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The Legendary Man Chapter 1009

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-Jonathan inhaled sharply in response to Xavion’s utterances.

“You people from respectable families are so inhumane. What you’re saying is that anyone who wants
to be in power has to take advantage of others, and they must keep seizing resources if they wish to
protect their immediate family. If they lose in the family’s feud, death would be the only outcome
awaiting them. Is that what you’re saying?”

Munching on the sweet potato, Xavion frowned and pondered before nodding. “I guess you could say
that. There’s an important precondition to internal strife in respectable families, though. No matter what
tricks we use on our family members, we must not harm the interests of the family. If someone breaks
the rule, they will be obliterated no matter how powerful they are.”

Jonathan bobbed his head.

That rule was easy to understand. The same applied to the Goldstein family, too.

Respectable families allowed internal strife that was on a reasonable level because they wanted to use
the method to pick a more scheming leader.

Although the outcome was a little cruel for the losers, having someone like the winner lead the family
could help them advance further.

It was a choice that benefited the entire family.

However, Jonathan had his doubts.

“If they’re not allowed to harm the interests of the family, then what about Jay promising to save
Josephine when all’s done? Doesn’t that count?”

Meanwhile, Xavion was leaning lazily against the chair after finishing two sweet potatoes in succession.

When he heard Jonathan’s question, he smiled and shook his head.

“Jonathan, you only serve two purposes to the Osborne family. One, you’re the leader of Asura’s Office
who controls two million soldiers of the organization. The special missile in your possession could pose
a threat to the eight respectable families.

“Two, your talent in cultivation. We’ve performed a thorough investigation on you. Back then, you were
not welcomed by the Goldstein family, nor were you a cultivator. After that, you went to the Smith family
of Jadeborough and endured a lot of humiliation. Still, nothing changed even then.

“Hence, there was no way you’d just started cultivating recently. The only possibility is that you began
cultivating when you joined Harfush’s army three years ago. Three years ago, you, a mortal, became a
God Realm cultivator. An incredibly talented cultivator like you would be a horrifying existence in the
cultivation world.

“Besides, I witnessed you using Pryncyp upon entering Remdik. To be enlightened with Pryncyp is a
criterion to enter Divine Realm. We captured Josephine only because we wanted to control a Divine
Realm cultivator. Now that your Cor is broken and you’ve separated from Asura’s Office, you’re
basically useless to us.

“Thus, it really doesn’t matter to us if we return Josephine to you dead or alive. A God Realm cultivator
might draw the attention of the eight respectable families, but you’re far from being able to frighten us.
Besides, it’s not like you don’t have concerns. You have dozens of family members at Gronga, don’t

Xavion chortled while speaking in a threatening tone.

Of course, Jonathan knew the members of the Goldstein family could never hide from the spies of the
eight respectable families.

Regardless, he felt a strong repulsion in his heart when Xavion threatened him with his family.

Xavion was right. Despite declaring with immense conviction that he wanted to fight the Osborne family
to the death, Jonathan had too many concerns.

Killing five hundred men from the Osborne family was akin to killing a fraction of their collateral

On the contrary, killing fifty people of the Goldstein family was like wiping them off the earth.

After all, both parties were not on the same level. Even if Jonathan lost his temper, he could only do
little harm.

Eliminating a family that had existed for more than two millennia was not as easy as it seemed.

“All right. There’s no need to give me pressure. Since I’ve agreed to work with you guys, I’ll definitely
help you eliminate those two. They’re God Realm cultivators, though. It’s such a pity,” Jonathan

Xavion sneered. “What’s there to feel pity about? How did you think Jay became a homosexual?”

Jonathan was getting to his feet when he heard Xavion’s remark, so it took him some time to register
what it meant.

He halted in his tracks and ruminated on it carefully before staring at Xavion with widened eyes. “Do
you mean—”

Xavion got up and took a deep breath.

“Everett knows Old Mr. Osborne wants to train Jay up. Naturally, Everett could never willingly give up
the most powerful position in the family he had been holding on to. When Jay’s matter was exposed,

Old Mr. Osborne thought of killing Jay. Then again, Old Mr. Osborne could not bear to kill his only
decently talented grandson.

“Recently, I’ve looked into the people Jay interacted with over the years, including the servants. I found
that half of the people he’s close with have obtained a master’s degree or above in psychology from
Somerset University in Anglandur. These twenty-odd people specialize in just one area—hypnosis. The
process they underwent to join our family was extremely normal. I didn’t realize they once studied
abroad until I looked into their immigration records.”

At that moment, Xavion’s gaze was filled with murderous intent.

Even Jonathan felt a chill run down his spine as he listened to Xavion’s recount.

As the successor appointed to inherit the position of the family’s patriarch, Jay had to undergo training
in many aspects.

Yet, dozens of psychologists that specialized in hypnosis were planted around him.

They had nothing to do with instigation, gambling, dealing with drugs, or even cultivation.

The plan that had been going on for over a decade was focused on Jay’s sexual orientation.

Everett’s plan is too scary.

Jonathan witnessed many ruthless methods over the years. Still, it was his first time hearing of such an
evil plan.

Looking at Xavion, he shook his head and sighed. “How ruthless. If this happened in an ordinary family,
they never would’ve found out about it. Since you’ve learned the truth, why didn’t you kill Everett right
away? Why get my help? It sounds a little too troublesome.”

Xavion stared at Jonathan with his teeth clenched.

“That’s because these people have been murdered. Besides, respectable families are not monolithic.
Everett has served as the head butler for a long time. Naturally, he has already gathered a group of
trusted aides. We can’t take him down just like that.”

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