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The Legendary Man Chapter 1007

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-Hearing Xavion’s words, Wilbur grinned. The scar on his face
appeared even scarier.

He raised his collar and gulped down the entire cup of tea on the table.

“I wouldn’t have gone through all this trouble if you had said so earlier.”

Wilbur then sat to the side, and he left a seat empty between him and Eva.

“Come, Xavion. Let’s talk while sitting.”

At this moment, Wilbur had taken over the situation with the threat of the bomb.

Nobody dared to challenge him.

This was because Wilbur and Jonathan were different. Although Jonathan possessed the special
missile, they would not need to worry about him detonating everything if they were to attack him.

However, Wilbur was different. He was insane, and a madman who would stop at nothing to achieve
his goals.

He would certainly bomb them if he said he would.

Meanwhile, Xavion calmly waved his hand in the distance.

A butler ran over and brought a chair to Xavion’s side. He then helped Xavion down beside taking his

Seeing this, the others sat down with hostile expressions.

Stellario, who sat across from him, played with a small black bug and uttered faintly, “Dude, we’ve all
sat down, so spit it out now. I don’t have time to waste with you.”

Caleb, who had been sitting silently at the side, pushed up his glasses. “That’s right. Just spit it out. I
still have classes in the afternoon.”

Wilbur looked at him. “Oh… You’re from the Gray family? I missed this from my intel.”

Although Caleb remained silent, his eyes were filled with murderous intent.

It was clear that Caleb wanted to kill him.

The others’ spiritual energy wavered slightly when they felt Caleb’s physical energy.

Even though it was their first meeting, it was obvious that Caleb was also deranged from how he
wanted to attack Kathleen when they just met.

If Caleb really attacked, they would have to decide right away whether to help Wilbur or kill this
obnoxious man then flee the scene.

Thankfully, Wilbur and Caleb’s spiritual energy only brushed slightly and then parted.

Wilbur chuckled, as he looked at them.

“I believe you all have heard about Jonathan’s announcement. I assume you came here today to
discuss this issue. Since everyone is willing to listen to me, I’ll shamelessly ask to make an agreement
with you all. I want to be the real king of Chanaea.”

As his words fell, everyone’s eyes dimmed.

Xavion leaned back in his chair, and there was a faint smile on his face.

“Wilbur, I don’t quite understand what you mean. What do you mean by being the true king of
Chanaea? You don’t appear to be the kind of person who submits to others. The Salladay family has
helped you so much, but now you have kicked them away. What’s the saying for this in Yaleview?
That’s right! You don’t act in accordance with rules or standards!”

Wilbur waved his hand profusely at his words. “Xavion, you can’t say that. I have a personal tie with the
Salladay family since they helped me. The relationship between me and the Salladay family would still
be unbreakable if I hadn’t come today. I can promise that I will send out my hundreds of thousands of
men and countless cannonballs if the Salladay family were to fight any of the respectable families
present here one day. As you say, peace is valued above all. It’s bad for everyone to have blood
spilled. I’m here today to completely eradicate the fear the eight respectable families have toward the
military. Now that Jonathan has stepped down, Asura’s Office is greatly unstable with all the changes. I
will be the true king of Chanaea in the mortal world if you guys could help me with getting Asura’s
Office. At that time, I promise that the whole of Chanaea will be like the backyard of the eight
respectable families. I can guarantee that you will live more leisurely than you do now as long as you
don’t do anything overboard.”

“I’m not interested. The Gray family won’t be involved in this.”

Before Wilbur could finish his words, Caleb, who was at the side, stood up and turned to leave.

Not only him, but Sirius also stood up.

“It’s better for the special missile to be in Asura’s Office’s hands than a madman like you. The
Blackwood family will not be involved in this matter too.”

Wilbur seemed to not have the slightest intention of stopping the representatives from the two
respectable families as they made their way out.

Wilbur looked at the remaining people and said, “There are still six here. This is enough. There are less
than seven hundred thousand soldiers in Yaleview Army. I might not be a match for Asura’s Office even
if I wage a war when joining forces with the Salladay family. You all know the motto of Asura’s Office.
The eight respectable families won’t be able to deal with them once they devour Yaleview Army. That
said, I’m different from Jonathan. He wants world peace while I desire power and status. You all can
think about which wish you can help to materialize, or perhaps will there ever be world peace with the
existence of the eight respectable families?”

In the wee hours on the southern side of River Onxy, Jonathan and Hayes were inspecting the
defensive fortification of Eastern Army in the snow.

Although Hayes had also traveled with Jonathan to restore order to the lands, he only spent about a
year and a half with Jonathan. He became King of Lumonburg and stayed in Lumonburg for the rest of
the period.

When Jonathan came to Lumonburg to settle the Gomez family matters, Hayes had put on so much
weight that he looked like a ball.

However, his face had become smaller after being in Doveston for less than three months.

It was evident that he was exhausted.

Standing on the completed fortification, Jonathan sighed softly.

Although he couldn’t see what was happening north of River Onxy, he knew that there were at least
five hundred thousand Remdikian troops two hundred miles away in the north.

The outbreak of war at River Onxy was inevitable. It was only a matter of time.

Looking at Hayes’ unkempt beard, Jonathan smiled and asked, “Hayes, do you still have any difficulties
you need me to solve here?”

He is a good leader who knows how to lead his troops into battle. Despite being a strong and brave
soldier, he lacked some military tactics knowledge in the past. However, he has improved immensely
with Eastern Army’s completed defensive fortification and the seamless integration of reinforcements
from Southern Army.

Hayes glanced at Jonathan and rubbed his cheeks with his burly hands.

“Mr. Goldstein, can’t we use the special missiles? Let’s kill them all!”


Jonathan raised his hand and smacked Hayes on his head.

“If you don’t know about the peace treaty we are bound by, you should know about the Remdikian
defense strategy. If you aim a special missile at them, they will aim another ten special missiles back at
you. Not only will you be at war, but the entire Chanaea will be engulfed in war! That’s the lives of more
than one billion people. Can you even bear the responsibility for that?”

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