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The Legendary Man Chapter 1005

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-Capture Joshua, huh?

Jay kept quiet as he stared at Jonathan and thought about his request.

Joshua gained the Whitley family’s inheritance, so he must possess a ton of treasures. Formation
Crusher, Troop Summoner, and Hailstorm Fan alone are regarded as the most valuable treasures in all
of Chanaea. The three Divine Realm elders of the Whitley family fought off eight Divine Realm
cultivators with the help of those three treasures. If I hand Joshua over to Jonathan, Joshua’s
strategies and resources, combined with Asura’s Office, will make Jonathan a huge threat to us all.

With that in mind, Jay shook his head and said, “No way. Joshua is far too valuable of a resource.
None of the eight respectable families would be able to rest easy if he joins Asura’s Office.”

“Eight respectable families?” The look in Jonathan’s eyes grew cold as he continued, “You can’t even
handle the Osborne family right now, and you’re worried about the safety of the other families? I only
want you and your men to help me locate Joshua after I eliminate Kimberly and Barnaby. He’s not with
you guys at the moment, is he? I’m simply trying to turn one of my enemies into an ally, that’s all. The
other seven respectable families must be hunting Joshua down in Delisgar Ridge as we speak. I am
guaranteeing the deaths of Kimberly and Barnaby in exchange for a one in eight chance of you finding
Joshua, which you haven’t even done. What do you have to lose?”


Jay shook his head helplessly when faced with Jonathan’s questioning.

“In that case, I have a condition as well. If Joshua is to join Asura’s Office, then you must hand the
three top-quality magical items over to the Osborne family.”

“I’m afraid that’s impossible.”

Jonathan had no idea why the eight respectable families were trying so hard to find the Whitley family’s
treasures, but he understood that those items were definitely of great importance.

In fact, those treasures could even be as valuable as Heaven Sword.

It hurt Jonathan deeply when he had to destroy several magical items after Sean’s identity was
exposed, so he wasn’t about to hand three of them over to the Osborne family.

“You might as well give up on Joshua, Jay. If he’s willing to join Asura’s Office, then he will become not
only one of its fighters but also a core member of the organization.”

That was when Jonathan recalled something and continued, “Oh, by the way, I forgot to tell you
something. You and the rest of the respectable families should forget about decapitating Asura’s Office.
Its reformation began a year ago, so it wouldn’t do you guys any good even if you managed to
eliminate the Eight Kings of War. Asura’s Office is currently practicing a reserve system that will
immediately replace fallen commanders with the next highest-ranking commander. Therefore, Asura’s
Office could send seven of its Eight Kings of War after the eight respectable families. Keep in mind that
we have tons of special missiles as well as a wide arsenal of weaponry and tactics at our disposal.
They may call me ‘Asura,’ but I’ve been holding back far too much in the past. I’ve denied their
requests to rise in arms for three years. Now that I have stepped down and placed Hades in charge, I
can’t promise he’ll be willing to do the same. Trust me, the eight respectable families can never hope to
defeat us.”

Jay glared at Jonathan after hearing his blatant threat.

Under normal circumstances, a descendant of a respectable family like Jay would’ve exploded with
anger after being threatened.

However, he prioritized reclaiming his position as heir over such senseless acts of ego and pride.

“Heh… You sure are a funny one, Jonathan. I doubt you guys can bring yourselves to bomb all of
Drieso into ashes!”

“You’re right. Drieso has a population of over one hundred million, after all. Warblerich, however, is a
different story,” Jonathan replied with a chuckle.

Jay leaped to his feet and clenched his teeth when he heard that.

“Was it Josephine?” he asked while glaring viciously at Jonathan.

A respectable family’s ancestral ground is the root of its existence. Two states that are right next to
each other could be as different as day and night. If Jonathan is able to mention Warblerich, then the
Osborne family’s ancestral ground must have been exposed somehow. As much as I want to reclaim
my position as heir, I would never reveal the location of my family’s ancestral ground. Therefore,
whoever exposed it couldn’t have been one of us. No member of the Osborne family would cross that
line, so it must’ve been Josephine! I know about her being in contact with Edenic Heights, but all of her
calls are monitored, so she couldn’t have leaked that information without anyone knowing. Where did
we go wrong?

“I know the locations of the ancestral grounds of all eight of the respectable families, Jay. Some of the
exact locations span up to a third of a city. In other words, Asura’s Office has the ability to pinpoint the
location of the respectable families within three days if we so much as feel like it. Anyway, I believe
we’ve spoken more than enough here. If you want me to help eliminate those two, then I will get it
done. You must have been keeping an eye on them, right? Give me their locations, and I’ll take care of
them,” Jonathan said with a nonchalant chuckle while slowly rising to his feet.

Jay stared silently at Jonathan in an attempt to see if he was bluffing, but gave up about ten seconds

As much as I hate to admit it, the location of the Osborne family’s ancestral ground has been

Jay slumped weakly against the couch and chugged on the wine in front of him.

“You know Xavion. You two worked together while you were in Remdik. He’s on my side. Here’s a
number that you can contact him with. Meet up with him, and he will take you to Delisgar Ridge,” Jay
said while retrieving a card from his pocket.

Jonathan took it over using his spiritual energy and got ready to leave.

“I hope you will uphold your end of the bargain and keep my wife and child safe.”

Joshua, who was busy running for his life in Delisgar Ridge, had no idea that Jonathan and Jay had
just traded him like an object.

Xavion was lounging in a chair in Moonriver Estate when he received a call on his phone.

He then made his way to the side and activated his force field before answering the call.

There was a smile on his face when he returned moments later.

“Let us end this meeting here, everyone. Something came up at home, so I need to get going now.”

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