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The Legendary Man Chapter 999

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-Those people were the core members of the eight respectable
families’ auxiliary bloodlines.

However, to prevent them from posing any threats to the main lineage, these people were absolutely
forbidden from returning to their ancestral land.

As a result, if the eight respectable families wanted to protect them, they had to employ cultivators in
the Grandmaster Realm and above to safeguard those members of the auxiliary bloodlines.

Nevertheless, doing so would inevitably drain the ancestral land’s strength.

Moreover, they couldn’t keep those people from moving about and have them stay in safe places all the

After all, if those members of the auxiliary bloodlines stopped managing their external forces, they
would lose their worth to the ancestral lands, and without value, there would be no need to preserve

Those valuable to the ancestral land needed protection, but excessive sheltering would render their
existence meaningless.

The situation was paradoxical, forming a logical loop that left the eight respectable families with no
solution, and that was Jonathan’s revenge against them.

According to his plan, that was only the first step.

The bounty was his way of pressuring the eight respectable families, while the second step was to let
them acknowledge his lunacy.

Jonathan had many concerns when he was a part of Asura’s Office.

His every decision, whether to fight or surrender, to defend or attack, affected the lives of nearly two
million people.

But now, after leaving Asura’s Office, Jonathan was no longer bogged down by scruples.

Since the Osborne family kidnapped Josephine, Jonathan could begin retaliating against them.

A freely-moving God Realm elite could easily eradicate all possessions held by the Osborne family
outside the ancestral land.

So what if they were one of the respectable families?

They only had a few God Realm elites, and there was no way all members of the Osborne family’s
auxiliary bloodlines in the whole Chanaea could be assigned a God Realm bodyguard each.

Even if the Osborne family was capable of accomplishing that, it was uncertain whether those God
Realm cultivators were Jonathan’s match.

No one could say for sure if those God Realm cultivators would play the role of a bodyguard or merely
be tasked to court death.

Jonathan hailed a car and headed straight to Osborne Group in Horington.

The Osborne family’s business was expansive, spanning various industries and covering the entire

Their most representative asset was Osborne Group.

Osborne Group was one of the top ten real estate companies in Chanaea, and its headquarters was
located at Horington.

The taxi stopped in front of Osborne Group. After Jonathan paid the fare and got out of the vehicle, he
instantaneously felt a sense of oppression.

Osborne Group was located in the city center, and the area was a genuine central business district.

Regardless of day or night, that place should’ve been bustling with people instead of featuring the
deserted scene it was now.

Looking around, Jonathan noticed four black sedans parked at each corner of the plaza in front of the

Jonathan extended his spiritual sense and detected a Grandmaster Realm cultivator’s aura from each
of the four black vehicles.

The cultivators in the cars reacted almost immediately after Jonathan unleashed his spiritual sense.

Four figures dashed out from the vehicles, landed around Jonathan, and surrounded him.

“Who are you?” one of the burly men asked Jonathan coldly.

At that moment, Jonathan suppressed his spiritual energy, so it was impossible to discern whether he
was a Grandmaster Realm or Superior Realm cultivator by studying the fluctuation of his aura.

Otherwise, those four Grandmasters wouldn’t have dared to challenge a God Realm cultivator.

Jonathan grinned at the brawny man in front of him. “I’d like to meet with the person in charge here and
discuss the incident related to the attacks on the Osborne family today.”


A piercing sound reverberated in the air as Jonathan raised his right arm and clasped a razor-sharp
dagger, his hand now enveloped in a dragon claw formed entirely from spiritual energy.


Jonathan broke the dagger, slowly released his grip, and tossed the blade on the ground.

“You’re no match for me. Take me to the person in charge here. I’m here to talk business.”

“This is the Osborne family’s territory. We won’t allow you to do—”

That burly man wanted to continue speaking, but Jonathan quickly grabbed his throat with one hand.

The other three people nearby brandished their weapons and wanted to take action, but the cultivator
caught by Jonathan suddenly yelled in a hurry.

“Stop!” he bellowed in fear.

At that moment, not only was Jonathan gripping that man’s throat with his hand, but he also willed his
spiritual energy into an invisible giant hand, clutching the latter’s heart.

Jonathan could easily crush that man’s heart with a single whim if he wished.

That burly man figured anyone who could so effortlessly subdue a Grandmaster could only be a
cultivator in God Realm or above. If we do anything foolish now, not only will I die, but everyone here
will also likely perish alongside me.

Jonathan casually threw the man aside before dusting his hands. “Can I enter now?”

Although the other three men didn’t know what was going on, they were intimidated after witnessing
how their leader was easily overpowered. Hence, none of them dared to halt Jonathan.

The cultivator, who had almost died, was even more frightened and hastily scrambled to one side.

“Please, g-go ahead.”

“Lead the way,” Jonathan said indifferently.

That man shuddered. He was too afraid to resist despite being reluctant to follow Jonathan’s order.

Under the trio’s watchful gaze, Jonathan and the Grandmaster Realm cultivator entered the building.

The once-bustling premise was now devoid of any signs of life.

Three core members of Osborne Group had been assassinated a day earlier, killed by a gunshot,
poison, or car accident, respectively.

The three victims suffered horrible deaths. Osborne Group’s other ordinary employees didn’t
understand the hidden truth and simply thought that the Osborne family had offended some people.

They submitted their resignation letters one after the other, fearing they might be implicated in the
assassinations. The lingering panic in everyone’s chest rendered them unable to perform at work as

Therefore, the Osborne family decided to grant all their staff members working in the building a leave of
absence, hoping to wait out the crisis for now.

Jonathan followed the Grandmaster to the thirty-fifth floor by taking the elevator.

As soon as they stepped out of the elevator, Jonathan noticed the six Grandmaster Realm cultivators in
the hallway.

“Hey, what’s going on? Why did you bring someone up here? one of the Grandmasters in the hallway
barked at the cultivator beside Jonathan.

The brawny man wore a bitter expression on his face. Since Jonathan was right behind him, he didn’t
dare to say anything and could only desperately signal the others in front of him with his eyes.

Seeing the agonized look on their colleague’s face, those Grandmasters grimaced.

Without a second thought, they summoned and wielded their weapons.

However, at that instant, a calm voice sounded from behind them.

“Everyone, stand down.”

Upon hearing that, the Grandmasters retreated to both sides of the corridor.

When Jonathan shifted his attention to the man who spoke, a hint of murderous intent flashed across
his eyes.

Jay! He’s the one who nearly killed Aunt Sophia! This is the person I yearned to murder the most.

“Jonathan, we finally met,” Jay greeted Jonathan with a smile.

“Indeed. I finally found you. You sure made it difficult for me to locate you, Jay.”

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