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The Legendary Man Chapter 997

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-“F*ck!” Kathleen flicked her wrist. A palm-sized fan appeared in her
hand, and she used it to block the dagger.

While bending backward, she supported herself by placing one hand on the ground. Despite her thick
gown, her graceful figure was exposed.

She was holding the thin fan in the other hand to block Caleb’s dagger. Although the dagger was sharp,
it was easily countered.

“Little Caleb, why did you force me into such an embarrassing posture during our first meeting?”
Kathleen asked with a smile.

Before Kathleen could stand up, Caleb unhesitatingly swung his dagger toward the lower part of her

“Don’t you dare!” Kathleen lifted her leg and sent out a kick. There was a knife with a green glint in
between her toes when she sent the kick toward Caleb’s groin.

In response, Caleb lifted his legs, and a shield suddenly appeared on his wrist. He then used the shield
to block Kathleen’s attack.


The knife Kathleen had flung away, and she immediately retreated backward.

With his frosty gaze, Caleb stared at Kathleen and uttered, “I don’t like to be touched. If you dare to
make a move on me again, I’m going to disregard the alliance and kill you.”

Although Caleb’s tone was calm when he said that, the others immediately grew wary of him.

Sirius said it before. Those eight people from the eight respectable families were all representing their

Therefore, those seated were all extraordinary beings in terms of cultivation level, temperament, and

Even though Stellario could seem clueless, he played a crucial part in uniting the Mallory family, the
Leeson family, and the Henderson family.

Despite the fact that Caleb looked like an ordinary university student, he was also a force to be
reckoned with. He was young, but judging by the fight he had with Kathleen earlier on, it was obvious
that his cultivation level was on par with Kathleen’s.

Everyone at the scene was sharp-witted, so they all knew what Kathleen and Caleb were doing.

Kathleen was merely testing Caleb’s capability while Caleb was taking the opportunity to show the
others what he was capable of.

That being said, they both had the intention of killing the other person.

As a matter of fact, everyone from the eight respectable families, if given a chance, would kill.

They didn’t give a hoot about the relationships with each other or the alliance.

As long as they weren’t from the same family, they wouldn’t hesitate to take the other person’s life. That
was because they were all competitors, so they would actually be doing their own family a huge deed.

Kathleen then looked at Caleb, twirled her fan, and chuckled. “What are you on about? I merely thought
you were a looker. If you’re too shy to say anything in public, you can always look for me privately
afterward. I’m an experienced lady!”

Kathleen smiled charmingly and sat back down in her chair.

Needless to say, the others ignored what she said.

Kathleen was different from Eva. The latter was the representative of the Salladay family, and she was
a no-nonsense woman. If she were to have a disagreement with someone, she would unhesitatingly
fight that person.

Kathleen, on the other hand, was very ladylike. It was true that she was an experienced lady. However,
one could only wonder what she was experienced in. If one were to believe her words completely, that
person could lose their life at any moment.

Seeing that everyone had taken their seats, the host, Xavion, uttered, “Welcome, everyone. We’re here
today to discuss the bounty offered by someone to assassinate the eight respectable families’ auxiliary
bloodlines. Since everyone is here, let’s begin the discussion. Three billion is neither a huge amount
nor a small one. It’s an amount most prominent families are capable of forking out. However, there are
few that would dare to challenge the eight respectable families. I wonder what you guys think about the
person who’s offering the bounty.”

With that, Xavion looked at the others with a smile.

“What’s there to think about?” Eva sneered, “In Chanaea, only Asura’s Office and Wilbur of Yaleview
would dare to challenge the eight respectable families. I think we should just exterminate Asura’s
Office. Among us, we should send out two God Realm cultivators and fifty Grandmaster Realm
cultivators each. Within three days, we can take out eight of Asura’s Office’s war zones.”

Winston, who sat opposite, let out a cold snort in response.

Hearing that, Eva shot Winston a cold look and asked, “What’s the matter? Do you have another idea?”

“So what if I do?” Winston took his hands out of his pockets and uttered flatly, “Once we’ve demolished
Asura’s Office, are you going to take control of Chanaea?”

“What do you mean?” Eva asked with a frown.

Winston turned to look at the others and said, “Was I not clear? Jonathan’s Asura’s Office had always
aimed to destroy the eight respectable families. Until now, however, he has yet to cause any significant
damage to us. Furthermore, after the establishment of Asura’s Office, Mysonna and Doveston have
been stabilized. Those eight war zones had successfully stopped the chaos in Chanaea. I’m sure
everyone here can agree with me on that.”

“That’s true,” Sirius chimed in. “Asura’s Office is a threat to the eight respectable families, but it has a
positive impact on Chanaea as a whole.”

“In that case, are we just going to let Asura’s Office get stronger over time?” Eva sneered.

Although the Salladay family had already formed an alliance with Yaleview Army, Wilbur wasn’t working
closely with the family.

In terms of military capability, Yaleview Army was strong, but they weren’t as capable as Asura’s Office.

Jonathan had always been holding back over the past three years. If he really wanted to take Yaleview
on, Yaleview could be razed to the ground. Not only did Jonathan have the number advantage, but
Eastern Army also had control over the special missiles.

Therefore, if given a chance, the Salladay family wouldn’t think twice before destroying Asura’s Office.

Seeing that everyone before him was starting to oppose each other, Caleb voiced, “I don’t think the two
individuals are saying that we shouldn’t get rid of Asura’s Office. They’re suggesting that we take over
Asura’s Office without destroying the existing structure Asura’s Office has. Am I right?”

With a friendly look in his gaze, Winston looked at Caleb and nodded.

Meanwhile, Sirius pondered for a moment before saying, “That’s right. That’s what I meant. Everyone
here knows how chaotic Chanaea was when we went against the Whitley family. Since we’re The
Untouchables, we won’t get affected no matter how chaotic the society is. However, do you guys really
want to live in such a disorderly environment?”

Everyone went quiet upon hearing that.

The ten years of chaos in Chanaea could be said to have been created by these eight respectable
families, and Jonathan’s Asura’s Office was responsible for stopping it.

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