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-The slap from Jonathan was so hard that Hayes almost tumbled to
the ground, his face contorted in a grimace of pain.

“Mr. Goldstein, don’t you think you’re being overly harsh? You can’t blame me for feeling tempted when
the other party has stationed hundreds of thousands of people together, can you?” he said as he gazed
at the velvet night sky north of River Onxy.

The next second, he slowly raised a finger.

“Just one, Mr. Goldstein. If we launch one special missile at them now, we can wipe them all out

Upon seeing how excited Hayes was, Jonathan squeezed the man’s shoulder and promptly turned
spiritual energy into a giant invisible hand to grab his heart.

Hayes widened his eyes as his brain went into full-blown panic mode. When Jonathan finally loosened
his grip, the former crumbled to the ground and began gasping for air.

Blood played the most vital role in regulating the body’s system, yet Jonathan had forcefully stopped
Hayes’ heart from beating for five excruciating seconds.

If even a Grandmaster Realm cultivator like Hayes had almost passed out from the ordeal, a mere
mortal would’ve died long ago.

“M-Mr. Goldstein…” Hayes mumbled as he lay on the ground panting heavily.

Alas, Jonathan merely stood aside and glared at the man.

“Listen here, Hayes Yeager. Before Karl died, did he not tell you the circumstances in which special
missiles can be fired?”

After hearing Jonathan address him by his full name, Hayes grew frantic with fear.

“Yes!” he hastily replied as he staggered to his feet despite the pain and discomfort. “Special missiles
can only be fired if we have a national security threat or the other party fires theirs first.”

“Good that you know!” Jonathan scoffed. “As a cultivator, you should know better than anyone else that
our thoughts are like seeds. Once you plant one, it’d take root and bear fruit. The war hasn’t even
started, yet you’re already toying with the idea of firing special missiles. What will you do when the war
starts, then?”

A red-faced Jonathan suddenly grabbed Hayes by the neck. “If the situation becomes a repeat of the
last River Onxy war where you have to witness seventy thousand people getting blown into
smithereens in three days, will you still press the button to launch the missiles? Even though Remdik is
a large country, its population is less than a hundred and fifty million. Chanaea, however, has more
than a billion people! Your plan will undoubtedly bring you instant gratification, but a billion Chanaeans
will eventually be paying the price for it! Are you prepared to take full responsibility for those innocent

Having said his piece, Jonathan shoved Hayes to the ground and strode toward the base without
looking back.

“Do your job well if you can. Otherwise, return to Lumonburg for your retirement!”

Amid the icy wind, Hayes broke into a cold sweat as Jonathan’s words hit him like a ton of bricks.

He’s right… Since gaining access control to the special missiles, I’ve gradually overcome my nerves
and become more relaxed around them. Some people might even find my behavior presumptuous.
After all, those special missiles are superweapons that would strike fear in any country. Dropping one
alone would decimate everything within a radius of dozens of kilometers! Naturally, anyone with that
much power will feel like they’re on top of the world.

This time around, however, Jonathan had successfully awakened Hayes’ fear of death by almost killing

The latter also finally understood why Jonathan had rejected everyone’s opinions when assigning
territories to the Eight Kings of War. Despite the risk of Karl occupying Doveston, Jonathan insisted on
the arrangement and flatly refused anyone else from switching places with the man.

Ah, I see it now… Karl Hamilton sure was a highly disciplined man to have resisted the temptation of
the special missiles. If I were in his shoes during the last River Onxy war, I think I’d have launched the
missiles without a second thought. If so, we might not even have Chanaea today!

As snowflakes flew in the cold wind and fell onto Hayes’ face, he was instantly jolted out of his daze by
the chill.

“Mr. Goldstein…”

Staring at the emptiness before him, Hayes scrambled to his feet and bolted toward the big tent.

However, he was taken aback when he arrived at the tent’s entrance and felt two powerful waves of
spiritual energy within.

Other than Mr. Goldstein, there’s another God Realm cultivator in there!

Even though Hayes had no idea who the other cultivator was, he understood the rules and knew what
needed to be done. With that, he waved off the people around the tent and promptly stood guard from
a distance.

Meanwhile, Xavion was seated beside a stove in the tent and savoring a baked potato.

“You know what, Jonathan? Your food sure tastes different.”

Upon hearing that, Jonathan let out a chuckle.

“That’s because you were born and raised in a prominent family. Tell me. Have you ever had any meals
that weren’t lavish or expensive in your entire life? Potatoes are for poor folks like us, so how would
you have tasted them?”

After pondering for a moment, Xavion nodded slightly.

“That’s true. We even feed the chickens on our ancestral land with the best herbs and spiritual
parasites. I’ve really never tried these potatoes before…” he said as he polished off the one in his hand
and instantly reached for another.

Jonathan laughed in exasperation, amused by how unkempt and blunt Xavion was.

“I’ve always thought that only big families like mine are this despicable and manipulative. Who knew
The Untouchables were the same?” he piped up. “I’m curious, though. Since you can work with me,
why can’t you do the killing yourself? Oh, don’t give me some weak excuse about you not being
capable enough… As a fellow God Realm cultivator, I know what your abilities are. You can easily
succeed if you put your mind to it.”

Xavion wiped his mouth as he gave the question some thought, his brows knitted into a frown.

“You think too highly of the respectable families, Jonathan. Families like yours are only keen on fighting
for wealth and power. We, however, are already born into immense wealth, so you’ll never understand
our struggles. Simply put, we want longevity and immortality, but we’d need to be in absolute power to
have an advantage over the others.”

When Xavion saw the look of confusion on Jonathan’s face, he quickly racked his brain for another

“All right, here’s an example… One of the requirements for core members of respectable families is to
have a blood relative who’s at least a God Realm cultivator. Jay’s father, unfortunately, didn’t have the
talent for cultivation. He still lives on the ancestral land and is well-respected by everyone, but that’s
just because he has Jay’s grandfather—the current head of the Osbornes—backing him. Initially, Old
Mr. Osborne wanted to groom Jay as his successor. He was so determined that he was ready to use
any resources to boost Jay into the God Realm. Alas, the latter is no longer qualified because of his
personal problems… That means that when Old Mr. Osborne passes away, Jay and his father will be
driven off the ancestral land and barred from re-entering because they don’t have any blood relatives in
the God Realm. When that happens, family members whom Jay had bullied before will use any means
to torture him. In other words, once they lose the protection of a God Realm cultivator, death is the only
thing that awaits them!”

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