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The Legendary Man Chapter 1004

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-“What’s so strange about that? The respectable families have been
in existence for thousands of years. This happens if any of the members gets married and has kids
eight to ten years later than the others of their generation. Besides, if we’re going strictly by seniority,
then I technically surpass that old man Everett in terms of seniority! However, the seniority ranking is
only reserved for those who are incapable in the Osborne family. Everett is regarded as our ninth elder
because he has reached God Realm. That is an ironclad rule that no one can defy,” Jay said in the
most casual tone possible.

Jonathan let out a huge sigh after hearing Jay’s explanation.

“In that case, Everett, Kimberly, and Barnaby would make three God Realm cultivators in a single
family. That’s a little ridiculous if you ask me.”

With the exception of myself, Karl, and Wilbur, all the other God Realm cultivators in Chanaea are from
the eight respectable families. I can’t believe Everett alone has three God Realm cultivators in that little
family of his! Now I see why Everett was able to take Jay’s place!

“You don’t understand the respectable families well enough. Pretty much every elder from the
respectable families would invest all of their available resources in their future generations. Even the
most insignificant members of the respectable families tend to possess wealth and resources that
would make others green with envy. Given the amount of material wealth and resources we own, there
is literally no need for us to hoard anything. The only thing that can threaten us is our own family
members and the seven other respectable families. Therefore, once a person has control over the flow
of wealth and resources within the family, everyone will side with that person’s future generations.
Everett invested a huge amount of resources in Kimberly and Barnaby when he was the head butler.
Those two were only able to reach God Realm with the help of spiritual energy.”

Jonathan was reminded of Ksana when he heard what Jay said.

I bet that girl is having the time of her life sunbathing in the warm climate of Terrence’s territory right
now. I sent her off after giving up on my plan to head over to Mount Enly, but I promised Seboxia I’d
help him retrieve the emperor’s heart. Also, I’m heading over to Sanctuary to obtain the method to
produce God Realm cultivators. While mass-producing sentient Grandmaster Realm cultivators may
not be possible even though I have brought Charleigh back, we can at least replenish the Grandmaster
Realm cultivators of Asura’s Office. Research and advanced technology alone cannot produce God
Realm cultivators in a short period of time, though. Regardless, I will be sure to bring back a huge
amount of Holy Blood from Sanctuary even if I fail to find the method to produce God Realm cultivators!
I have no idea what Holy Blood may do to the people at Asura’s Office, but I can’t afford to worry about
that now. It might lead to an addiction problem, but guys like Charleigh and Jason should be able to
handle it.

Oblivious to Jonathan’s change in expression, Jay continued talking about his plan.

“Everett plans on getting his children into the Osborne family’s management level once he rises to
power. He sent them over to Doveston to capture Joshua Whitley so they could take credit for it.”

“I see…” Jonathan nodded absent-mindedly, only to snap out of his dazed state and ask, “Wait, who
were you talking about?”

Startled by his sudden outburst, Jay took a few seconds to recall his words before replying, “Kimberly
and Barnaby, of course.”

“No, not those two. Who did you say they were looking for in Doveston?”

“Joshua Whitley. What about it?” Jay stared at Jonathan in confusion as he continued, “Haven’t you
heard? Joshua has shown up in Delisgar Ridge of Doveston.”

“How would I have heard of that?” Jonathan retorted with his eyes wide.

He had spent the majority of his time running for his life throughout the past six months, so he couldn’t
possibly have time to worry about Joshua.

All he knew was that Wilbur took over after Joshua went missing during the power struggle in Yaleview.

Since Joshua was like a general without his army, Jonathan wasn’t about to waste his time and energy
searching for him.

Besides, the intelligence network in Doveston was down when Joshua made his way into Delisgar
Ridge, so there was no way for them to relay that information over to Asura’s Office.

Asura’s Office had little to no control over Doveston at the time, so it didn’t have the resources to look
up such information either.

Having heard what Jay said, Jonathan understood that Jay wanted him to head over to Delisgar Ridge
and eliminate Kimberly and Barnaby.

Since he would be in Delisgar Ridge, he figured he would search for Joshua while he was at it.

There were far too few God Realm cultivators out there without connections to the eight respectable
families, and Joshua had gained the Whitley family’s inheritance.

That made him a literal living, breathing treasury and a force to be reckoned with in Chanaea.

The eight respectable families were enemies with the Whitley family and were still trying to kill Joshua.

Since Wilbur was the one who eliminated Joshua, there was no way he would let Joshua make a

Therefore, Joshua could only go to a neutral party like Asura’s Office for help.

If Jonathan could get Joshua on his side, then it would greatly benefit Asura’s Office in terms of
firepower and resources.

“I can help you take out Kimberly and Barnaby, but under a few conditions,” Jonathan said calmly.

The look in Jay’s eyes grew solemn as he replied, “Name your terms.”

“First of all, you are to ensure the safety of my wife and child as promised. My cultivation level is
decreasing rapidly, so I’d be pushing myself to my limits just to kill these two God Realm cultivators.
You are not to make any more demands from me afterward.”

Jonathan then took a button off his collar and placed it on the table as he continued, “This is a hidden
camera. If you go against your word or are unable to rescue my wife and child as promised, then your
family shall witness this conversation of ours. If that were to happen, you could forget about making
any form of comeback throughout the rest of your life.”

Jay’s expression was filled with disgust when he saw the button-shaped camera on the table.

I told Jonathan my biggest secret in order to show my sincerity in working with him, and yet, he pulled
such a dirty trick on me…

After taking a moment to suppress his intense feelings of displeasure, Jay reluctantly nodded and said,
“All right, you have my word. Go ahead and tell me your next condition. I’m guessing it has something
to do with Joshua, right?”

“Yes, you’re right. Once you rise to power, I will need your men to help me put up an act and capture
Joshua!” Jonathan replied with a smile.

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