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The Legendary Man Chapter 1002

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-Unmatched Brutality

Jonathan used to be known as Asura, whose alias commanded fear and respect all over Chanaea and
was the former person in charge of Asura’s Office.

Jay was a direct descendant and former heir of the Osborne family, which was one of the eight
respectable families in Chanaea.

The two of them used to be enemies who wanted nothing more than to rip each other’s throats out, and
yet, here they were, calmly seated together and staring at each other.

After a few minutes of complete silence, Jonathan was the first to speak up.

“So, your reason for wanting to work with me is related to the loss of your status as heir to your family,

“That’s right.”

“Your own people set you up, and now, you want to use me to reclaim your position as heir?”

“No. I lost my position as heir through my own actions, but I need your help to reclaim it.”

“And why should I work with you? I just need to talk to the person in charge of the Osborne family. I’m
pretty sure they wouldn’t want me as their enemy,” Jonathan asked with a frown.

“That’s impossible.” Jay let out a chuckle as he continued, “You underestimate the Osborne family’s
principles when it comes to handling business, Jonathan.”

Since he was speaking directly to the supposed heir of the Osborne family, Jonathan decided not to
argue with him on that.

Jay had been educated on his family’s ways since he was a kid, so he knew his family far better than
anyone else.

Jay took a sip of the wine and leaned against the couch as he said, “The respectable families have
principles for how they operate. While your threat to slay the key members of the Osborne family may
sound terrifying, it will not shake the family’s foundation at all. As for teaming up with the other
respectable families to go against the Osborne family… Well, I would suggest you drop that idea right

He continued, “Did you really think the Eight Great Families were able to coexist and develop
peacefully for so many years because they lacked high-level cultivators? Had your Cor not been
broken, you might have been able to find someone who was willing to back you up. After all, you have
the potential to reach Divine Realm. However, I doubt anyone would want to work with you now. Most
importantly, my family is still holding Josephine and the child prisoner. They know that you’ll wipe out
the entire family if they refuse to release her, but they can also kill her before that happens. As such,
your threat is completely useless against them.”

“Oh, you guys wouldn’t dare kill her. If anything happens to Josephine, I will be sure to show you guys
how crazy I can get,” Jonathan replied.

Jay shook his head lightly when he saw the desperate look in Jonathan’s eyes.

“Yes, you’re right. It’s true that we wouldn’t dare kill her. After all, no respectable family would risk being
targeted by a God Realm cultivator like you. However, keep in mind that we can still hurt her. Asura’s
Office is a fair and just organization. Well, at least, you guys believe it is so. You guys usually go
straight for the kill when faced with an enemy, but us respectable families don’t exactly play nice. The
eight respectable families make the rules that this society abides by, Jonathan. Do you have any idea
how many of our family members have made their way into the legal justice system and modified the
laws of this country? We exist on a plane above yours, so we need not hold back when dealing with our

enemies. If you dare attack any member of the Osborne family, we could put Josephine through
unimaginably cruel tortures in retaliation. Either that, or we could wait till she gives birth and raise her
child together with the animals—”


Jay was cut off when Jonathan swung his fist at the wine cabinet behind him.

That punch instantly shattered all the wine bottles on the cabinet and sent the pieces of broken glass
flying dozens of meters out the window.

Although Jonathan knew that Jay was simply telling him what the respectable families could do to
Josephine, hearing about it still angered him to no end.

Jay shook his body slightly, blowing the pieces of broken glass off his head with the surrounding
spiritual energy.

“Jonathan, do keep in mind that I haven’t gone into detail about the actual tortures they could put her
through. I know this very well because I am a member of a respectable family. If you proceed to do
what you said you would, they will do far worse than send you her dead body. We’re talking about
dozens of years of torture that will have her begging them to kill her instead.”

That was when Jonathan finally realized how much he had underestimated the respectable families.

Or rather, he had overestimated their morality.

Those people had stooped so low that they could barely even be called human.

However, the respectable families would not have thrived till this day if it weren’t for their brutal ways.

After all, a certain level of brutality was required for organizations and countries to prosper and stand
strong in the face of their adversaries. Those who relied solely on honorable methods would not get
very far in life.

“Fine, I’ll admit that I underestimated the methods of the respectable families. What can you do for me
in return, though?” Jonathan asked while glaring coldly at Jay.

“I can ensure the safety of Josephine and the child. Once I have risen to power, I will have them
delivered to you safely,” Jay replied while putting his glass down.

“And why should I believe you?” Jonathan asked coldly.

Jay froze for a few seconds before recalling that he was enemies with Jonathan.

Oh, that’s right… Because we’re enemies, he’ll think I’m just using him to save myself.

“Okay, I understand your concern. If you need me to prove my sincerity, then that is what I shall do,”
Jay said as he summoned a dagger and slashed at his wounded left arm.

“Freeze!” Jonathan shouted as he used his spiritual energy to stop Jay from hurting himself.

However, he wasn’t fast enough. Jay’s dagger had cut into a third of his arm, and blood was pouring
onto the couch.

Jonathan shot him an icy-cold glare and shook his head.

“You can’t expect me to believe you simply by cutting off an injured arm, Jay. It wouldn’t even be a fair
trade. If you want to work with me, then tell me what you did that cost you your position as heir.”

Jay, who had been relatively calm all this while, got all worked up when he heard that. His pupils
dilated, and his face became as white as a sheet.

“Would you help me if I told you?” he asked with his teeth clenched.

Jonathan nodded. “As long as you are able to convince me to.”

Jay tightened his grip on the dagger, seemingly going through a myriad of emotions. Eventually, he
took a deep breath and stared Jonathan in the eye as he said, “I-It was because of my sexuality… I’m
not into women.”

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