the special missile, there was no denying that the thought crossed his
mind. If Jonathan had not woken him up, he could have very well made a terrible mistake on impulse.

Hence, Hayes was willing to accept any form of punishment from Jonathan.

He believed that was what he deserved.

Glaring at the dejected-looking man who was waiting for his punishment, Jonathan could not help but

“Have you thought things through?” he asked flatly.

Hayes nodded fervently.

“Do you think you can still work in this position?” Jonathan asked again.

Hayes froze. His eyes widened in shock as he looked at Jonathan. “Yes, Mr. Goldstein. I can.”

Jonathan patted Hayes on the shoulder with a smile. “Then, do so. It’s a major no-no to change
generals on the verge of war. Take good care of your men. By the way, don’t trust the date set by
Remdik. Ivanov’s a Divine Realm cultivator. His Pryncyp is in the absolute phase, which means it’s
hard for him to receive backlash from Great Pryncyp. Just take his promises with a grain of salt.
Judging by the rate at which their troops are gathering, the war might start any time.”

After finishing his last sentence, both he and Xavion disappeared into the night, leaving only two
afterimages behind.

A solemn look appeared on Hayes’ face when he sensed their spiritual energy had disappeared from

The truth was that Hayes, Hades, and the others always had a feeling the outbreak of war was going to
happen any time.

However, the date they predicted often leaned toward the date Ivanov announced, which was thirty-
seven days later.

According to the geographical features of both banks of River Onxy, if the war happened for real, the
Remdikian army’s southbound route would be focused on the area within thirty miles where both
parties’ defenses were at.

River Onxy extended from Doveston to Xemrich. Apart from the thirty-mile section they were stationed
in, the other places had dense forests or overly wide rivers, which were unsuitable for mobilizing large-
scale troops.

However, the area was less than a hundred miles wide. Even if they spread out to fight, only four
hundred thousand people were needed for the attack.

Anyone with experience in wars would know that wars were not all about having the guts to fight.

Resources and money were also involved.

It cost an astronomical sum just to feed an army of four hundred thousand soldiers, even if they did not
go into battle.

Moreover, the current season was an advantage to the Remdikian soldiers, who had been training in
icy conditions all year round.

Based on the information Jonathan learned about Remdik, that country had been planning to attack
Doveston for a long time. It was an unavoidable war.

Hence, Hayes did not understand what they were waiting for.

After all, the distribution of troops in Chanaea was cut off by Yaleview Army. In his opinion, Remdik had
the perfect opportunity to attack Doveston when their reinforcements in Doveston were delayed.

Hayes gazed into the night, his forehead already beaded with sweat in just a short amount of time.


Following Hayes’ holler, a middle-aged man hurried toward him.

Turning to his adjutant, Hayes pointed toward Remdik and said, “I remember Karl telling me Medved
Army has officers we have bribed. You have their names and their contact numbers. I need you to
contact them right away and find out the Remdikian army’s plans. Be quick.”

“Got it.”

The adjutant was a right-hand man Karl left for Hayes. Upon hearing Hayes’ orders, he carried out the
orders without hesitation.

Meanwhile, Hayes lit a cigarette with trembling fingers.

After he took two hard puffs, more than half of the cigarette was burned.

The carbon monoxide mixed with nicotine did not make him dizzy. Rather, it cleared his mind.

Although he had taken over Eastern Army and became the new Prince of Diyouli, everything he owned
was left behind by Karl.

Be it the infiltration of Remdik, the secret investigation of Remdik’s eastern warzone, or the bribed
officers of Medved Army, they were arranged by Karl years ago.

All those arrangements were already activated due to the assembly of the four major armies belonging
to Remdik’s eastern warzone.

The war had not started, yet all their cards were being dealt.

Hayes did not feel good about it.

Seven years ago, Karl led one hundred and fifty thousand soldiers of Eastern Army and defended River
Onxy for three days at the cost of the lives of over seventy thousand men.

Hayes wondered how well he would do when war was about to break out at River Onxy again.

With Southern Army’s twenty-four-hour transportation services, the whole of Horbah was filled with
soldiers from Southern Army, Guardian Army, Keeper Army, and Yalegard Legion. They totaled up to
two hundred thousand men.

More than three hundred and eighty thousand soldiers were stationed on the south of River Onxy. In
fact, that number was rapidly increasing by tens of thousands each day.

Based on Hayes’ estimation, the soldiers dispatched by both parties would exceed a million once the
war began.

It was the world’s largest war in the past seventy years.

Hayes frowned as he stared at the military barracks in the distance.

All he hoped for at that moment was to lead more soldiers or see next year’s spring.

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