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-The eight respectable families felt both appreciation and loathing
toward Asura’s Office. After all, anyone would wish for their power and influence to grow with every
passing day. However, the organization that helped to stabilize Chanaea was also the one who wanted
to get rid of them! They longed to eliminate Asura’s Office, yet no other organization had emerged that
could take its place. That was why they were in a dilemma.

While everyone was silent, Stellario suddenly sat up straighter and said, “Oh! You mentioned the
Whitley family earlier. Do you think… Could that have been Joshua’s doing?”

The representatives of the respectable families were stunned when they heard that.

Smacking his thigh, Xavion exclaimed, “That’s right! We’ve hunted Joshua for so long. Not that he
dares not show himself; it’s entirely plausible that he could be doing this to get revenge on us!”

“No matter whether you look at it from timing, financial capability, or motive, it all matches up!”
someone else piped up.

Another added, “Now that you mention it, that does make sense.”

The others turned to each other and exchanged conflicted looks.

To them, Joshua had always been a loser who could barely hide from the eight families, so they had
never considered the possibility that he could be the culprit.

However, Stellario’s remark made them increasingly convinced that regardless of whether it was in
terms of the motive or other aspects, it seemed more likely that Joshua was responsible for the bounty
instead of Jonathan.

“D*mn it! That little brat must be behind it!” Cody snarled coldly. “One doesn’t need the right
background or power to post a bounty on Dark Web. All he needs is a computer to do that, and that

brat has a storage ring. It has to be him.”

“I agree. If we’re talking about financial capability, Joshua has no problem forking out three hundred
billion, let alone three billion. After all, the Whitley family left him a fortune,” said Winston.

Stellario was no longer his usual languid self. Instead, he squatted on his chair and looked at the others
with shining eyes. “That’s right! Just think about it. That guy has a grudge against the eight respectable
families and longs to bring us down. All this is his fault, I’m sure of it.”

Even Eva, the one who hated Asura’s Office the most, mulled over the matter in her heart. “What you
say seems reasonable. Jonathan handed over control of Asura’s Office of his own volition because his
Pryncyp has been destroyed.”

“Now is the most dangerous time for both Asura’s Office and Jonathan.”

“At a time like that, there’s no way they’d try to make trouble for us. It looks like we were barking up the
wrong tree.”

“There’s no doubt that it was Joshua!”

The representatives of the eight respectable families voiced their opinions one after another, throwing
out their previous suspicions and identifying a new culprit—Joshua!

While that discussion was happening, Joshua and Hayden were fighting guerrillas in the depths of the
primeval forest along Delisgar Ridge when Joshua sneezed several times in a row. The pair looked at
each other in confusion.

“Are you… sick?” Hayden asked doubtfully while holding a sniper rifle in his hands.

Joshua was just as perplexed. A God Realm cultivator catching a cold? Isn’t that a little far-fetched?

In fact, that was not only true for God Realm cultivators. It applied to anyone who had reached Superior
Realm and above whose bodies had received nourishment from spiritual energy for a long time. Even if
that person sat outside in the dead of winter without a single shred of clothing, it was impossible for
them to fall sick.

Hence, Joshua’s sudden sneezing fit baffled them.

Joshua rubbed his nose and replied in confusion, “I’ve no idea. Could I be allergic to something?”

Hayden turned and glanced around them. They were deep in a dense forest, and apart from the snow-
covered ground, the only other things surrounding them were ancient trees. “That’s ridiculous. All
around us are pine trees and snow only, so what could you be allergic to? It can’t be me, can it?”

Joshua rolled his eyes at Hayden in response. At first, this guy managed to maintain a calm and aloof
demeanor. Now that we’ve spent more time together, I think I’ve finally figured out his temperament.
He’s such a funny person. Regardless of whether it’s the angle from which he tackles a problem or his
day-to-day attitude, he has no scruples or principles whatsoever. He’s so laid-back. I can’t figure out
how someone like him became a God Realm cultivator.

Suddenly, Joshua furrowed his brows. “Say, do you think it’s because someone is talking bad about

Hayden chuckled. “Talking bad about you? The eight respectable families have wanted to do you in for
a long time now, so why haven’t I seen you sneeze like this before?”

“You have a point,” Joshua replied, nodding. “Ah, forget it. Let’s not worry about that and get out of this
place first. Those guys are conducting searches more frequently. We need to keep heading north. We’ll
decide our next move after we cross the border into Remdik.”

Hayden went up to Joshua immediately. “What the heck? You’re not trying to pull a fast one on me, are
you? My family is betting everything on you. Are you confident about finding the thing you’re looking

“Don’t worry,” Joshua responded with a laugh. Then, he spread his arms to his side and started running
toward the north.

Behind him, Hayden mumbled something glumly before following suit.

At that moment, Joshua was blissfully oblivious that someone had put a three billion bounty on his

Meanwhile, Jonathan had already arrived in Drieso.

Before he had even gotten out of the car, however, Dark Special Forces’ Intelligence Unit began
reporting back on the results of the bounty on the eight respectable families.

Eighty-nine million of the bounty’s total had been claimed, which filled Jonathan with glee. That amount
meant the death of eighty-nine core members from the respectable families’ auxiliary bloodlines, and
the number was steadily increasing. That was just what he had hoped for.

As for the hit list of three thousand targets, he had his plans.

This time, the bounty offered for each kill isn’t a lot. However, it’s a big-scale mission involving many
targets concentrated in one area, and that’ll inevitably attract a lot of interest. Among the targets, the
first batch will be the easiest to eliminate because it’s when the eight respectable families are the least
prepared. They’ve no time to react and are defenseless. During this time, the only assassins who can
get involved are those in Chanaea. Even if some want to enter the country from abroad, they’ll have to
travel by air or sea. Hence, the local assassins have the advantage here. The eight families will start

being more prepared after that. By then, however, the elite assassin organizations overseas will have
sent more skilled and professional assassins, perhaps even task forces, into Chanaea to bulldoze
through the hit list. Unless the eight families bring those from their auxiliary bloodlines back to their
ancestral land, it’ll be difficult for the families to protect them.

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