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The Legendary Man Chapter 1003

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-Jonathan was frozen in shock after hearing that.

He had always assumed that Jay hurt Sophia because he was a pervert.

He was also worried that Jay might have violated Sophia, but he didn’t dare ask about it as he was
scared of getting an unpleasant answer.

It wasn’t until he heard Jay’s confession that he realized Jay only hurt Sophia because he was angry
with her.

Jay let out a wry chuckle as he leaned against the couch.

“My grandpa had that same exact look on his face when he found out about my sexuality. I know you
guys will probably never understand me, so I had never expected anyone to understand me either.
Even so, I don’t understand this at all! I agreed to marry Lauryn even though I have no interest in
women, so why did he take away my position as heir? I absolutely refuse to accept this! It’s about time
the Osborne family had a new leader. These old people should just take a break and let the young
ones run things!”

Jonathan had an amused look on his face after hearing Jay’s rant.

Lauryn had told Jonathan that she was trying to avoid the arranged marriage when she willingly got
herself into Edenic Heights as a hostage. She even expressed her dissatisfaction with the marriage

At first, Jonathan assumed that Lauryn only said that to get close to him.

However, as it turned out, Lauryn actually did it to save herself from marrying into Jay’s terrifying family.

While she would be able to live a life of luxury, she would surely suffer a lot at their hands as well.

Jonathan had wanted to say something to comfort Jay, but he couldn’t seem to find the right words.

Eventually, he simply turned around and sat down in front of Jay without saying anything.

As Jay removed the dagger from his arm and jammed it into the table, his wound bled even more

“Jonathan, what do you need me to do in order to have you believe me?”

“Oh, I believe you now!” Jonathan replied with a wave.

Even if Jay has lost his position as heir, he is still the eldest grandson of the Osborne family. I may not
have come from a respectable family, but I take great pride in my family background as well. A man’s
honor matters more to him than anything. Jay would never humiliate himself just to make me help him,
so I’ll believe his story.

With that in mind, he added, “I promise to keep your secret, Jay. After all, it has nothing to do with our
identities. If I were to kill you, I would definitely do so in an honorable fashion. I will never resort to
underhanded methods.”

Jay nodded in response. “Thanks.”

Seeing as Jonathan had already chosen to believe him, Jay no longer had to sacrifice his arm.

He then used his spiritual energy to cover the wound and readjust his broken bone.

“Jonathan, I can already predict the outcome of your battle against the Osborne family. Once you start
attacking the Osborne family, it will definitely do everything in its power to get back at you. When that
happens, Josephine and her baby are the ones that will be in danger. The Osborne family will surely
order you around while threatening you with Josephine’s safety. When your cultivation level drops to a

point where you are no longer able to serve the respectable families, then they will cast you aside. You
won’t even be able to put up a fight by then.”

Jonathan frowned slightly after hearing Jay’s analysis.

In this battle, the one who is able to cast aside their humanity will have the advantage over the other. If
I can ignore the safety of Josephine and her baby, then I could definitely wipe out the Osborne family
entirely. Since I am all alone now, it would be hard for the Osborne family to come after me. I mean,
they can’t possibly have their elders and Divine Realm cultivators search all of Chanaea for me, can
they? Problem is, I can’t just ignore Josephine and her baby. They’re my greatest weakness, and the
Osborne family knows it. Right now, my best bet is to work together with Jay to avoid provoking the
Osborne family.

With that in mind, Jonathan asked, “You said you wanted to work with me, right? Well, I want to know
what your plan is.”

If Jay is going to war with his family for power, then he would be going against God Realm cultivators
as well as Divine Realm cultivators. In the past, I could’ve at least put up a fight using Pryncyp of
Slaughter. Now that my Cor has been destroyed, however, my power has greatly diminished, and my
cultivation level will surely decrease over time. This teamwork with Jay would not benefit me at all if his
plan takes too long or isn’t within my capabilities. After all, if Josephine and her baby’s safety are
threatened, then it would make no difference whose hands they fall into, be it Jay’s or the Osborne

Jay was a smart guy, so he knew exactly what Jonathan meant by that.

“Don’t worry; my plan won’t take very long. You wouldn’t be able to help me if your cultivation level
drops to Grandmaster Realm anyway. Besides, I don’t need you to go after that many people. My
grandpa may have removed my status as heir, but I am still the eldest grandson of the Osborne family,

so there are some God Realm cultivators who will support me. I only need you to help take out two
individuals—Kimberly Osborne and Barnaby Osborne,” he said while showing Jonathan a picture of a
middle-aged man and woman on his phone.

“Are these two siblings?” Jonathan asked curiously when he saw how similar their faces looked.

Jay then lit a cigarette and slowly puffed away to calm himself down as he replied, “Yes, they are. My
uncle, Everett Osborne, is their father.”

Jonathan stared at Jay in confusion as it was his first time hearing the name “Everett.”

“He’s the old man who took my place after I lost my position as heir. He’s the ninth elder in the Osborne
family,” Jay explained with a smile when he saw Jonathan’s reaction.

Jonathan shook his head slightly in response.

“Your family sure is a strange one. Xavion and Everett are both elders and yet, they are not equal in
terms of seniority.”

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