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The Legendary Man Chapter 1001

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-The Grandmasters saw the flash of murderous intent cross Jay’s
face, and they immediately chorused, “Yes, sir!”

“Then… we’ll retreat, for now, Mr. Osborne. If there’s any danger…”

Before the man could finish, Jay yelled, “F*ck off!”

Not daring to stay any longer, the Grandmasters urgently turned around and scrambled downstairs.

Jay flashed Jonathan a smile.

“Now that there’s no one here to disturb you, you can strike me now. I can do it myself if you think it’s
too troublesome to do it.”

Jonathan studied Jay’s nonchalant expression, and a flash of confusion crossed his eyes.

I don’t think this brat is a fake, but I don’t understand why he did those stuff back in Yaleview if this is
his actual temperament. He can even be a leader. Obliterating the Goldstein family and forcing me to
submit is a trust-fund baby’s method of winning people over. I’m not like others. He shouldn’t use
means that will push me away if he wants me to join his side. Thus, I’m suspicious that the Jay
Osborne in front of me isn’t the same one I knew.

It wasn’t that Jonathan was being overly cautious. Instead, he was just scared of another Possession

Both Ryan and Sean only appeared after they were possessed.

Especially Sean. If Jonathan didn’t put his life on the line to drag the high-grade spiritual weapon into
the earth, the explosion alone was enough to blow up half of Edenic Heights. The mere thought of it
sent shivers down Jonathan’s spine.

Regardless of their strength, I’m sure cultivators with the Possession skillset are all sly b*stards. I’ll
have to be extra careful with them.

He rested his hand on Jay’s pulse and pumped his spiritual energy into Jay’s elixir field.

His spiritual energy flowed smoothly and wasn’t met with any resistance.

He isn’t showing any signs of Possession.

Despite that, Jonathan was still apprehensive. He decided to wake Seboxia.

“Sir Seboxia, since you have a comprehensive understanding of Pryncyp of Life, can you help me
check whether this man is possessed?”

“He’s not,” Seboxia answered casually, then fell silent.

However, his answer eased Jonathan’s worries.

I’m confident in beating Jay at his game as long as some old being is not possessing him.

Forming seals with one hand, Jonathan slapped a restraining barrier on Jay’s midriff.

The spell was temporary but could delay Jay for a few seconds if he tried to draw his spiritual energy.

A few seconds was all Jonathan needed to finish him off.

Dispersing his force field, Jonathan set Jay on the ground.

“What do you want to discuss with me, brat?”

The corners of Jay’s lips curled into a faint smile when he saw Jonathan had no intention of hurting

“You sure are cautious, Jonathan Goldstein. If I’m not wrong, you were checking if I was possessed
earlier on, right?”

“You know a lot.” Jonathan snickered.

“I’m curious about what you’ve experienced in less than six months since the way you handle things is
vastly different from before. I’m skeptical about whether the person in front of me is the real you,” he

Jay’s left arm was slightly deformed. Jonathan’s squeeze earlier had crushed his bones.

However, Jay was acting as if the broken arm wasn’t his. He shrugged his injury off and smiled at
Jonathan indifferently.

“If you don’t plan on avenging your aunt now, should we grab a seat inside and talk?”

The two entered an office in Osborne Group that used to belong to a man called Keene Osborne.

He was sniped at his seat the night before.

Satisfaction filled Jonathan when he was taken into the room with sticky, dried bloodstains on the floor
and a faintly metallic tang of blood in the air.

It was the outcome he wanted. The eight respectable families would only be docile if they were

Once they were docile, only then would he get the opportunity to talk with them at the same table.

Jay sat opposite Jonathan and used his spiritual energy to pour Jonathan a glass of wine.

“Jonathan, your Cor is broken. From today onward, you’ll be walking a downhill path. What is your
motive for coming here today?”

Jonathan pushed the wine glass to the side.

“Josephine. You’ve kidnapped her.”

Jay nodded. “That’s right. It’s Josephine. She’s currently five months pregnant. Her belly is showing. Do
you think the Osborne family will care whether Josephine is dead or alive after you relinquish your
authority over Asura’s Office to them? Oh… They might care if we’re in the past. After all, it’s a good
deal if we tie a God Realm cultivator to us just by caring for a pregnant woman. Now, however, your
Cor is broken. Do you think you’re worth anything to the respectable families now?”

“No.” Jonathan chuckled. “But don’t forget I’m still a God Realm cultivator, even now. With my abilities,
killing a few same-rank cultivators is a cakewalk. In other words, I might not have the title of Asura’s
Office’s leader, but I’m now a much more dangerous existence to the respectable families than before.”

Jonathan pointed at the puddle of dried bloodstain beneath the desk across the room.

“I’m not in danger, yet I’m also your biggest threat. I can’t do anything, but I can also render you all
helpless. Release Josephine. I’ll leave Chanaea with her and stay out of sight as a commoner for the
rest of my life. If you refuse, I’ll single out all the Osborne family’s outer disciples from today onward. I’ll
kill those in God Realm if there are any, then the Grandmasters, then the ones in Superior Realm… If
there are no cultivators, I’ll slaughter the commoners! Once your supply has been severed and your
ties with the other respectable families broken, I trust that many will love to see the Osborne family fall
into ruin.”

Jay looked at Jonathan with gleaming eyes.

“How ruthless! You’re crueler than I am. No wonder you could gather an army of two million in three
years. Let’s collaborate. How about that?”


Jonathan eyed Jay puzzledly.

“I don’t understand. Aren’t the Osborne family already collaborating with me?”

“I’m not representing my family right now.” Jay beamed. “I’m asking you on my behalf.”

Jonathan eyed Jay up and down, gauging him.

Even though Jay was being vague with his words, Jonathan got a gist of what had happened.

Something happened to the Osborne family. It’s likely related to Jay losing his place as an heir

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