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The Legendary Man Chapter 1000

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-The Changes In Jay

The spiritual energy gushed out of Jonathan uncontrollably like a burst dam.

In the blink of an eye, he had Jay, who was twenty meters away, in his grasp with the quick spread of
his force field.


“Protect Mr. Osborne!”

Other than the Grandmaster, who nearly died at Jonathan’s hands, all other six charged toward

An afterimage flickered, and a golden glow swiftly flashed past the six people. Before they realized
what was happening, they were blown away. Screams of terror reverberated.

Standing by Jay’s side, Jonathan removed the strange bronze handbell atop his head.

With a gentle clench of his fist, Jay instantly grunted painfully.

Even though Jay’s cultivation level was Grandmaster Realm, his force field was useless among

He felt as though an invincible, large hand was squeezing him.

Both his feet were lifted off the ground. His face flushed red, and he looked like he was in great pain.

Jonathan merely stared coldly at Jay’s suffering. With a slight twitch of his finger, a loud crack came
from Jay’s left arm.

That was the sound of Jay’s bones breaking.

The two men behind Jay moved to attack Jonathan. Sensing movement behind him, Jonathan raised
his left hand slightly, and two magical items shot toward the two men before halting half an inch from
the middle of their brows.

“I, Jonathan Goldstein, can slaughter another sixty Grandmasters let alone only the six of you!”

“Jonathan Goldstein?”

Masks of terror flashed across the Grandmasters’ faces at Jonathan’s name.

Cultivators from respectable families that reached Grandmaster Realm knew about the war of the Eight
Great Families against the Whitley family ten years ago.

The war ended, and the Eight Great Families became Chanaea’s top-rung respectable families. No one
had dared to go up against them, fearing an outcome like the Whitley family. The Eight Great Families
didn’t have any enemies ever since.

Anyone who reached the Grandmaster Realm was considered a sub-core member of a respectable
family. Being a member, albeit a sub-core one, would mean being safe from danger despite the need to
undertake some missions daily.

After all, no one would foolishly mess with the Eight Great Families.

Even members of the respectable families themselves wouldn’t initiate a fight with each other.

The armistice between the Eight Great Families was still in effect. With their current structure, if anyone
of them made the first move, that family would most likely be used as a reason for the rest to attack
and become the target of the public’s criticism.

However, Jonathan was an exception to that rule.

Even Garrison from the Osborne family died in Jonathan’s hands, much less a Grandmaster.

Who would dare to mess with a ruthless man like him?

The Grandmasters knew what punishments awaited them if something happened to Jay and they didn’t
save him. They would most likely end up dead.

Since they would die either way, they decided to put their lives on the line in the fight against Jonathan.

The news of Jonathan’s broken Cor had spread widely. Naturally, the Grandmasters had heard about it.

Even though they had no idea whether Jonathan’s cultivation level would plummet immensely in such a
short period from his broken Cor, they were itching to fight him.

Jay was a core member of the Osborne family. Despite having his name crossed out from the heir
candidate list, there was no way they would remove him from their inner circle with his powerful

The Grandmasters knew their future life in the Osborne family would improve, and they could rise
through the ranks rapidly if they rescued Jay.

With that thought in mind, the Grandmasters simultaneously reach for their weapons, preparing to fight

They weren’t afraid of a cultivator without Pryncyp. Jonathan would merely possess greater spiritual
energy than the others.

With numbers on their side, they figured they would come out victorious.

Yet, at that moment, Jay had seen through their intention and shouted, “I said stop! I’ll kill anyone who
dares to rescue me, regardless of whether I’m dead or alive!”

All the Grandmasters halted their movement at Jay’s warning.

Not only the cultivators from the Osborne family were stunned, but even Jonathan was confused.

Looking at Jay, he chuckled. “Look what we have here? Mr. Osborne, who fled the other day in
Yaleview, only caring about his life, is acting tough today!”

“Am I?” Jay grunted through gritted teeth before admitting, “Jonathan, I admit I underestimated the
Goldstein family that day back in Yaleview. Wait, no. Not the Goldstein family. We have underestimated
you, Jonathan.”

“Did you now?” Jonathan laughed. “You guys from respectable families should know my prowess.
Otherwise, why would you dare to kidnap Josephine? I originally came here today to discuss
something with the Osborne family, but now I have changed my mind. I want to avenge Aunt Sophia
first! You’ll have to die!”

Jonathan’s spiritual energy surged as he intended to squeeze Jay to death.

However, when Jay spewed out a mouthful of blood, he yelled, “You’re being unfair, Jonathan

Jonathan eased up on the spiritual pressure and shot Jay a curious look.

“Unfair? Jay Osborne, you nearly killed my aunt, so I’m taking your life now. Where’s the unfairness?”

Khaff! Jay’s face scrunched into a mask of pain. “Of course, you’re being unfair. I just hurt your aunt. I
didn’t kill her. It doesn’t make sense for you to kill me.”

Jonathan nearly burst out laughing from the rage burning within him at Jay’s reasoning.

The only reason Aunt Sophia didn’t die was that I traveled to Summerbank to search for her cure. What
does she being alive have anything to do with him?

However, Jay’s toughness touched Jonathan.

This fellow didn’t resist at all since I captured him with my spiritual energy. Even if a cultivator’s body is
much tougher than the average person’s, I’m sure it still hurts being subjected to such crushing
pressure. Yet, he didn’t even make a sound up till now. Putting his other qualities aside, his endurance
alone is astounding. With such temperament, he wouldn’t have done something like flee. Yet the last
time in Yaleview…

At the thought, Jonathan reassessed the man close to his age.

“Since you think I’m being unreasonable, tell me your reasonable solution.”

Jay looked at Jonathan with a smile.

“Easy. Hurt me until I end up with the same injuries as your aunt. If I die, it just means that’s my fate,
and if I survive, let’s continue our discussion.”

Jay swung his gaze to the rest of the cultivators from the Osborne family.

“All of you head down and wait for me. Even if I die today, none of you will stop Mr. Goldstein from
leaving. I’ll kill anyone who defies my orders.”

“But… Mr. Osborne…”

None of the Grandmasters dared to leave despite his order.

Isn’t he toying with his life by leaving it up to Jonathan? Surely, Old Mr. Osborne won’t let us live if we
leave now!

“Didn’t you guys hear me? Are my words worthless now that I’m not an heir candidate?”

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