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The Legendary Man Chapter 1006

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-As Xavion spoke, he stood up and smiled at the others.

“Everyone, Moonriver Estate is the best mountain resort in Yaleview. It’s usually a private property
that’s closed to the public. However, you’re all guests of the Osborne family since you’ve arrived here,
so everything’s on the Osborne family today. Everyone, please enjoy yourselves to your heart’s

After he finished speaking, Xavion gave a faint nod to the manager of the Moonriver Estate some
distance away. Then, he headed outside.

Right then, intense spiritual energy fluctuations came from the direction of the south gate.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Eight waves of spiritual energy burst.

The eight God Realm experts were representatives of The Untouchables.

Yet, an uninvited guest disrupted their meeting. This was no longer a matter concerning just the pride
of the Osborne family, but also the respectable families.

Despite the fact that no one had moved, the strong spiritual pressure caused the entire garden to be
swept up like a storm, making it a complete mess.

Sneering coldly, Cody looked in the direction of the door and remarked, “He must have a death wish to
cause trouble of all days!”

Although the rest of the people remained silent, they formed a large net with their spiritual senses
enveloping the direction of the door.

A few terrified Superior Realm cultivators rushed into the entrance of the small garden.

One of them exclaimed in a panic to the elderly man at the door, “Sir, we’re unable to stop the person

At that moment, Xavion waved his hand. The people at the door were swept aside with invisible
spiritual energy.

“It’s not your fault. Your cultivation level isn’t enough to handle the intruders, who are God Realm.”

As Xavion spoke, he briefly gathered his spiritual energy, followed by chanting a mantra.

“How dare you intrude the turf of the Osborne family! Stop hiding and show yourself!”

As Xavion’s words fell, a figure leaped down from mid-air and landed heavily in the flowerbed.

While holding an unconscious cultivator in each hand, Wilbur threw them aside like he was throwing
away some trash.

“How come you people didn’t let me know you were coming to Yaleview in advance? I could have done
my part and hosted you,” Wilbur remarked sarcastically with a sneer.

“Wilbur!” Eva frowned as she looked at him.

Wilbur’s Yaleview Army and the Salladay family were strategic allies in the open, but they were
completely in the dark about Wilbur’s sudden visit.

This was not a good sign.

Apart from acting as a deterrence to other respectable families, Wilbur had not lent the Salladay family
any substantial help since he rose to power.

It’s evident that Wilbur doesn’t take the entire Salladay family seriously with how he’s acting. He can
harm us if we don’t use him properly!

Wilbur waved at Eva with a smile. He then walked up to the crowd and fearlessly sat on Xavion’s chair.

“Why didn’t y’all let me know when you’re coming to Yaleview? I’m not a stranger!”

Sitting with his legs crossed, Stellario exclaimed coldly, “Wilbur, don’t be too arrogant! I don’t care if you
have relations to the Salladay family. I’ll kill you right now if you dare to provoke me!”

Eva struck the table with her hand and said, “Stellario Mallory!”

Even though Wilbur had not provided any substantial help to the Salladay family, the alliance with
Yaleview Army was a strategic move.

Even if the Yaleview Army was deployed, it would surely be done when full-scale internal war in
Chanaea broke out and the eight respectable families turn against each other.

Eva had to bind Wilbur together with the Salladay family no matter how arrogant he was. I can’t lose
him and Yaleview Army as deterrent!

“Calm down, calm down. We’re all friends as we’re all sitting here. There’s no need to cause a ruckus.”
Wilbur reached out and patted Eva’s shoulder.

“Are you even fit to refer to us as friends?” Karl sneered from across him.

“Don’t you see that the people sitting around you are all from respectable families and The
Untouchables? You’re just a lucky b*stard who managed to reach God Realm. Do you think you’re
qualified to sit with us?”

“That’s right. You’re just from Yaleview’s Zedfield.” Cody snorted in response. “You’re just nothing but
insects to us, be it you or Joshua. We can kill you any time if you dare to challenge the eight
respectable families.”

Everyone did not refute Cody’s blunt comments.

As Cody had stated, Yaleview’s Zedfield was nothing more than a puppet for the eight respectable
families to them.

Even though Wilbur had more than sixty hundred thousand soldiers under his command, they were
simply wary but never saw him as a threat.

After all, Wilbur still lacked something crucial compared to Asura’s Office—the special missile.

It would only be a waste of manpower if they were to wage war against Wilbur when he did not have
that formidable weapon.

The eight respectable families tolerated Wilbur holding this position because no one else wanted to
waste the time and stand out to go against him.

However, Wilbur had come to challenge them.

Certainly, the eight respectable families could not stand by and let him continue his arrogant behavior.

Wilbur chuckled lightly when he sensed that several people had already locked their physical energy on

He gently tugged his collar to reveal a few thin lines on his shoulder.

“Everyone, this is a detection device connected to my circulatory system. As long as my heart stops
beating, this device will directly send a command to bomb Yaleview. The entire north of Yaleview will be

destroyed in a minute.I know you are God Realm cultivators but I have doubts if you could leave this
place within one minute. Why don’t we… try it out?

” Wilbur stated with a smile.

Hearing that, Morris and the others got to their feet with icy-cold expressions, ready to attack.

Meanwhile, Eva, who sat next to Wilbur, was in anguish as if she had eaten dozens of dead flies.

Wilbur only made it to his current position with the help of the Salladay family. Otherwise, how can an
ordinary soldier like him become the commander of Yaleview Army in just three years with Joshua’s
patronage? But now, he dares to threaten our lives.

Things had proceeded beyond what the Salladay family had expected.

They’ve become dangerously close to losing control of Wilbur.

Just when everyone’s physical energy collided and was about to attack, Xavion, who was standing at
the side, simply chuckled.

“Wilbur, we’re all working under the respectable families, and nobody wants to throw their lives away
here. I believe it’s the same for you. There must be something you want to talk to us about since you
are here. Why would you need to endanger your life in that case? Everyone is looking out for their own
interests, and we can always work something out!”

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